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Sunday Musings

I like the word Musing it means a product of contemplation; a thought. Now I can’t say every post will have been a deep product of contemplation but hopefully it will generally have a thought behind it all :o)
Sunday was a jam packed day which started with pancakes for breakfast. I wish I could say that I send my husband off early to church with a cooked breakfast but that’s not the case. I had egg yolks left over from the pavlova that I made the day before I couldn’t bear to waste them so pancakes it was!

I love Sundays for most people they start the day with a lazy morning followed by a leisurely Sunday Lunch to crash out on the sofa all afternoon. Although that sounds appealing I can’t tell you the last time I cooked a full Sunday roast I simply don’t have time and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Luke and I are investing our lives into something greater for a Saviour who gave everything for us. The week would just feel off if I didn’t go to church, let’s not get super religious though by that comment just because you go to church it doesn’t make you a Christian. It’s your relationship with Jesus that makes you a Christian.
Church is great although it’s very easy to go in there put your “Sunday Face” on and walk out unchanged, simply going through the motions of what you expect you should act like. Why do Christians do that? – Jesus came for the broken and lost so why do we accept him and then feel like we must become perfect overnight and if on our walk with Christ something bad happens we have to quote Jeremiah 29.11. Let’s have some integrity and say that life can be poop sometimes but through it that God does have a plan.
We are also brilliant at having superficial relationships you know the people that you say again and again “oh yeah we will meet up” I am holding myself to these all because I really am bad at investing into those friendships which hold me to account, stretch me and leave me with questions which challenge me for the rest of the week and beyond.
Which is why it was so great that Luke and I got to spend some time with a really amazing couple Jen and Pete this Sunday. I really could write a huge post about how much I admire them, Jen is just the best friend anyone could ask for, when my Dad passed away I hadn’t been going to our church for that long but she took time out of her very busy schedule to sit and chat with me, some tears , listening to my frustrations and anger yet she would always inspire me to be hopeful without minimising my pain. That’s a friend that when you find them you don’t want to lose! I would encourage any and everyone to get on our podcasts and download Pete’s preaching he is on fire for God and that is inspiring too. It’s great to listen to people preaching and thinking about it on Sunday but when you’re still thinking about it the Friday afterwards that when you know it’s inspired by God.
We had a relaxed Sunday lunch had a chance to have a nosey around there gorgeous home (I love nosing and people watching)and coo at their gorgeous baby daughter – I could eat her up!!

Then we were back at church for evening service at Barnsley where they are doing a New Testament series, focusing on each book of the New Testament. Currently they are up to 1Thessalonians, I can’t wait till they get up to the book of James I LOVE JAMES!! Beth Moore has spoilt the whole New Testament for me by writing her bible study James Mercy Triumphs. Not only does it include my favourite things Jewish Culture and Life, but James is a man who completely didn’t get his half brother Jesus while he walked the earth yet once he meets the resurrected Christ he spends his whole life devoted to calling everyone especially the Jewish people to Jesus. Plus James is as blunt as a brick and what’s not to love about that sometimes we just need to get smacked by the Word so we get over ourselves and our ego!
So that was my Sunday muse it was a great day and must be repeated soon. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday and that it kick started your week in a positive direction!


Kitchen Aid, Magic Whisk.

I have wanted a Kitchen Aid for ages, well maybe not ages and ages – my wanting/needing started on the first season of the Great British Bake Off which by the way Ruth on Pink Whisk should have so won! Robbed she was.

If it was just me living the single life I would have had the Bright Pink option I mean how cute is that! However there is Luke to consider and I had to sell this considerable purchase to him. I would have gone out and bought the Kitchen Aid yesterday thankfully I have married a man who says Yes you can get that but not now let’s save up for it.

