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He was tempted as man, but he conquered as God

Hey Lovelies,

I love this description of God it blows my mind everytime I read it!

The Mystery of the Incarnation: A Scriptural Tapestry of Jesus as Man and God by Gregory of Nazianzus

“He was baptized (Matt. 3:13) as man, but he destroyed
sins (Matt. 9:6) as God; he himself was not in need of purifying rites,
but [he was baptized/he came] that he might sanctify the waters. He was
tempted (Matt. 4:1) as man, but he conquered as God; not only this but
he even encouraged [us] to be courageous, since he had conquered the
world (John 16:33). He was hungry, but he fed thousands (John 6:10); not
only this but he is indeed life-giving and heavenly bread (John 6:51).
He was thirsty (John 4:7; 19:28), but he shouted, “If anyone thirst, let
him come to me and drink” (John 7:37); not only this but he also
promised that those who believe would gush forth [with water] (John
7:38). He was tired (John 4:6), but for those who are tired and heavy
laden he is rest (Matt. 11:28). He was heavy with sleep (Matt. 8:24),
but he is light upon the sea; not only this but he even rebukes winds;
not only this but he even makes Peter light when he is sinking (Matt.
14:25, 29; Matt. 8:26). He pays tax, but [he does so] from a fish (Matt.
17:24-27); not only this but he is even king of those demanding [the
tax]. He hears himself called a Samaritan and demon-possessed (John
8:48), but he saves the one who went down from Jerusalem and fell among
robbers (Luke 10:30); not only this but he is even recognized by demons
(Mark 1:24; Luke 4:34) and drives out demons (Matt. 8:16), and he sinks a
legion of spirits (Luke 8:33) and sees the ruler of demons falling like
lightning (Luke 10:18). He is stoned, but he is not caught (John 8:59).
He prays (Matt. 14:23; 26:36; Heb. 5:7), but he hears [prayers] (Acts
7:59). He weeps (John 11:35), but he causes tears to cease. He asks
where Lazarus [is laid] (John 11:34), for he was man, but he raises
Lazarus (John 11:43), for he was God. He is sold, and very cheaply, for
[it was] for thirty silver coins (Matt. 26:15), but he buys back the
world, and [it was] for a great price, for [it was] for his own blood (1
Pet 1:18-19). He was led as a sheep to slaughter (Isa 53:7), but he
shepherds Israel, and now, indeed, the whole inhabited world (John
10:11). [He is] silent like a lamb (Isa 53:7; Matt. 26:63), but he is
the Word (John 1:1), being proclaimed by a voice of one shouting in the
desert (John 1:23). He has been weakened, wounded, but he heals every
disease and every infirmity (Isa. 53:5). He is lifted up upon the tree
(John 12:32), he is fixed [to it] (Acts 2:23), but he restores by the
tree of life (John 6:51); not only this but he saves even a robber
crucified with [him] (Luke 23:43); not only this but he darkens
everything that is seen (Luke 23:44). He is given cheap wine to drink
(Luke 23:36), he is fed bile (Matt. 27:34). Who? The one who changed the
water into wine (John 2:1-11), the destroyer of the bitter taste (Heb.
2:9), the [one who is] sweetness and all desire (Song 5:16). He hands
over his life, but he has authority to take it again (John 10:18); not
only this but the curtain is torn apart (Matt. 27:51); for the things
above are exhibited (Cf. Rev. 11:19; 15:5) not only this but rocks are
split; not only this but dead are raised beforehand (Matt. 27:51-52). He
dies, but he makes alive, and by death he destroys death. He is buried,
but he rises. He goes down into Hades (1 Peter 3:18-19), but he brings
up souls; not only this but he goes up into heaven; not only this but he
will come to judge the living and the dead . . . ” (Gregory of Nazianzus Oration 29.20, translation by Rodney A. Whitacre)

Nathanael’s Nursery Part Three

Hey Lovelies,

My final post on Nathanael’s room has arrived. I said yesterday that I would share my favourite thing in Nate’s room on today’s post.
The items which I love most of all in Nate’s room is his Bookcase. My mother gave me such a love of reading and I hope to pass this on to my son.

Below is Nathanael’s bookcase its also happens to be the perfect place for his name sign, you can read all about Nates sign and how it was crafted here

books on the very bottom shelf are actually mine from when I was a
little girl, its so nice to be able to use these with my son.

the middle shelf our friends Rachel and Carl bought The Lion Storyteller
Bible for Nathanaels dedication. I love this bible Nate stares intently
at the colourful pictures bless him. The 3 books by Max Lucado were
bought by Nanna Tami. What is with these books, honestly they are tear
jerkers I cried when I read them to Nate the first time, which completely
threw him! I cant wait till he understands the meaning behind the
stories. The World of Peter Rabbit books were also bought by Nanna Tami
every page starts with the words “presently” :o) but who doesn’t love
Beatrix Potter.

I can’t wait to add to his bookcase since this picture was taken their may have been one or two new additions! I am sure you will be seeing a few book hauls on the blog too!



Nathanael’s Nursery Part Two

Hey Lovelies,

Welcome back to part two of Nates nursery so many things in his room that I love, I am going to try to link as many of the items so if you see something you like you will be able to search for it easily.

Starting with the Changing Table, Luke made this for Nathanael before he was born you can find out how he did it here
Chest of drawers are from Ikea as are the Wardrobes. We customised the wardrobes inside by adding an extra rail which is perfect for all his tiny clothes.

My Nursing Chair and Stool is from the Poang range again from Ikea we already had this chair before we had Nathanael. I like that we can use this chair elsewhere in the house, however I fed Nate in Mothercares feeding room and tried one of their feeding chairs it was amazing so if we are fortunate enough to have another baby I will be buying myself one of those!
The Feeding Pillow is from Mothercare, its their in house brand and I can’t find a link to it, this pillow is perfect as it has two cushions to adjust the height perfect for newborns, and is easily removed when the baby gets older.

