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June Lovelies

Hey Lovelies,

I hope you have had an amazing June. I am in such a good mood this month, the weather has been wonderful and I have been away on holiday! Luke, Nathanael and I went to Wales and then later on in the week my sister and brother in law joined us, we had such a great time and it has set me up for the next few months.

Anyway on with the favourites!

1. Wales Holiday – We had a great time away, later on next month I have a whole mini series filled with cute pictures of Nathanael and all the things we got up to, so make sure you keep checking back on the blog.

2. Seafood Spaghetti – This is my absolute favourite dish at the moment so quick to make with my homemade pasta sauce and I love seafood!

3. Essie Nail Varnish in Watermelon – This has been the only thing on my nails this month, a perfect colour for summer in my opinion.

4. Sleek Eyebrow Stylist – Love the texture and angle of this pencil, and such a bonus with the spoolie brush on the opposite end.

5. Family Time – I have loved spending time with family this month. It was great to watch Nathanael interact with his Auntie and Uncle and life seemed easier with an extra pair of hands or two!

6. The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones – I purchased this bible on the recommendation of a very good friend and she hasn’t done me wrong. Out of all the bibles people have purchased for Nate this is by far my favourite. Every story points directly towards Jesus and the author doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects.

7. Tan lines – Yes I was thoroughly burnt while on holiday and I am embracing my random tan lines created from wearing my Toms. It proves I have been away!

8. En-suite Bathroom – A post will eventually grace the blog on how we transformed our en-suite from a vile turquoise to a glorious, neutral and clean bathroom. Luke did an amazing job painting 3 coats to cover the offending colour.

9. The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter –  Although extremely thick which is a downside in the summer months, this fragrance is perfect for the summer and I have been using this as a moisturiser before bed.


Lush Lip Scrubs

Hey Lovelies,

I don’t know whether your like me and suffer from dry, flaky, chapped lips most of the time. About 5 years ago I discovered the wonder that is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, if you haven’t tried it just buy some, it is an investment but it takes so long to get through a tube its well worth the outlay.
However as great as the Eight Hour Cream is it doesn’t help if you have that horrible patch of dead skin on your lips. Your lipstick or lip gloss don’t sit smoothly on the lips because of all the dry areas its just a pain.
My solution to the problem – Lush Lip Scrubs.

Lush Lip Scrub
Think of them as an exfoliator for the lips, they come in 3 yummy flavours  Popcorn, Bubblegum and Mint Julips.

I take a small amount and scrub all over my lips, you can chose to either wash it off or if you like lick it off. (Kinda grosses me out though that they suggest this because surely your dead skin cells will be in the mixture)
I then apply my Eight Hour Cream and in the morning I awake to soft, kissable lips!

You can use this in the morning also before you apply your lipstick if you prefer.
My only caution would be careful of heavy handedness, you only need the smallest amount or you will be back where you started.

Let me know in the commens below your favourite flavour or any tips you have.


5 Things to Expect at Baby Massage

Hey Lovelies,

I had written this post a while ago, it was sat in my drafts folder waiting to be posted. However it was far too chatty and the content was lost even to me! So I am hoping my “5” points help me to stay on track!
When Nathanael was 4 and a half months we attended free baby massage at our local Children’s Centre run by our Health Visitors. As I like to be prepared I googled what to expect at baby massage and drew a blank so to help others here is what I wish I knew when I first attended the classes.

1. Expect The First Class To Be Challenging.
Lets face it, even if you have taken your baby to every class available since they were born, socialised them in various settings nothing prepares them for baby massage. You are not only putting your baby in a new environment but you are undressing them and putting massage oil over them. Its overwhelming, but they will rise to the challenge by the second lesson Nathanael had overcome his concerns and was thoroughly enjoying himself. I would encourage you that if your baby seems to hate his/her first class just try the next one they may surprise and really enjoy it.

2. Expect Your Baby To React To Others.
This is a bit of a random one to explain. Our first massage class had a total of six parents and six babies, as I have said all of the babies found the first class challenging however one baby girl was extremely distressed the whole way through the class. Nathanael was so concerned for the baby girl that he started to sympathetically cry as if trying to ask why no one was helping her. As soon as the baby was taken outside, Nate stopped crying and happily carried on.

