August 2012

Sunday Musings By

I like the word Musing it means a product of contemplation; a thought. Now I can’t say every post will have been a deep product of contemplation but hopefully it will generally have a thought behind it all :o) Sunday was a jam packed day which started with pancakes for breakfast. I wish I could
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Kitchen Aid, Magic Whisk. By

I have wanted a Kitchen Aid for ages, well maybe not ages and ages – my wanting/needing started on the first season of the Great British Bake Off which by the way Ruth on Pink Whisk should have so won! Robbed she was. If it was just me living the single life I would have
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The month of Elul By

So here’s another obscure post for wonderfully random. I am completely in love with the Jewish People and Culture, they are Gods chosen people and through them in Jeremiah 31.31 the new covenant was issued so that all may come to God freely and receive eternal life. As Christians I think we miss so much
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