April 2014

April Lovelies By

Hey Lovelies, Firstly sorry on the delay with my usual posting schedule. It has kind of gone out the window as we have been extremely busy for the past few weeks with socialising, meetings and friends staying over. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment but the time has slipped away quickly. Anyway lets jump right
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High Five For Friday By

Hey Lovelies, I am taking part again in Lauren’s High Five For Friday so lets jump right in to my 5 favourite things from this past week. 1. On Saturday we had the chance to have a huge family picnic. It was England so it was cold, and I happened to sit us under the
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Too Many Products By

Hey Lovelies, I am an impulse buyer (ironic as you go on I have 3 of these in my stash). You might have been there yourself, your in a store, see something that is perfectly placed, surrounded in lights. You think to yourself this is it, this will cure my (insert your problem here). Before
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