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April Lovelies

Hey Lovelies,

Firstly sorry on the delay with my usual posting schedule. It has kind of gone out the window as we have been extremely busy for the past few weeks with socialising, meetings and friends staying over. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment but the time has slipped away quickly. Anyway lets jump right in to my favourites from this past month.

1. Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in the shade Pink Peony – so every blogger is talking about Sephora shipping to the UK. So while squealing with delight this Tarte lipstick was quickly added to my basket.

2. Baking – I have enjoyed taking the time to bake this month, Nathanael can just about 20 minutes in his highchair if I am whipping up some cupcakes.

3.  Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Candle – As you can see I have completely burnt this up. One of my favourite scents from Laura Mercier bar their Fig fragrance.

4. Agents of Shield – Ok the acting is less than superior, but this is one of my favourite tv shows of the month. There have been a number of twists and turns as we are approaching the finale that I didn’t anticipate.

5. Nathanael in his forward facing pram – I mean who could not love that face? He is just adorable and even more cuter when he is exploring new things, it makes me see everything again for the first time.

6. My Teapot – There has been a small victory in my household. My long neglected teapot is being used now Luke is drinking tea – and the angels rejoice!

7. Out and About – With Spring arriving it has been wonderful to spend time as a family out and about. Keep your eyes peeled for posts on our day trips.

8. Breastfeeding Group – I have really enjoyed going to my local breastfeeding group at the children’s centre. It has been a great opportunity to connect with other mums with babies the same age as Nathanael.

9. Too many products – I have taken the time this month to evaluate my product stash with the purpose of using everything up before I purchase anymore. I can happily say since this post I am down 4 products.


High Five For Friday

Hey Lovelies,

I am taking part again in Lauren’s High Five For Friday so lets jump right in to my 5 favourite things from this past week.

1. On Saturday we had the chance to have a huge family picnic. It was England so it was cold, and I happened to sit us under the tree which didn’t really help the temperature! However life is what you make of it, tucked into our picnic none the less. Nathanael had a great time he loves watching his cousins!

2. Nathanael was spoilt again by my sister and step mum. My sister got him the cutest tops, trousers and a teether which is so needed right now! He thanked them in his own special way, by drooling on them!

3.  I have been so blessed over the Easter period to hang out with my husband, sometimes the weekend just skips right by before you even notice so to have the extra days to be leisurely about plans was wonderful.

4. Luke and I scored an amazing deal on Nathanael’s next car seat. He doesn’t need it till he turns either 9 months or 28 pounds and lets face as he is probably only 15 pounds now he could be in this car seat till he is 10 or 11 months. However the next seat up is a considerable purchase so I have been looking out for a deal. We happened to be in Toys R Us  on the weekend and saw that they had the exact car seat we needed for £80 off, it was a display item hence the reduction. We had our familyfix isofix base in the car already so were able to test it out then and there. Needless to say the carseat came home that day with us. Now that I am on maternity leave it gives me the opportunity to hunt for deals and to know what the going rate for items I would like are. I know that the car seat we need has maximum had £40 off so to save double that was amazing!

5. Nathanael has cut his very first teeth! His first tooth came through properly last Friday and the second bottom tooth is slowly making an appearance. I am so grateful he has some teeth through before he starts weaning!

Too Many Products

Hey Lovelies,

I am an impulse buyer (ironic as you go on I have 3 of these in my stash). You might have been there yourself, your in a store, see something that is perfectly placed, surrounded in lights. You think to yourself this is it, this will cure my (insert your problem here). Before you know it you have purchased the item, not thinking that you have several similar products at home that promised to do the same.

In the interests of being honest, and to hold myself to account I will show you my stash. I could try and justify these products tell you that I bought x and y in the States and you can’t get them here. I could tell you that items were bought for me. However then I would go and buy something else rather than using what I already have.

Here are some of the excess that I have, this doesn’t include products I am already using and I am pleased I chose not to look at my make up drawer.

We will start with make up removers I count 6 and a travel size. 4 of which are the same thing. In my make up remover stash I have Bioderma, Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover, Bliss Lid and Lash Wash Makeup Remover and L Oreal 3 in 1 purifying micellar solution. Suffice to say I need no make up remover, I only have one face, you would think my house was the backstage of a fashion show!

Next onto cleansers, I have 2 Elemis Sensitive Cleansing Wash and 1 Purity Made Simple. I have an Elemis wash already opened and I would say it would take me a good 3 to 4 months to get through a jar. So I have near a year supply of cleanser.

Onto Shower gel, now I do think you need a spare in, but I have a spare for my spare – why do I do this to myself?

Body moisturiser, can I tell you that with someone who has had dry skin all my life, its only recently I have gotten into moisturiser. It seems I have caught up quick with the number of products I have. Pictured here are Body Shop Mango Body Butter, Body Shop Shea Body Body Butter,  Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Body Butter, Elemis Skin Nourishing Body Lotion and Vaseline Spray and Go.

