September 2012

Music Lovelies By

I love September seasons are changing; everyone is going back to school and university so it also makes me think of starting something new or starting afresh. It’s also the best time to discover new Christian bands or for the best albums of the year to be released! So as I have a few minutes
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Rosh Hashanah By

I don’t know about you but this year has been crazy, we have had so many highs and celebrations as a family the birth of our nephew Caleb Lucas, weddings and the birth of our friends children makes you so grateful for the life we have been given. However life has also seen its fair
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Oh how He Loves Us! By

I love this photograph. It was taken on the first trip Luke and I had when we were dating we went to stay at his Grandad’s in Herne Bay. We learnt so much from that trip about each other e.g. my very relaxed, chilled out boyfriend at the time can get stressed when his Mum
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