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Ok so I said I was going to be a more committed blogger I may have slightly failed this past week! My excuse is lots of family things have been happening around here. Nathanael was dedicated this past Sunday, he was adorable as usual. I have a post planned on the day to catch you up on what happened. Anyway heres a cute picture of Nate from the past month to keep you going until



Exciting Times

I mentioned in my 2014 post that I had some new ideas for the blog for this year. I am beyond excited to announce that I will be blogging every day in February.

Make sure that you are subscribed to the blog you can do this by adding me on bloglovin, or joining via Google Friend Connect. It would be great if you could join this journery with me while I blog everyday in February!


2013 Music Lovelies

Hey Lovelies

Its been about a year and half since I chatted about my fave Christian Bands and Albums you can check out the post here. Rather than a huge long list updating the previous post I am going to let you guys know the albums I purchased last year and my fave songs off the album. Let me know if I have missed your favourite off!

Chris TomlinBurning Lights (January 2013) Countless Wonders

Elevation WorshipNothing is Wasted (February 2013) Greater
Hillsong UnitedZion (February 2013) Love is War


Audio AdrenalineKings & Queens (March 2013) Believer
Worship CentralLet It Be Known (March 2013) Guardian



All Things NewAll Things New (April 2013) New Man
Martin SmithGod’s Great Dance Floor Step 01 (April 2013) Waiting Here For You
The AftersLife is Beautiful (April 2013) Broken Hallelujah




UnspokenThe World is Waking (June 2013) Lift My Life Up
HillsongGlorious Ruins (July 2013) Man of Sorrows
Jars of ClayInland (August 2013) Love In The Hard Times
Seth CondreyKeeps on Changing (August 2013) The Answer




Phil WickhamThe Ascension (September 2013) Thirst
Matt RedmanYour Grace Finds Me (September 2013) Benediction
Martin SmithGod’s Great Dance Floor Step 02 (September
2013) Emmanuel



Warr AcresHope Will Rise (October 2013) Psalm 27
Vertical Church BandThe Rock Won’t Move (October 2013) Worthy, Worthy
For King & CountryInto The Silent Night EP (October
2013) Baby Boy
Evan WickhamMake Us One (December 2013) Come For Us


Laura Mercier Fresh Fig

Hey lovelies,

Over the Christmas holidays I picked up a few items in the Space.NK. sale, now if there is one thing that waking up at 1am to feed Nathanael has brought me its picking up all the great deals while people are sleeping off their Christmas Dinner! Thanks Nate for all those bargains!

One item that I popped into my basket was the Laura Mercier Body and Bath Travel Quartet in Fresh Fig. I was a bit unsure at my purchase at first. I love anything sweet and florally so words like Fresh tend not to grab me, but what swayed me was the travel size and being able to sample a Laura Mercier Body Butter which I have only heard good things about.



I shouldn’t have been worried about my purchase this travel set has had pride of place in my bathroom since the package arrived. As I am not great at describing

fragrance I am going to let Laura Mercier brand describe the scent to you.

“Fresh Fig, inspired by the sweet, fresh, intoxicating scent of gourmande ingredients, includes the indulgent essence of fresh Celeste Figs blended with dewy fruit bouquets of Apricot Nectar and sensuous Ylang Ylang to create a rich, luxurious scent, unlike any other.”

Well if that doesn’t grab you I don’t know what will. In the set you get a Hand Crème (30g), A Body Butter (90g), Fresh Fig eau gourmande (15ml) and a Crème Body Wash (90ml). The packaging is beautiful designed in a way to make the perfect gift that anyone would be impressed by, and since I picked mine up for £15 at half price I am thrilled.

I think you get good value for money in terms of the sizes, I know that if I took this set with me on holiday as it is designed for I wouldn’t need to take any other products. The perfume especially at 15ml should last a good while unless you decide to bathe in the stuff!

I am quite particular about body washes I have eczema so my skin is extremely sensitive, so after a patch test I braved this in the shower and I am pleased to say no reaction! I also like a body wash that foams quite well. You don’t want to use a product that you have to decant half the bottle just to get a good lather and again, this product achieves top scores! You only need a drop to go long way and the scent I can truly say lasts all day!

Again as body crèmes go I have to be careful as to what I put on my skin so anyone who has sensitive skin I can truly recommend this product, you will love the feel of the crème itself as its not like any usual body butter. When I think of a body butter I think of a texture that at first is quite hard then melts into the skin but the Laura Mercier Body Butter has a texture that feels almost whipped! Its delicious, it’s easy to apply, sinks into the skin and doesn’t make you feel as if you have been bathing in chip fat! I have had body butters in the past that have claimed extra ordinary results only for me to feel like a need another shower!

I have really enjoyed my first step into Laura Mercier bath and body products if you have any ideas of what I should try next in the range please let me know in the comment section, also if you have any thoughts on what you would like me to review next that would be great!

Check me out on twitter to see what I am getting up to, theres always a cute picture of Nate that crops up he does love the camera so!


Hi Mummy’s Readers

Hi Mummy’s readers!

I have had enough of Mummy’s updates as she is not telling the truth! No one knows how bad my life really is so I am writing this on behalf of all babies so that they can empathise with me and so that other parents might listen to our complaints unlike mine.

There I am blissfully asleep dreaming about my favourite thing milk guzzling when I wake up, now Where is my food?? Where is my food?? Where is my food? You would think with how darn cute I am that there isn’t some kind of night watch going off but no I am made to wait!
I don’t like waiting so I am forced I tell you, forced, to step up the anti and politely ask again (this is where Mummy and Daddy grimace and tell me to shush and that is going to be ok) No it’s not ok! How am I ok? I am hungry I need my food! Hello!

Apparently this happens in the space of thirty seconds oops! Must have got really hungry with all that sleeping.

Then after I have been fed and all relaxed what do my parents do? Throw me over their shoulder (I don’t mind this part it reminds me of the womb, nice warm place that it was. I don’t know why I have been moved!) and proceed to pat me till I burp. I hate burping, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. No matter what they do I refuse to burp. Mummy and Daddy are quite persistent, though the times they have stopped I decide I will reward their good behaviour by sharing my dinner with them it’s the least I could do right?

Well then a whole new horror begins. I have just shared a really nice present that I could have kept to myself and rather than leaving me alone they take my clothes off! When will this torture ever end because I know what’s coming next … the nappy change. The most dreaded part of my day that keeps reoccurring.

Why do they do it? Why? I am fine as I am, but no they continue ignoring me telling them not to do it, I shout as loud as I can not to do it when that cold air hits me, but they still carry on. I am forced at this point to bring out the big guns and propel them with pee that usually gets them stepping back at least for a second! I have got a pretty good aim and have hit Daddy numerous times. I have decided though to be careful around Mummy she gives me food and I don’t want to upset her. After all I always share my food over Mummy.

This is the usual routine of the day, unless Mummy takes me outside and I am coerced into that car seat its very cosy in there which I like and I can have a good nap without being harassed however I don’t like being put in there! The parentals still haven’t got the message, I don’t know why they are so slow to learn.
When we are out I try to show them what I like, I mean other people who see me and comment how cute and adorable I am (which is true, I don’t know why they don’t say it a little louder) they don’t change my clothes, give me nappy changes or burp me and I am as good as gold with them! Why don’t Mummy and Daddy pick up on this I will never know?

Anyway have got to go now, it’s hard work being so adorable i need to catch up on my beauty sleep! Leave me some comments I will make Mummy and Daddy read them to me.