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Nathanael Two Month Update

Is this photo not adorable? Nate hasn’t got his head around a camera yet!

Weight: At Nate’s 8 week update he weighed 10lbs 13oz, what a chunk! I am so pleased that after his 6 week growth spurt we have really come on in strides with breastfeeding I am so happy we stuck it out!

Length: 55cm/ 21inches.
Eating: As Nate is exclusively breastfed we are feeding on demand, during the night we are feeding 4 to 5 hours and through the day we feed around every 2 to 3 hours. I am not a fan of this whole centile business the Health Visitors bring around they are based on Formula Fed babies growth patterns so its not an acurate evaluation on his growth.

Sleeping: Nathanael is such a good baby when it comes to night time, he knows day from night really well which we are so thankful for! He has started sleeping longer stretches at night now we have managed 5hrs! of course no one tells you how long he tells you he wants to feed for to achieve this so I am letting breastfeeding mummys out there know its a 3hr dance of on again off again stick with it there is a reward for you! As Nate now knows day from night he is now awake for large parts of the day with a 2hr nap usually around lunchtime but we just roll with what he wants to go with. I dont want to mess around with his routine as he is so good at sleeping at night plus as he is awake we get to play and learn together.

Nappies: Nathanel is still in size 1 nappies but we have upgraded to using our Pampers stash I talked about in his One Month Update. No leaks this month!

Clothes: Nate has now moved up in clothes size and oficially 0-3 without looking too big. I think he is quite a long, lean baby which I am told most breastfed babies are so he looks like he fits the length but he has quite a bit of material in the middle.

Things Nate likes to do: Nathanael has discovered so much this month its incredible. He loves following Mummy and Daddys voice and smiles when we arrive! He adores music a lovely thing for his Dad being a muscian. His favourite toy is a musical monkey that his Nanna bought him for Christmas he is enthralled by it and reaches to touch it. Nate has learnt to blow bubbles sort of and he finds this great fun. He loves to communicate in his own special way he can squeal letters of the alphabet like A, E, O, U and we have had some G’s thrown in the mix too!

These past two months have been amazing for our family Nathanael is such a joy I cant wait to see what next month brings although time seems to be going so fast!


Changing Bag Review


I talked in my latest post about how I wanted to become a
more committed blogger and how I had some new ideas lined up for this year. One
idea which I know I find useful on other peoples blogs is reviews, I have
bought so many items on the recommendations of bloggers and also stopped myself
buying things that wouldn’t suit me after reading the review. 
This post is going to be a review and a
What’s in My Changing Bag.  As Nathanael
is only 8 weeks old this is not an exhaustive list but works for us right now,
if you have any ideas or suggestions of things I would love to hear it you can
post it in the comments section below and I will respond.
The changing bag I have is the Skip Hop Via Messenger Bag in
black. Firstly is it worth the price? A huge resounding yes! If you’re looking
for a changing bag that your husband will carry and use this is the bag to go
for, Luke would have changed Nathanael anyway but there is no need for me to
make the process worse but making him sport a bag in a hot pink colour.
What I love about the Messenger Bag is that there is a place
for everything – with 18 pockets you can make sure that clothes are sectioned
off from nappies, you can store your purse/wallet away from baby related items
and it has places for bottles to be snug also.
What tops off the bag for me is how it attaches to
Nathanael’s pushchair it has Shuttle Clips which fold over the bars of the
pushchair allowing me to access the bag quickly and more importantly gives me
so much more room underneath the pushchair. Now I know you could suggest
hanging changing bags over the arms of the pushchair and your right you could,
but so many pushchairs have just one solid arm which would be quite hard to
hang a bag from also they usually end up hitting the floor ruining it.

 Front of Changing Bag
Back of Changing Bag
Side Pockets
 Inside Main Pocket
In the first back pocket it has an antimicrobial treated pocket which reduces bacteria. In this pocket I keep my bebe au lait nursing cover.

In the pocket above I keep the changing mat which comes with the bag.

When you open the main section of the bag which has a magnetic closure you have a futher 2 pockets in the bag. In the top pocket I keep baby wipes I really like the water wipes brand. In the bottom pocket I keep my breastpads I highly recomend the Lansinoh brand.

In the main compartment which as you can see has multiple pockets I keep at least 6 nappies in at a time. In the zip compartment I keep 2 changes of clothes for Nathanael as well as some bibs. There is also a place to keep bottles if you were formula feeding your baby.

In the side pockets I keep some trusty hand gel I should invest in the company! The last thing I have in my changing bag is the Tommee Tippee Wrap and Go Nappy Dispenser, is it wrong to say I like the smell of these bags?
So thats whats in my changing bag if you haven’t already done so check me out on twitter to see what I am up to!



Hey Lovelies,

Rather than documenting like most Bloggers a list of resolutions which I will only end up breaking by the end of this week. I thought it would be more fun to list some of the things that I am looking forward to this year.

