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Scripture Sunday

For Adonai is a great God,
a great king greater than all gods.
He holds the depths of the earth in his hands;
the mountain peaks too belong to him.
The sea is his — he made it —
and his hands shaped the dry land.

Psalm 95:3-5
Complete Jewish Bible


Pregnancy Update Week 27

How far along? 27 weeks today

Baby is the size of… swede

Best moment this week? Mini Smith turned 6 months yesterday only 3 months to go, and the end of work is in sight have both been a highlight of the week! Oh and how can I forget that my birthing ball is pumped up and I have been bouncing around on it – way more comfier than the sofa!Miss anything? I miss sleeping on my stomach, I miss being able to bend down and pick up things properly and I miss cute clothes!!

Movement? A big YES! Mini smith is kicking up a storm.

Sleep? I thought last week was bad try pelvic displacement and leg cramps! Cant wait to be finished from work and then I can have naps during the day!Food cravings? Still no cravings :o)
What makes you queasy/sick? nope

Morning sickness? nopeGender? I still think Mini Smith is a boy and Luke is still non committal 13 weeks till we find out.

Looking forward to .. Maternity Leave!!!!



Every month I harass my husband with yet another package being delivered to our house. He does suffer, but thankfully he loves me so doesn’t protest too much!

I was so excited that Birchbox had come to the UK after reading so many American bloggers writing about how good it was I wanted my hands on them too!

A brief overview of the box you can subscribe for one month, three or up to a year. You fill a brief questionnaire where they collect the data to send out suitable items for you, questions such as skin tone, hair colour etc. The method isn’t full proof – I am pasty pale and they have sent foundation samples to me that suit my medium skin-toned step mum, but you have to take the rough with the smooth. You get about 5 samples a month and its a good way to try things you don’t want to buy the full size of or products you cant get in the UK.

This box is a winner for me simply for the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer at £27 for full size this is expensive for a hair treatment  that I have never tried before. The product was originally designed for Audrey Hepburn who wanted a product that would repair and nourish her frequently coloured hair. I am saving this for after mini smith has arrived.

Gerda Spillmann Hydro Pearls – a smoothing primer

Laqa & Co Lip Pencil  – a moisturising lip pencil mine was in the colour Ring of Fire

Molton Brown – Ylang Ylang Body Wash

Inner Me – supplements that are packed with omega 3 and protein – This is the one item that will be going straight in the bin. I am taking enough supplements thank you.

Birchbox gel mask – this is going straight in the fridge to cool my tired and puffy eyes.


Scripture Sunday

 When Avram was 99 years old Adonai appeared to Avram and said to him, “I am El Shaddai [God Almighty]. Walk in my presence and be pure-hearted.

Genesis 17:1
Complete Jewish Bible