February 2014

February Lovelies By

Hey Lovelies, So this is my last post of it has definitely been a challenge to post all month but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. From next week we will be back to my regular schedule of Monday and Friday. Where possible I will attempt to post on a Wednesday. Back to today’s post my
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Busy Days By

Hey Lovelies! Today has been a productive and busy day! Luke has two days off work and is adding a few new additions to our utility room – I have far too many baking pans and tins! We had a grocery order delivered. I am so pleased that Morrisons is now available to order online,
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Lyrics By

Hey Lovelies, So you find me today, still sat on the couch (see yesterdays post) so I am passing the time by listening to some of music. Here is a small completion of my favourite lyrics! Points go to those who know the band/song without looking! If I could feel you shine your perpetual light
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