Nine Body Sprays! 9 body sprays! I can’t believe this until its laid out in front of me, documenting my excess. I have 3 Impulse True Love, 2 of Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea and 1 Pure Paradise Fragrance Mist, Victoria Secret sprays in Such a Flirt, Pure Seduction, Pure Daydream and Luscious Crush.

Ok so I plan to use up my stash before I purchase anymore sprays, lotions and potions. You may not have excess in your life with products, but are you excessive with your time spent on a specific pursuit at a detriment to other areas of your life?

This is about a rebalancing in my life I hope to become more intentional about how and what I spend my money on, focusing on items that I need rather than I would like. I will keep you updated with this process and who knows by the end of the year the stash should hopefully be irradicated or on the way to being.



High Five For Friday

Hey Lovelies,

Welcome back to High Five for Friday! Here are my five favourite things from this past week enjoy!

1. This past Sunday Luke and I took Nathanael to Brodsworth Hall. We have been filming short snipets of Nathanael through out the week to create a kind of “day in the life.” So we took the camera to Brodsworth with us to get some footage. It was hilarious Luke did an “outfit of the day” and commentated on the house like a tour guide. Poor Nate when he watches this back! All was made well with a stop at the coffee shop, we shared a scone and a pot of tea and of course Nathanael made friends with some fellow visitors.
2. The weather has been glorious recently it really feels like Spring.  Feeling quite energetic and wanting to enjoy the sunshine I took Nathanael to see my Nanna and his Great Nanna, which is about a mile and half walk from our home. Nate had a great time seeing his Great Nanna, he discovered small buttons on her cardigan and had a good old tug! Once we got home his 3 mile round trip had worn him out so he took nap.

3. During Nathanaels naps  (which let me tell you have been few and far between thanks to teething)
I have managed to get some time to get stuck into a good bible study. I feel my brain in there somewhere clapping in delight, something to chew on, I can never hear the preach at church as Nate is too interested in the lights, music, people around him so its been refreshing to sit and learn.

4. Ok in a random aside, I have been enjoying the Cadburys ritz bar things. Oh my word they are amazing – who doesn’t love chocolate and salty things? It is the best combination ever, its just as well that my local store doesn’t stock them because otherwise I would be rolling back home. You need to try these if you love Chocolate Pretzels …. oh i may have asked/pleaded/demanded for a box of these for my birthday Hello Amazon Groceries!

5. I am so thankful for the Easter Break! With the weather hopefully being kind we can enjoy some time outside as a family this weekend. We are planning on going to the Easter Trail at Brodsworth, I don’t think they will let me take part as I will push all the children away on my quest for chocolate! Nevermind, Luke, Nate and I can enjoy the gardens and a picnic.

Blog Stop

Hey Lovelies,

I am presuming that because your reading this blog that you like to read blogs, catching a glimpse of peoples day to day, or enjoy reading a good post recommending a place to visit or a product. Otherwise you are reading this blog because you know me personally and I appreciate the support. Anyway I thought I would compile a reading list of posts I have read lately and loved, why not grab a cup of tea a few biscuits my fave are those Fox’s Chocolatey – you know the round biscuits with tons of chocolate and have a read.

Ryan’s pictures of her little girl who is turning One are adorable. I can’t say she is cuter than Nathanael (because who really is?) yet she gets quite close on the cuteness stakes.

If you have a baby, toddler or are pregnant Sarah’s post on dressing your baby on the cheap is essential and I will definetly be trying the cardigan tip that she shares on Nathanael. If you don’t have a baby, toddler, and you aren’t pregnant, simply go and look at her son Greyer another one high on the cute stakes.

Elise has encouraged my spending habit! This is a good one though, we all like to have nice nails and with work I was able to have numerous manicures for a fraction of the price. I simply do not have the time with Nathanael to spend an hour getting a gel manicure. Pop over to her post and see what product she recomends, I bought them and it held up after numeous nappy changes and everything Nate chucks at me!

Check out my friend Nicola’s post, she has recently started her blog and even has her own YouTube chanel.  In this post she recomends a visit to Wentworth Castle and has some lovely pictures of her day there.

Rachels post on taking a step back when you have a baby really resonated with me. I served on a team at my local church for five years it felt like once Nathanael was born I was of no use to that team. Rachel encourages new mums not to become disheartened and encourages us of the value we have to our families and the body of Christ.

This post by Kate from The Small Things Blog is a must read to any new mum or mum to be. Her son David was born a month after Nathanael and its been nice to watch his progress along with Nate’s. In this post she tells you things that they just don’t tell you after a baby is born. I am an extremely organized person, everything has its place and having a baby is chaos on a daily basis. Things just don’t go my way and in the early days I like Kate was stressed. Going with the flow has not been a strong element to my personality but I have had to learn this form my sanity! If you are pregnant I would encourage you to read this post, dont expect them all to happen, some of them didn’t happen to me. However I think to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Hopefully ii have introduced you to some new blogs, let them know I sent you!