3. Expect To Do Homework
It’s a baby massage class! Class being the operative word, you are going to learn so much about your baby what they like and what they don’t. For instance Nate hates having his arms and hands massaged but he loves a good leg and foot massage. In order for you both to get the most enjoyment out of the class be committed to carve time out every day to practice the new massages you have learnt.

4. Expect To Grow In Confidence.
You and your baby will grow so much during the short time that your attending baby massage class. Your baby will become more socialised. Nathanael sees lots of babies at church, but at baby massage class he was with other babies his own age. He witnessed them rolling around or trying to sit up which encouraged him to give it a go himself. As a parent your have at least an hour once a week with a health visitor where you can ask any questions you have and you can learn so much from other mum’s in your class as well.

5. Expect To Get Wet
Ok I have lowered the tone, but I had to add this one in! Baby Massage Class is not the time to be wearing your best jeans and your favourite top especially if you have a little boy! Expect to be peed on countless times and as random as it sounds see the funny side in it all. I mean what’s not to laugh about your baby being covered in urine while also being greased up like a Christmas Turkey from the massage oil! Nate and I have a good giggle when it happens. Ok he is probably doing more laughing than me, but hey ho there is no point trying to prevent it, he is only a baby after all.
I would recommend the Pampers Change Mats they are pretty much a flat nappy which when an accident occurs will soak it up in no time, take several spares!

I hope this was helpful for you if your about to attend a baby massage class, leave a comment down below telling me how it went and have fun!

Nathanael Seven Month Update

Hey Lovelies,

Another monthly update has arrived, this are coming around too quickly for my liking! Although I am enjoying watching all the new things that Nathaanael can do! Nathanael turned seven months on Wednesday so lets jump into everything he has learnt from the previous month.

Weight: I took Nathanael to get weighed on Monday and the little chunk is now 16lbs 3oz he is moving up to the 25th centile gradually, which I am so pleased with I didn’t want him to start eating food and balloon.

Length:  As mentioned before the Health Visitors don’t tend to check his height, so no idea for this month.
Eating:  From his 6 month update which you can read about here. We have continued with baby led weaning and we are so happy we chose this way to wean. Nathanael is having 3 meals a day regularly (he may miss lunch sometimes if he naps) and has tried so many different types of food which include; carrot, apple, pear, plums, tomatoes, melon, broccoli, cauliflower, butternut squash, potato, avocado, banana, mini sweetcorn, parsnip, celery,cucumber, tuna, chicken, lamb and mint meatballs, homemade chicken bhuna, homemade shepherds pie, homemade broccoli quiche, tuna croquettes, homemade refried beans,homemade pasta sauce and pasta, homemade vegetable stock,tortillas, sausage meat stuffing,banana muffins, porridge, weetabix, crumpets, toast, scrambled eggs yoghurt, cream cheese, bagels and pancakes.
The only thing we have found he doesn’t care for is banana and he is definatley allergic to oranges at the moment it brings him an awful rash around his mouth, it may be the citric acid in the fruit so I am waiting to introduce known fruits which cause allergies like strawberry and kiwi at a later date.
I may have stressed the “homemade” items a lot but with babies you must make sure to keep to regulate how much salt your baby intakes and you can only do this by making things from scratch. Trust me its much nicer homemade anyway we have just relied on convience of jar sauces etc too much.
We are still continuing to breastfeed even after much harrasment and unwarrented opinions from people. I am absolutley thrilled I can provide for Nathanael in this way it is proven if you breastfeed beyond six months your baby will have less risk of eczema, lower blood pressure as an adult, lower risk of childhood leukemia, less likley to be overweight, less likley to develop diabetes. It lowers the Mothers risk of overian cancer, lowers the risk of developing type II diabetes, and is proven to lower the risk of developing breast cancer (drops 4.3% per year)

Sleeping:  Nathanael is still sleeping through the night from 7pm till 7am. We have had a few early morning wake up calls where he has rolled over and can’t be bothered to roll back and then thinks he might as well get up for the day. This has helped Mummy start her day strong with the 30 day shred dvd I will be trim by August!
Nappies:  Still in size 4 nappies.

Clothes: Nathanael is completly in 6-9 month clothing now his legs have now caught up with him and I am missing my tiny baby but loving watching all the new things that Nathanael can now do!

