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March Lovelies

Hey Lovelies,

I can’t believe we have got through another month already. Every month Nathanael learns a new skill and I am wondering where my newborn went so fast. Anyway here are some of the things I have been loving this past month.

1. Our Four Year Wedding Anniversary – If time has flown this month then the four years we have been married have shot through, I still feel as if we are just married.

2. Victoria Secret’s Lucious Crush Tangerine & Passion Flower Fragrance Mist – What a title to start with! But I love this body spray their will be a post coming up shortly where I am trying to use up things I have had in my stash for a while.

3. Nathanael and I enjoying the sun this month, I think we may have had 2 days of sunshine so we had lunch outside and took the traditional Smith feet shot.

4. Tomato, Pesto and Mozzarella Panini – my lunch of choice at the moment. Its like a treat at home and makes me think of having lunch at a coffee shop somewhere.

5. Luke and Nathanael – obviously my favourites, we had a lovely time together this month with Luke using the remaining of his yearly holiday allowance. We were spoilt with all this time together.

6. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – I succumbed and bought this gorgeous foundation. It has been on my beauty wish list for a while. Was extremal happy to find a gift card which made the purchase free.

7. Max Factor – Clump Defy Mascara – I believe this is the same mascara as Covergirl Clump Crusher in the States. I was looking for a mascara to rival my Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara, which is lovely but expensive. This one fits the bill, it lengthens and makes the lashes look fuller without looking clumpy as the name suggests.

8. TV of choice has been the Musketeers on BBC it was slow to get into at first but I think Tom Burke who plays Athos saves the show. I think he plays the dark, brooding and troubled Athos well.

9. My final fave of the month has been my new shoes from New Look. I love the fact that they do wide fit options and I adore that this are pointed. Long live the pointed flat thats all I can say!


Week in Pictures

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you have had an amazing week! Its been quite quiet around these parts, but we are gearing up for a fun filled long weekend, Luke has Friday and Monday off so we have lots planned for his last days off till June boo hoo!
Anyway, I thought I would bring you all a bit of a different post my week in pictures. This is some of the things that we got up to last week!

Starting from the top left, we went to the sometime hell that is known as Meadowhall. When we go out to eat we tend to go to Harvester – I love the salad! Anyway we are off out there today so knowing this we went to Wagamama’s I got the Yaki Soba this was recommended by my step mum and Luke got the  prawn Chilli Men.
How can I not post a picture of Nate dressed like the funniest baby in town, he was wearing his baby leg warmers which are perfect when your hanging around the house!
Our English Heritage magazine arrived, so excited for our family days out.
Our good friends recently had a baby boy, so how can we not provide them with a meal, its a tradition for us to give a lasagne and brownies – you can have at least 2 or 3 meals out from this and perfect for freezing too. I can speak from experience that baby gifts are nice but food is better!
Tomato Sausage sandwich with ketchup nom nom! can you tell there is a theme with food on our week off?
Nathanael playing on his playmat and having some tummytime – is that face not adorable? I could die!
Nate is getting really good at grasping things now, so while I was in Boots I purchased this sheep type rattle. It has a squeak thing in it too, mainly Nate just likes to chew and drool on the ears.
This is me burning off some baby weight with the baby carrier, don’t worry I am on no extreme diet. Too many chocolate digestives for that to work!
A traditional family feet picture this was taken while we were at Clumber Park, their will be a post on this coming up next week!
Pancakes! – It was hard to cook pancakes on the actual day when Luke was at work, and Nathanael has his grumpy time from 4pm to 6pm which makes dinner somewhat interesting. So I made some for breakfast, Luke had his with lemon and sugar, and one with Nutella. I had mine with tomato ketchup! Yes that is my poison of choice, I have even asked for this with plain pancakes out in the States I had a few stares!
Luke and I made home made Chicken Korma – it was delicious, I always order this when we have an Indian so it was nice that we made a healthier option, it was low salt and no gluten so if you fancy me creating a recipe post for this let me know!

Hope you have a great weekend, let me know what you are up to in the comments below!


Planning Family Day’s Out

Hey Lovelies,

If you read my post from Friday about my English Heritage Life Membership, you will know that I am planning to attend a few events in the next coming months at some of their wonderful properties.

Here are some of the events we plan on attending;


Falconry of the Empire at Rievaulx Abbey; Saturday 19th – Monday 21st April 12pm-5pm.
This should be a great day out for all the family, I hope the birds don’t think that little Nathanael is food! I am sure he is going to be amazed to watch these great birds of prey up close, plus the adults will learn something too, as to why the First World War had such an impact on falconry. This event is free for all members and start at £6.50 for an Adult.

