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Mini Smiths Chariot

As we are nearing the date for Mini Smiths arrival (whoop whoop) I thought it would be helpful to anyone who is expecting or just generally nosey like me to see what Pushchair (stroller to my American friends) we have chosen.

Firstly I didn’t look at any others apart from this one. I am very much I have made my mind up that’s the one kind of person. For instance I chose my Wedding Dress from the first Wedding magazine I bought and to humour people in the shop I tried on two different ones yet the one I got was the one I picked from the magazine. When I like something, I like something.
Because of my unique choosing style I can’t give a detailed comparison to other pushchairs/strollers on the market but I can tell you why I picked it and what it does.
I had certain criteria in mind when picking Mini Smiths chariot.

1. It had to be parent facing. I cannot stand the thought of when Mini Smith turns 6 months He/She gets the view of someone’s derriere while we are out and about. When working in retail for as long as what I have you see kids screaming at that earth shattering pitch, craning their necks, contorting their bodies and generally throwing a fit –Why? The answer in my observation is that 9 out 10 times its because they want to know what Mummy and Daddy are up to not the detailed pockets on some strangers jeans.

2. It had to be Black. Even if we knew what gender Mini Smith was it had to be Black. The hope is that Mini Smith will have other siblings (I am naming the next bump the Prawn, My mother in law insists that once Mini Smith is here we will still call it Mini – we will not be calling the baby Mini so I am naming the next bump the Prawn because who would want to continue calling their grandchild the prawn)

3. It had to have 4 wheels. I just like that thought of 4 wheels. I mean the Reliant Robin had 3 wheels and you know how random they looked, that’s what I think to 3 wheeled pushchairs but each to their own.

4. It had to have storage. Again you see it in town with the pushchair practically collapsing underneath the weight of all the shopping, or my personal favourite take the child out and put your shopping in the pushchair after all it is only an overpriced shopping trolley anyway.

5. Easy to fold. The most important feature had to be the fold I have seen monstrosities in some stores and I just thought how the heck do you get that to fold into your car? I would need a roof rack!

After all my “simple” requests we chose the Baby Jogger City Versa

The pushchair is parent facing when they get to 6 months, has tons of storage, comes in a delicious black colour. Once we had worked out which way to pull the cord on the pushchair then it does have a simple fold and look at those lovely wheels! 4 of them! :o)

Once Mini Smith has arrived I will do a detailed review of things I love or things I would like to have changed. Lets see whether we have picked the right one!


October Lovelies

A few days late but I had to post my fave things from October!
1. Coffee with friends. This month I have really enjoyed getting the opportunity to catch up with friends and having a good natter before Mini Smith arrives!
2. I posted this on my Instagram (which I must learn how to link onto the blog!) loving this book.
3. I posted this boots on my Autumn Wish List and I am still loving them.
4. The gel nails have been given a rest for the moment – my nails grow so long with them which is great and then I thought changing nappies with them wouldn’t be the best combination! So this has been my fave nail colour this month Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in the colour 220 Café Au Lait. The perfect nude without being mannequin hand!
5. October has seen a lot of rain but hey its England, on one of drier days Luke and I strolled or should I say waddled around our local park. Blissful.
6. Cd of the month has to be Matt Redman Your Grace Finds Me. My fave track is Wide as the Sky.
7. Mini Smith was rather spoilt by his/her Nana Tami.
8. For fave TV Show I have really gotten into By Any Means cant believe its over for the Season and its a must for a Second that cant be a “grey area”
9. Had to put a lip product on Lovelies this month, it seems to becoming a trend. This month has been YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres number 106 Beige Anarchist.



Pregnancy Update Week 38

Before I start with the usual weekly catch up of Mini Smith, apologies for the lack of week 37! No Mini Smith had not arrived earlier – thank goodness!
I had a midwife appointment last Tuesday and then was sent to the hospital for a presentation scan that same day. All is well with Mini Smith he/she is cooking away quite nicely just in the wrong direction. Mini Smith wants to be close to Mummy’s heart so was breach as of last week.
On Friday, my usual post day we were at the Consultants discussing options hence lack of post!
How far along? 38 weeks today!!

Baby is the size of a …  A Pumpkin – How appropriate for yesterday!

Best moment this week? The best moment this week has to be completing the nursery! The cotbed has already been up for a few weeks but as our house is up for sale we had kept most things in the attic. With 2 weeks to go until our due date everything now has its place. I am sure that this will be the prettiest the room ever looks, but it makes my heart happy now :o)

Miss anything? Still miss sleeping on my stomach! I also miss being able to breathe!

Movement? Still a big YES! but more nudges and turns rather than huge kicks

Sleep? I am sleeping much better than I was …. or I have learnt how to fall asleep quickly after waking up for the 10th toilet break of the night :o)

Food cravings? Still no cravings however I am on the munchies of biscuits and chocolate. Again not a craving I am just getting back into the old/bad eating habits!

What makes you queasy/sick? Nope

Morning sickness? nope

Gender? I still think Mini Smith is a boy and Luke is still non committal 2ish weeks till we find out. Eeeek that’s scary putting 2 weeks down!

Looking forward to .. The weekend with my hubby, I am off to Meadowhall on Friday evening too with my step mum – I need to go and get another one of my fave candles from candletime! I have the perfect shopping partner for the mission!