Unbeknown to me Luke enlisted his family to help purchase this gift around the time of my birthday he asked them to not buy me gifts but instead to write me a cheque (my in-laws don’t tend to do this they like to buy presents so you can open something) so with them on board and Luke having also saved to get me a gift voucher in the end I only needed £100 from ourselves to get the wonderful Kitchen Aid. I also had seen previously that the best place to get a good discount that I could get to and with a wide variety of colours was Selfridges, in their Summer Sale they put all Kitchen Aid Artisans with 30% off which is a great saving and to Luke’s joy I chose the Dark Silver Grey option.

I am of course going to say it’s worth every penny but honestly it is!! I love to bake bread but can’t stand the texture of flour on my hands (I am the same with sand on my feet) but the Kitchen Aid blends the dough together in a few minutes. Even with my previous stand alone mixer the dough was grainy and there was no way I was going to knead by hand. I am modest in my baking achievements but I can say that no one has ever criticised my chocolate brownies, and I have made a mean pavlova in that glorious machine.

On Sunday I made a Raspberry and White Chocolate Loaf Cake which was dreamy and then on my day off through the week I made a White Bread Loaf and some Chocolate Cupcakes. It’s a wonder that Luke and I aren’t 20 stone at this rate, with just 2 of us I do try to give away lots of the things I bake. On various occasions Emma has come around and walked out with half a cake!

I love my Kitchen Aid and so thankful I have an amazing hubby who allowed me to have one!


The month of Elul

So here’s another obscure post for wonderfully random. I am completely in love with the Jewish People and Culture, they are Gods chosen people and through them in Jeremiah 31.31 the new covenant was issued so that all may come to God freely and receive eternal life.
As Christians I think we miss so much of our Saviour by taking his culture his Jewishness away from him. Yes Yeshua didn’t like the hypocrisy of the Religious but isn’t there some indigent anger from ourselves when we see in our own churches people who are not living out what they preach or claim to believe, even so that doesn’t take our Christianity away from us because we oppose it.
We are called to pray for Yerushalayim in Psalm 122 and it comes with a promise that those who love them will prosper – good enough reason for me.
This month for the Jewish People is Elul the final month of the year. In Sh’mot (Exodus) 33:17 Moses who had just seen the Hebrews rebel against Adonai by praying to a golden calf goes to Adonai and begs to be shown His glory. Adonai explains that no human being can see His face and stay alive, instead he puts Moses in the crevice in a rock and covers him with his hand “Then I will remove my hand, and you will see my back, but my face is not to be seen” v23.

It moves me to tears, El Elyon covered Moses with his hand to protect him and then Moses got to visibly see the wonder and glory of Adonai. Wouldn’t you love to be Moses at that time! The next day Moses makes 2 new stone tablets and goes to Mount Sinai, Adonai meets him there and pronounces his name.” Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh is merciful and compassionate, slow to anger, rich in grace and truth” 34:6

Moses stays on Mount Sinai for a further 40 days until Yom Kippur when he has received forgiveness from God for the Jewish people. Elul is symbolic for the Divine Mercy and Forgiveness which Moses received for the Jewish people.

I read this amazing thought on Elul, in Hebrew Elul is spelt aleph, lamed, vav and lamed,
Which is an acronym for ani l’dodi v’dodi li, which means “I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me.”Song of Songs

Now the Bible is far from boring and I don’t know how I would feel if Luke compared me to a horse pulling a Kings carriage but Song of Songs is like the oldest love letter in the world, yet just as Hosea and his wife was an outworking of God’s love for His Chosen people so is Song of Songs.
I am beloved by God, I am Yours and You are Mine.

This is the intimate relationship we have with God I can simply be with God and He is with Me.

At the beginning of Elul the Jewish people are described as being” back to back” with God and at the end are “face to face” with Him.

It’s not that God has turned His back on us; it’s that our own hurts, disappointments, and anger have caused us to turn our back on God. When you turn your back on someone you’re in no position to see what the other one is doing.
You assume that they have left you, walked away, abandon you. Elul encourages people to turn around and meet God face to face. He never left you, He would never walk away from you, He always has his face turned towards you.