Things Nate likes to do:  This month must have been the busiest yet for Nathanael learning new things. Just after I had posted his six month update Nate mastered the art of rolling from his back to his front, now there is no stopping him!
We have seen major attempts at learning to crawl, instead of moving forwards he likes to spin around in circles and can travel a fair distance using this method! I think by his eight month update I will have permanetly attached our fireguard to the wall!
Nathanael has loved to be involved in everyday chores around the house right from him being a young baby, he likes to feel involved bless him! Anyway while Luke was changing the bed sheets and flapping around with the duvet cover, Nate was on the bed at the time and thought this was the best game ever. He had the cutest little belly laughs ever! This game has been repeated mutliple times with a muslin or cloth and I would have to say this seems to be his favourite game at the moment.
Around the same time we too Nathanael on a walk, on returning home I said to Luke we should try him on the swings near our house. Luke thought that Nate would be too small for the swings, however he happily wedged his arms on the seat railing and look slightly amuzed at the novelty of being on a swing. We are so blessed to have this park literally around the corner and I can see Nathanael enjoying this for many years to come.
A recent development from this week has been Nathanael learning to clap! It is the most precious thing to watch, especially since he loves having his hand in a fist all the time. It is a miracle he opens his hand to even attempt to clap! I must try to get this on camera.
Finally Nate can now sit unaided for up to five minutes at a time, or until something catches his attention, then he looses concentration and falls over!

Nathanael you have grown up so much this month I can’t wait to see what next month brings us!


May Lovelies

Hey Lovelies!

Sorry my May favourites are a tad belated. May has been a crazy month with lots of things planned on the weekends and our birthdays happen to be in May as well. So enough of the apologies lets jumo right into everything I have been enjoying this past month.

1. Birthdays! – It was so much fun to celebrate our Birthdays with Nathanael. I did try to teach him how to open presents however he wanted to eat the paper!

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12hr Blush in the colour Glisten – I love this blush so much, I often find blush is there one second and gone the next. This blush stays put right till the end of the day but be warned heavy handed application will result in a replication of a clown face. The colour glisten is a perfect pinky peach hue with light shimmer no highlighter is needed with this!

3. Kitchen Aid Glass Dish – You can read about how I acquired my KitchenAid here continuing with adding to my collection of accessories Luke purchased me the glass dish attachment. I think I have wanted this as soon as I got my Kitchen Aid, I thought it made the whole item look so beautiful. I made a Chocolate Fudge Cake this week and it was great to see all the mixture being incorporated.

4. New Make up Brushes – My sister had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I immediately suggested the Zoeva Classic Eye Set. They were everything I hoped they would be extremely soft and easy to work with. I actually prefer the Zoeva 227/Soft Definer over my Mac 217 which I find at times to be a bit scratchy. After I received the Classic Eye Set I made a cheeky purchase of the 103/Defined Buffer 104/Buffer and 102/Silk Finish.

5. Summer Weather in May – We had a week of glorious weather which happened to fall on my birthday this picture of Luke and Nate was taken while we were out enjoying a walk. It was the perfect birthday gift.

6. Hazelnut Syrup – I have used up all my Coffee Mate Hazelnut Creamer and it is so difficult to get hold of in the UK that I have resorted back to using syrup in my coffee, its not the best but a close second.

7. Scandal – After Agents of Shield had finished (btw so glad May got revenge on Ward … its a tv show Kiri lol) I have had to catch up with my favourite show Scandal. Now I don’t care for all the cheating that is involved and some of the violence I have to shut my eyes to but I love the cliff hangers, the intrigue and the double/triple bluffing that occurs on the show. My only problem now is I have finished Season 3 and I am on the edge as to what is going to happen come Season 4!

8. Nathanael and Eating – Nathanael has had his first month of eating. He has done so well and I must say I am extremely proud of him, it took a bit of getting use to at first but the baby led weaning method is so convenient. No holding spoons, no playing aeroplanes, we just pop the food on the tray and he helps himself. For us this has been the best option, however I completely appreciate why some hate the mess because it does get everywhere!

9. Dairy Milk Biscuits – Honestly if you haven’t tried these you are missing out! Go buy a packet now, pop the kettle on and dunk the biscuit!