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Leaving Pressies

After talking so much about how much I was looking forward to leaving work and starting my Maternity Leave I had to do a post of all the pressies and leaving gifts I was given. I was very blessed by my management team at work as was Mini Smith. Had to have some helping hands getting all this into the car last night!

Its a tradition at work that when its a momentous event my store manager will write a poem for that person and I had to share my poem below. I intend to frame it and have it in Mini Smiths room.

Impending Motherhood
So your last day at —-* has dawned and Motherhood is calling you
Lets hope Baby Smith arrives on time and is not overdue
Enjoy the next few weeks Kiri – or would you like to stay?
Just for another cheque, another payday?
But guess you are excited and planned this to perfection
Awaiting your new arrival with hugs and affection
With skin so soft and a button nose
But what about that pile of washing as you hunt for babygros
I don’t think you will mind whatever task lies afore you
All your prayers were answered when you knelt at the pew
Mothers teach us to stand up for what we believe
Dads will remind you better to give than receive
Mums hold us through the night when we tremble with dear
Dads just pull a face and groan “Oh Dear”
But one things for certain both will demonstrate strength and passion
Inspiration, Courage, Integrity and whatever’s in fashion!!!
You cant have Mum and Dad show you up at the school gates.
What a lousy feeling in front of all your mates!!!!
Your newborn will grow up so fast and you will be back in store
Organising the sales floor – refreshing on consumer law
But that days a long way coming and now the time is your own
We are all looking forward to meeting baby Smith – and remarking how well they’ve grown!!
Look after yourself enjoy Motherhood
Its an amazing privilege if only everyone could
Have their own little own say I love you Mum
So whatever gender is born your Daughter or Son
Will be so so precious when all is done …..
 *Had to omit where I work due to policy.


Pregnancy Update Week 29

How far along? 29  weeks today

Baby is the size of… Acorn Squash

Best moment this week? Had our 28 Week appointment on Tuesday. Mini Smith is growing well and I was brave as she took blood tests – I hate needles but I haven’t had a freak out as of yet I think its because I know its for Mini Smith! Loved hearing his/her heartbeat as well cant wait to meet Mini Smith now :o)
Miss anything? Rather than missing anything I have missed someone this week bit random for not having her for 17years but this week I have missed my Mum. Maybe its being in the Third Trimester and all, about to go through the whole labour and reality of being a Mum myself I wouldn’t mind her being here for some encouragement :o)
I am so blessed by having an amazing husband and he is my greatest supporter and encourager so its not as if I am alone far from that in the slightest.
Life Events like going up to High School, Going to University, Weddings etc. and now having Mini Smith makes you miss your parents.
Movement? A big YES! Mini Smith is on the move all the time :o)
Sleep? After a restless week 28 this week has been more manageable and I have had a few nights of sleeping all the way through! (happy days as this will be short lived soon)
Food cravings? Still no cravings in my opinion but Luke thinks I have a small addiction to oranges. This goes with my increased fruit eating I have mentioned before.
What makes you queasy/sick? nope
Morning sickness? nope
Gender? I still think Mini Smith is a boy and Luke is still non committal 11 weeks till we find out.
Looking forward to ..  My last day at work today :o) As sad as this sounds for most of our week day life I get home last so Luke always cooks tea because he is first in (my hubby is amazing) so I get to cook most of the dinners now and be a housewife :o)


The Answer

When the clouds roll in and the darkest night
Where else could we go, God your word is life
God your word is life to us.

Come Lord Jesus come, like the rising sun
Come let every heart sing of your great Love
You’re the only hope
You’re the only rock we know
You’re the answer

Check out Seth Condrey new album Keeps On Changing
So far The Answer is my favourite song on the album.


Scripture Sunday

But someone will say that you have faith and I have actions. Show me this faith of yours without the actions, and I will show you my faith by my actions!
James 2:18
Complete Jewish Bible


Pregnancy Update Week 28

How far along? 28 weeks today

Baby is the size of… Aubergine

Best moment this week? Oooo lots of good things happened this week, the cotbed for mini smith was delivered. Luke found out that his changing table fits the changing mat that we bought on Sunday (a tense moment for all I could have lost him in the shed all afternoon if it didn’t work) Finished my last full week at work only 4 days to work next week :o)
Miss anything? I miss sleeping on my stomach, and I miss being anonymous pregnant women cannot sneak into a room you are an instant topic of conversation – whether that’s being talked at eg your bump is small, your bump is huge ( I had a comment this week from someone “Your growing” well thank goodness I am considering I am having a baby!!!) or being talked to.
I think this is preparation from the floods of people you see around new babies. I do think this is partly personality I am in no way shape or form laid back so this is a learning opportunity for me, however some people are plain rude to women who are pregnant.
Movement? A big YES! Mini smith is kicking up a storm. I am currently being woken up at 12am, 3am and 5am before I get up at around 6.30. I am under no illusion that mini smith will stop doing this when he/she is here. It is a sign of things to come and I have my coffee pot on standby
Sleep? Please see above.
Food cravings? Still no cravings :o) – although throughout this pregnancy I have loved loved loved eating fruit.
What makes you queasy/sick? nope
Morning sickness? nope
Gender? I still think Mini Smith is a boy and Luke is still non committal 12 weeks till we find out.
Looking forward to ..  Maternity Leave!!!!