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High Five For Friday!

Hey Lovelies,

I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to the weekend! Here are my five favourite things from the past week

1. Number One has to be Luke’s birthday. His first as a Dad, it was so much fun to get a card from Nathanael and have Nate “draw” in it. I caught this photo with my phone the day before while we decorating the room.

I am using our birthdays as a testing ground for decorations for Nathanael’s birthday. I all about those paper pom poms and bunting!

2. On Sunday it was Baby Dedication at our church. Not just any dedication, it was Joel’s dedication. Joel is Nathanael’s best friend, 10 weeks his junior. They have to be best friends because Carl and Rachel, Joel’s Mum and Dad are our good friends. The children have no say in the matter ;o) We were able to celebrate with their family afterwards and we had such a lovely time.

3. On Saturday we hung out with out with our friends Jen and Pete, they also have a gorgeous baby boy who is only 8 weeks old and a little girl who I just love. We were so engrossed in conversation we forgot that Chloe was having her nap, suffice to say she may have thought she had been put to bed early.

4. We have had a great time this week introducing Nathanael to food, so far the hits have been crumpets, toast, lamb meatballs, melon, broccoli, carrots and banana. I have made some broccoli and cheese quiche, some homemade custard and we have some avocado on standby too. We are looking forward to trying more things with him over the coming weeks.

5. After such a busy bank holiday weekend I am looking forward to having a relaxing weekend. Well as relaxing as you can be with having a six month old!

Let me know in the comments below your plans for the weekend, and be sure to check back on Monday for Nathanael’s Six Month update!


Weaning Nathanael


Hey Lovelies,
Today I thought I would have a pre weaning Nathananael chat.
I don’t know about you but any topic regarding babies is controversial and
leads to a multitude of unrequested and unwarranted opinions. For instance – to
breastfeed or bottle feed, to cloth bum or to use disposables, to wean at 6 months
to early wean,  to swaddle  or to not swaddle, to use a dummy  or not use a dummy.  The list goes on and on.
Why don’t we start on
the off, that we all have the best intentions when it comes to our children
because we love them and want to do the best for them.  As we are human we will make mistakes as we
go along but we quickly figure it out and our children love us none the less
for it. So below I am going to share what I plan to do to wean Nathanael, this
may be your way, it might not be. If you have chosen to do things differently
this is the joys of parenting we have our own ways and none are greater than
the other.
Luke and I have held off from weaning Nathanael up till the
World Health Organizations recommendation of 6 months.  In this period I have had people say because
Nate is trying to grab food he is ready, because he is putting his hands in his
mouth he is ready. However if I had gone with their advice he would have been
eating food since he was born because our son just loves putting his hands in
his mouth.
We specifically waited because we wanted to go with baby led
weaning for a variety of different reasons.  Which I had started to list, but thought
against it, again as parents we make our choices based on the information we
have at the time, for instance I was not baby led weaned. My mum certainly
didn’t wait till I was 6 months, 26 years ago people would have thought her
ridiculous to wait that long, yet now people would be aghast for her to give a
baby food at 3 months. 
Anyway with baby led weaning you simply put food in front of
your child and let them taste and explore. Food before One is fun, your child
should still be getting all their nutrition from their milk so the emphasis is
about “first tastes” not about them eating a whole meal straight away.  Successful baby led weaning encourages the
whole family to eat the same meal, as our children love to imitate they will
delight in watching Daddy and Mummy eating the exact same thing that they are
Your baby can eat anything you are eating; however there
must be low salt content, low sugar content, no honey and full fat dairy must
be used.  That being said a number of
convenience products that most of us working couples use such as premade
sauces, stock cubes etc are not recommended.
Today I made a batch of Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce,
curious to see what premade sauces have in them I took a read at one of the
labels and I was concerned as to what some of the ingredients actually were.
Who has heard of Maltodextrin? What actually is a stabiliser? Other sauces
included modified maize starch?
The sauce I made had 6 ingredients and I made it because I
love my son and I want him to have the best nutrition I can possibly give him.
However I have been consuming modified x and y, ingredients ending in trin and
some I can’t even pronounce.  God has
given me health, he cares for me more than I can possibly imagine and I have
consumed food that is unhealthy for me.
We all like the odd naughty food once in a while, sometimes
when you are leaving your home from 8am and don’t get in till 7pm the sauce in
the jar is a necessity because you simply do not have the time.
Through this time of introducing my son to food, I will be
consciously making choices which are healthier for the whole family also. It
will be time consuming I am positive about that, however I firmly believe that
the benefits will outweigh the negatives.

High Five For Friday

Hey Lovelies,

Here are my five favourite things from this past week. If you have a blog why not join in at Lauren’s blog

1. I had a lovely time on Monday with a friend and her son at our home. Her son is a year old and watching all the things he can do gets me excited (and a little fearful of all the hard work!) for Nathanael in a few months time.

2. I had the oppurtunity this week to go to a womens bible study at our church, we will be studying the book of Ruth. I can’t wait till the next month we meet and we get to dig deeper into the word. What is also lovely is I can take Nathanael with me, he was perfectly well behaved and seemed to enjoy all the cuddles that he recieved.

3. We had a lovely weekend with friends visiting, the type of friends where you can just pick up where you left off, even if it was 6 months ago. It was a great chance to catch up and share life together, such a shame they live in Scotland!

4. The month of May has arrived and I am so excited, my birthday and Luke’s are only 9 days apart and this year in between those two dates we will be weaning Nathanael. I just know he is going to enjoy exploring different foods.

5. I am looking forward to this Bank Holiday spending some extra time with Luke, we have a jam packed weekend including visiting friends and attending a dedication! Can’t wait!

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!