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October Lovelies

1. Everyone loves birthday cake right? And lots was had this month with my Father in Love 70th Birthday! whoop whoop!
2. Brodsworth Hall Enchanted Garden is back! Its amazing they light up the whole garden and I get a twinkle wand no i am not 5 its tradition. Not only do I love the lights, garden and Hall it makes me feel all romantic as Luke proposed there.
3. I am loving some  Essie Bahama Mama the perfect colour for Autumn.
4. Its 2 Lovelies in and consistency is the key i love some Starbucks this is the Salted Caramel Mocha in otherwords love in a cup.
5. My man and me in London, so blessed to be his wife and a great picture may I add.
6. A trip is being made this month to Saffron! Saffron Chicken Korma get in my belly!
7. Revelon Lip Butters – with lips as big as mine moisture is key!( I joke that I will have normal size lips by the time I am 60) Normal lipsticks are really drying on me so these lipbutters are great I have the colours Pink Truffle, Peach Parfait and Berry Smoothie
8. Bond, James Bond cant wait for our date night to see Skyfall!
9. There are certain books that have to be read during Autumn and Winter. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte you can’t read these 2 in summer out of the Bronte sisters Anne is overlooked and yet the Tenant of Wildfell Hall is amazing! Charlotte Bronte is only someone you read at school I can’t bear Jane Ere we all know she is writing about herself, it gets worse with Villette. Leo Tolstoy my favourite author of all time! Anna Karenina is a mastepiece please read it dont go and rent the movie you cant put 800pages of brillance into a 3hr film.



Where to start, this week has been a dose of reality, you know when you have been off for two glorious weeks and you have deluded yourself that it will continue forever and then bam your back at work and 6.30am is now back in existence. Yuck!

While off on holiday Luke and I made a considerable but necessary purchase, Luke travels a heck of a lot with work and while in our early 20’s a Vauxhall Corsa was great and thank goodness we had no major issues with the car. It was time to upgrade and make the purchase. We did our research and looked at our budget as to what we could afford for a new to us car.
I can’t stand car showrooms, I think it’s because besides the colour of the car and whether it can hold my coffee cup I know nothing about them or the generally pushy sales people it makes me intimidated.
Thank goodness we were gifted by a better experience than that but the reason I am telling you all this is – why when we come to make payment for a purchase which we have budgeted for is the sales assistant saying “we can give you a better deal if it’s on finance.” It was a shock to him that a couple in their mid 20’s had decided to save for a car and buy it outright thus not paying 20%+ more for the car in the long run.
Please hear what I am not saying – I am not saying that if you have purchased on finance that you’re bad with your money, or that you’re a reckless spender but for our family finance is not an option.
This is just an example of how in society today we need everything tomorrow. I am totally guilty of that I can’t stand to save for a really long time, you feel as if everyone else has that so it’s not going to hurt anyone if I have it too. Infact it’s my right to have said item why should I miss out?
Having had this conviction I had heard of a book that’s been spoken about a lot in the blogging community Jen Hatmaker’s 7 An experimental mutiny against excess. In a nutshell it follows Jen’s journey in a diary like format where through 7 topics Clothes, Shopping, Waste, Food, Possessions, Media and Stress she tackles the excess of each and boils it down to 7.

On the topic of food for example Jen allows herself to eat only 7 items of food. I don’t think I could possible do that but the point is that in many third world countries they eat less, yet we have a plethora of items to choose from and throw away even if it’s perfectly good food but we just don’t fancy that tonight.
The topic that resonated most with me and had me stopping every 5 seconds to read a portion (ok the whole page) to Luke was the topic of Spending. In this particular month the Hatmakers allow only purchases to made in 7 pre chosen stores allowing them to evaluate more clearly spending in general.
Every area is evaluated including the church. Jen effortlessly describes how in the early church the Philippians fast out of their own poverty to send Paul money.
How Tertullian describing the church in 200AD spoke of a fund that helped both Christian and Non Christian alike it paid for the care of orphans and widows, it paid for the freedom of slaves, for education, for food. It supported prisoners and paid for funerals.
Jen poses the question what would those in the early church see if they came to our church today?
We have a great band, our light and sound system is amazing, our website connects with our target age demographic we are getting those 18-35yr olds into church. Have you seen our building it’s a beacon to the lost and we are raising money to make it even bigger. Would they be impressed? Would this even seem like church to them?
Yet they would see us throwing food away, not feeding the orphans, we don’t look after the widow, we don’t visit the prisoner, we have rooms in our home which are empty and the money we spend on a building it could be spent on those dying of starvation. They would see people church shopping because in 90 minutes they felt that the welcome could have been better and no one’s really connecting with me on one day, in one morning. Would the early church even know what church shopping is?
I am speaking to myself, it’s not condemnation to any church it’s a wakeup call to me I have never visited a prisoner and put myself out there, and when looking for a church I specifically wanted somewhere relevant which is code to say a great band and an impressive building and a brilliant welcome.
I want all those things that make my life comfortable and not to sacrifice or risk making myself uncomfortable, I don’t like fasting and yet when I read this chapter I could feel the indignation rising and I know this is the prompt of the Holy Spirit to me. When God is on the move in your heart it’s time to jump aboard the bus or be risked being hit by the bus at a later date, I am fully on board and I don’t know where this journey will take me, what areas I feel I will have to sacrifice from but even just the decision for change is a great one.