1. Nathanaels Firsts – Nathanael is already growing up so fast from the little baby we first brought home with us. This year is going to be a year of firsts for him, watching him crawling, walking, first words!

2. Decorating Our New Home – As this will hopefully be our forever home I can’t wait for us to become a bit more organized around here and have more of our rooms decorated to our taste. I plan to put the before and afters on the blog so you can see what we have achieved.

3. Our Holiday – This also counts as one of Nathanael’s firsts. I am looking forward to our first holiday away as a family of 3. We are renting a cottage and taking a trip to Wales.

4. Blog – I plan this year to become a more comitted blogger, I managed to achieve this with my weekly updates while I was pregnant and I am so pleased that I can look back on the whole experience of being pregnant with Nathanael. I hope I can do the same for this year, I have quite a few ideas for the blog so keep your eyes peeled for the posts. You can also follow me on twitter for my daily random thoughts!


2013 Lovelies

As we have just ended 2013 I thought I would document all the things I have loved the previous year!
There will be plenty more of the same thing in 2014 so check me out on twitter for what I get up to daily.

1. Luke – My amazing husband and he is a wonderful father to Nathanael.

2. Manicure – The proffesional manicures have ended now I have Nathanael but my favourite to have is a 3 week Victoria manicure by Nails Inc

3. Kenneth E Bailey – Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes – Favourite Non Fiction Book of all time.

4. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick – I have expensive taste what can I say. Its pricey but its the best formulation of lipstick I have found especially if you have dry lips like mine. The colour Boy is the perfect everyday shade.

5. Yankee Candle Mandarian Cranberry – I had this burning in our new home as soon as I unpacked it I adore this fragrance.

6. Nathanael – Our son is the biggest blessing in our lives and 2013 will always be a special year for us because of him.

7. Clarins 3 Dot Liner – 2013 the year I discovered the perfect way to apply liquid liner. Thanks Clarins!

8. Skip Hop Via Messenger Changing Bag – Nathanaels changing bag that I posted in my August Lovelies.

9. Wedding Rings – Luke got me vouchers to have my rings polished after I finished work they are still look shiney and new!

10. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua – I know, I know more Chanel but then it is the best!

11. My Sister – this picture was taken while we were in London for the weekend i love this photo of us.

12. Starbucks Medium House Blend – favouite coffee of choice.

13. Summer Holiday 2013 – Luke and I went to Florida for our holiday it was an amazing time away.

14. Nathanaels Changing Table – Luke made Nathanaels Changing Table you can read about it here

15. I love my new boots I so prefer winter footwear to summer.

16. This is a picture of Emma, her best friend Robyn and I at her wedding in March.


December Lovelies

Ok I am 1 day late for my December Favourites, but you can give me some grace on that right? I mean Nathanael has just had his growth spurt and we have moved. Thanks I knew you would understand!

1. Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer – Seriously amazing concealer and since my bags are down to my knees I know good concealer when I see it! This has 3 parts to it an eye brightening, a complexion concealer and a setting powder. I have never tried the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer and as this is half the price I wont need to.
2. Our New Home – Get ready for 2014 posts on our new home. We will be posting what we have done and how we got there.
3. Nathanael’s First Christmas Ornament – We have started the tradition for Nathanael’s Christmas decorations you can read how this got started here I wanted to pick something he could actually put on his tree without shame each year so its quite understated. I love the fact that it has his initial on it to make it personal to him.
4. Blueberry and Lemon Sweet Rolls – These rolls are to die for, I hate cinnamon but have always liked the look of sweet bread coated in icing. These rolls are perfect for cinnamon haters such as myself. Here is the recipe if you want to try them word to the wise though make a half batch unless you have a small army in your house.
5. Nativity Set – My favourite decoration to get out at Christmas after all Jesus is the reason for the season!
6. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation – Are we seeing a theme with my makeup favourites this month – your right pile it on and cover it up! However a little goes a very long way.
7. Starbucks Medium House Blend – The Coffee Machine is out people!! I have my coffee mate hazelnut creamer (seriously hard find in the UK) and a cup of this every other morning to start my day. With breastfeeding I have to watch my intake of caffeine too much coffee equals not enough chocolate.
8. Sleek Blush in 926 Rose Gold – We have concealed everything within an inch of its life so we best add some colour so we don’t look like a mannequin. I have never got on with blush to be honest I have 2 problems with being fair you can see every blemish going off and adding more pink to the mix is a disaster. Secondly I have none existent check bones which with a face as big as mine if your in a rush and slap it on you end up looking like a clown. This blush is the perfect peachy pink and has staying power! I will just have to learn to take my time :o)
9. Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposable Tub – Random one to end with but who wants to be traipsing to the bin at 1am – I definitely don’t (in fairness Luke does all the nappy changes at night but you get my point) this bin is amazing. Pop the nappy in, turn the handle twice and you have a perfectly wrapped up nappy, free from odour all ready to be taken to the bin once full. A seriously good investment to prevent the pong!