We purchased the cotbed online I had seen a much pricier option from various other retailers we were very pleased on the deal we got.

This star rug from Mamas and Papas is a new addition to the room, it really brings the whole colour scheme of the room together.

This cross stitch hangs above Nates bookcase and was made by Luke’s sister I wish I had the patience and talent to create something so beautiful!
Come back tomorrow when I will share my absolute favourite thing in Nates room.



Nathanael’s Nursery Part One

Hey Lovelies!

I am so excited to take a tour of Nathanael’s nursery with you all. This is slightly late on the blog as we moved in December and had to decorate Nate’s room during Luke’s holidays. He is such a good Dad!

This is what the room looked like before;

The colour I suppose for a little boys room isn’t too bad. However we think someone must have had an aggressive moment either during the move or before as there was a hole in the wall which we had to fix.
So Luke had the wonderful job of filling in all the holes :o)


And this is the final result I love it so much!

We chose neutral colours for the room we want Nate to take a nap! Luke and I pretty much would have the whole house in this colour scheme.
The main colour in the room is Dulux Natural Hessian and the feature wall is Dulux Chic Shadow.

Check back tomorrow where I will chat through the pieces in the room and where they were purchased from.



Feeding Nate 101

Hey Lovelies,

I thought that it might be encouraging to new mums or mums to be if I posted my breastfeeding journey with Nathanael. Firstly let me just point out this is not a condemnation for those who chose to formula feed or those who have tried breastfeeding and it didn’t suit them. As a mum it is completely your decision and you should feel supported and encouraged in whatever option you chose.

I decided before Nathanael was born to exclusively breastfeed mainly for the health benefits for my son, I wont point these out here but studies have shown that breastfeeding has multiple health benefits which set up a child for life. The secondary benefit of breastfeeding is just sheer convenience, no heating up bottles, no carting around formula, no sterilising etc.

Breastfeeding wasn’t exactly how I expected it to turn out, first its a learnt skill, your baby doesn’t know what he is doing and I certainly had no clue either! A lot of the circumstances were also set against us from the start.

Nate was born via C-Section at 39 + 3 weeks due to him being breech this sets you up for a fall as your body has not gone through natural labour it doesn’t recognise that it needs to start producing milk. The midwife stated to me that because we had skin to skin around 30 minutes after he was born that this should combat this. I can only speak from my experience that it wasn’t until 4 days afterwards that I had a “true supply”

The first day in hospital was good it wasn’t until the early hours of Tuesday morning that Nate became distressed. I feel so sorry for the other women on the ward because he screamed from 12 am till 7 am! He wasn’t a happy bunny!
Having had a C Section I couldn’t sit up properly and this doesn’t help when your trying to get into a comfortable position to feed.  I found once I got home sitting on a chair with a high back such as a dinning room chair really helped support me, even now my couch can be too laid back.
I remember the second evening a nurse had lowered the bed so I could feed on my side and I was stranded on my side for  half an hour till someone came to raise the bed.

As I was discharged on the Wednesday, my local midwife visited us at home on Thursday by that point Nate had lost over 10% of his birth weight which is understandable as I had nothing to give him. Fortunately she advised us to feed every 2 to 3 hours rather than being sent back to hospital. If he wouldn’t breastfeed I had the glamorous task of hand expressing into a small plastic cup so we could feed him from this.
On Friday morning having woken Nate up at 12am and having only an hour to go before our 2 to 3hr window closed I couldn’t express, and Nate wasn’t feeding.
At this point I honestly was in pieces, we called the maternity unit and they advised us to get premade bottles to supplement Nate’s feeding.
You are advised not to express into bottles for 6 weeks to avoid confusion so I was upset that we had to give Nate a bottle but not as upset as I was as I felt that I couldn’t feed my son, his health was my number one priority.

We had midwifes visit us every four days to weigh Nathanael to make sure he was gaining weight after 2 weeks he had regained his birth weight, during this time we supplemented his night feeds with formula, but by the time he was discharged he was exclusively breastfed.

Breastfeeding doesn’t come easy, it is a learnt skill and even if you feed your baby some breast milk it truly is better than none. I would suggest before you have your baby to tell your husband you really want to feed this way, Luke encouraged me so much during the uncomfortable periods, cheering me on from the sidelines and reminding me of my goal when I couldn’t be bothered to pump at 3am.
I had so many other women who I could look to for support also, so many women after having had a c-section don’t breastfeed and they helped me feel proud of my perseverance.

Perseverance is the right word I would say for my journey, there are many growth spurts to get through the main being at Six weeks this changes your baby from Newborn to Infant once you have passed this point breastfeeding becomes so much easier!

Here are some items I keep on my nursing table which I thoroughly recommend

One – Lansinoh HPA Lanolin for those first few weeks this product is your best friend!
Two – Hand sanitizer always a staple with a newborn.
Three – Bibs I honestly dont have enough of theses, especially now as Nate loves to drool.
Four – Medela Swing Breast Pump – when you are having to express every two hours you don’t want to be all day about it.
Five –  Like the bibs I can’t have ever have enough Muslins. Perfect for burping Nate and catching

Six – A notepad is essential on my nursing table. In the first few weeks the midwifes and health
are asking you so many questions and lates face it when your sleep
deprived you can’t think straight. I have a notepad that has
all Nates feeding times in the first two weeks of his life.
Seven – A tumbler is a great investment the bigger the better! When you are stuck in a growth spurt
and can’t move from your chair a huge drink is essential. Word to the wise a lid on your drink comes in handy too!