St Georges Day Showdown at Bolsover Castle; Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th April 10am -6pm.
Nathanael can dress up as St George (do they make armour for 5 month olds?) and defeat the dragon. At Bolsover over St Georges Day weekend you can watch St George slay the dragon, this should be a great production. I have always loved Bolsover’s jousting events so I hope this is something similar. This is free for all members and prices start at £9.50 for an adult or £24.70 for a family. This is more expensive visit but lasts till 6pm and will be a full day out in my opinion.

 Siege! at Bolsover Castle; Sunday 4th May – Monday 5th May 10am – 6pm.
We have to don our armour again but a change in period as we join the Civil War. After choosing between the Cavaliers or the Roundheads we will hear stories from the battlefields and witness Bolsover under attack! This event is free for members, Adults tickets £9.50 or £24.70 for a family.

 Clash of Knights at Scarborough Castle; Saturday 24th May – Monday 26th May 11am -5pm.
What can I say Nathanael loves being a knight and he may become the youngest recruit. At Scarborough he can join in battle drills, eat food cooked over open fires while watching Knights in combat. This event is free for members and prices for Adults are £6.
Whereas the other two locations offer good accessibility from what I remember Scarborough Castle will require a bit of a push with wheelchairs and prams. If this concerns you I would contact English Heritage about accessibility. I know places like Brodsworth offer a mobility train to help with long walks. If this still doesn’t suit Bolsover will be having the same event on Saturday 31st May – Sunday 1st June.

Wartime Wedding at Brodsworth Hall; Saturday 24th May – Monday 26th May 11am- 5pm.
I can’t wait for this event, Luke actually proposed to me at Brodsworth Hall 5 years ago. This event tells the story of George the chauffeur and Martha the cook’s engagement and wedding during the war.  Tickets which include the entry to the house, garden and event for an adult are £11, and free for English Heritage Members.

Let me know in the comments below if you will be attending any of the events I have my picnic basket at the ready I am just hoping for some nice warm and more importantly dry days!

*This is not a sponsored post


Family Days Out!


Hey Lovelies,
I was so excited on Friday after the postman had been for
they had delivered our English Heritage Members Book. Honestly it is one of my
highlights of the year a new, fresh, clean guide book, and an events guide for
the next quarter so I can plan what we can get up to for the coming weeks.

Luke and I have a joint Life Time Membership which his
parents had lovingly purchased for us. With one lifetime membership you are
able to get yourself an adult, and six children under 19 into English Heritage
properties for free.

If you enjoy looking around historical properties and sites,
or you appreciate beautiful gardens and archaeology I can’t recommended a lifetime
membership highly enough.
It is not just the houses and gardens that you can
appreciate on a visit, they are also action packed too, we have been able to
see jousting, medieval knights, toured “magical fairy” gardens late at night
and have been on the recruit for votes for women! We have also seen vintage car
shows and listened to brass bands in the summer sunshine
When you compare in a year for all the events that you can
get into for free and then see the ticket price for one adult or family ticket,
it is well worth the money. Obviously Lifetime Membership is a huge financial
commitment, so I would recommend a yearly subscription and see how much you
will use it for 2 adults it is £84. An average adult ticket to a property
holding an even such as jousting or medieval knights can be £10+ so you and
another  would only have to go to 4
places in a year to make that worth your while, in our household that would be
highly achievable.
If you don’t fancy English Heritage owned properties you can
also get discounts to other historical properties for example, Tower of London,
Leeds Castle, Castle Howard. You can get in free to Historic Scotland properties,
Cadw properties and if you happen to take a trip to New Zealand their heritage sites
If I haven’t already sold how much I love membership to you
I think our son may be the youngest lifetime member yet! At ten weeks for his
dedication his grandparents bought him lifetime membership. I am sure that he
will get his use over the many years to make the expenditure worth their while!
Check back on Monday where I will tell you what Luke and I
will be getting up to in the coming weeks with some amazing properties and
events to see!
 * This is not a sponsored post.

Four Year Wedding Anniversary!

Hey Lovelies,

Hope life is treating you well! Sorry for no post on Monday, Luke has the week off so we have been having some family time. Nathanael loves his Daddy apart from feeding time at the zoo, he is firmly with his Daddy. They are getting up to mischief playing on bouncers, playmats, looking outside or if he eventually settles down his Dad will read him a story. I love it!

Today is our Four Year Wedding Anniversary – where did the time go! Luke and I always have a holiday over our anniversary, last year we found out we were pregnant with Nathanael! I don’t think this anniversary will be as exciting as last year at least I hope not ;o)

Marrying Luke was the best decision of my life, he is an amazing husband, a wonderful friend and watching him become a Dad is incredible.  Here is to many more years together!