I know through times in my life that I have believed the Enemies lies that God has left me or even worse that He was never there to begin with. One bad thing happens and your faith can just about muster the courage to say I am believing God, but what about the second bad thing, the third or fourth?
Before you know it you’re in the pit shaking your angry fists at God asking “why did this happen to me” Don’t think you can’t say that to God, he has broad shoulders he can take it and He won’t love you any less but surely there is less effort to be made if you just keep trusting Him. Nothing that happens in life is accidental every bad thing, every good thing even the mediocre has economy for the plans God has for your life.

It is actually through the worst that your testimony about God’s goodness, mercy and unfailing love is more believable. I can be more sympathetic to those with a hard life than I could if everything was picture perfect. My smile to greet someone at church is more genuine as I know how fragile life is; my welcome can feel more heartfelt as I know what it is like in a house of grief. God calls us to love deeply it’s through the worst in life that He can show you how to do that. Meet with God face to face today and receive freely from Him the deep love he has for you.

A Curry, A Wedding Dress and Cath Kidston

This weekend has been blissful for those of you who work in retail will understand why!

I was in shock to find a few weeks ago that I was being given a Saturday off which I hadn’t booked off so of course I was going to pack as much into that day as possible. So Luke picked me up from work Friday night and we went to stay at my sisters Emma’s flat in Yeadon. I had no idea where Yeadon was until she moved there but it’s near Ilkley (she once took us for a stroll up Ilkley moor! Stroll was more of a mountain climb!)

The first time we visited Emma and her fiancé Mark in Yeadon they took us to an amazing Indian restaurant called Saffron. I am not that big into spices I always have a Korma not adventurous I know but then I don’t suffer the day after! The food is amazing there as their name suggests they put Saffron into dishes you wouldn’t think would work like the Korma yet it just adds something I can’t describe. It’s ruined any other Indian I go to now as I desperately search for Saffron Korma to no avail so I will just have to visit my sister more often! So on Friday night I demanded we went there and was blown away by the service and a great dish Mark got for starter which was fish spiced then fried so it created this batter which was out of this world. Luke had some equally divine Tikka prawns for starter I could have happily ordered the meal again straight after we had eaten it was that good!

On Saturday morning Emma and I had an appointment at the bridal shop as Emma is getting married next year and I still haven’t seen the dress!! It was a great time to hang out with her and get all excited and girly for the big day! She looked beautiful and it will be a wonderful day on March 2nd as Mark and Emma start their married lives together.

After grabbing a Starbucks and a cupcake across from the bridal store! Poor brides trying to stick to a pre wedding day diet in Leeds!

We went to the wonder that is Cath Kidston now for any non UK readers Cath Kidston is a quirky store with vintage prints on stationary, handbags and household items, it’s also Luke’s worst nightmare. I have cups, a handbag, aprons, diaries, stickers, pencils and too many to count notebooks (they are just too cute) I walk into the store semi sane and have definitely gone crazy before I get to the checkout. I imagine a house covered in floral and gingham print and really believe that I could become a housewife living the dream life – apart from there is no way Luke would sleep in rose petal covered bed sheets and he is colour blind so the gingham would give him a headache. He and Mark declared that there should be a man spot in the store so that they wouldn’t get in the way and could feel somewhat comfortable in a man only zone in the most girlie store in the world. I really felt it was a necessity in life to get my 2013 diary now as well as some notebooks for my blog and who doesn’t need a Cath Kidston lunchbox I tell you – plus excellent value as you get 4!

Luke and I had the rest of the day to ourselves so we popped into Harrogate. Neither of us had been to Harrogate before it’s a beautiful town, typically English as you go in with open parks and trees lining the streets as you get into the main part. Harrogate is extremely affluent I have never seen so many Prada and Chanel Bags in my life and I don’t think they were dupes from Donny Market! Not only could I not live in Harrogate for the price of living but it was like Hill central – not great when you can’t find where you have parked and you are walking up and down the same hill a million times don’t you just love being a tourist in your own country.

To end the day we went to Knaresborough for a stroll on the riverside it was an absolute gorgeous day and I really think that I should be given every Saturday off!