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Day Three – Picnic in the Park, Beaumaris

Hey Lovelies,

Welcome to Part Two of Day Three, sometimes you just need extra chatter about amazing days!
Just after you have finished university and start living an extremely glamorous adult life, you become BORING, all of your opinions are pretty much formed, and all the fun things you got up to as kids have pretty much been eradicated in the pursuit of “I am just above all that” or is that just me? So here is me and my sister living a little. After picnicking we took to the swings and grasped our
childhood for just a second.


Who doesn’t love the swings?


And because we weren’t finished yet …


It took a while but … … … … the boys joined in


Nate had fun too with his Auntie Emma


It was a fantastic day! And here is one of my fave photos of the trip! Check back tomorrow for more of our Wales Adventure



Day Three – Beaumaris, Isle of Anglesey Part One

Hey Lovelies,

The Smith Family adventure continues and for the rest of the holiday we were joined by my sister and brother in law. It was great to have them on the trip with us as any extra pair of hands give mine a rest when carrying Nathanael.

On day three of our trip we decided to visit Beaumaris Castle on the Isle of Anglesey. We were blessed with another fantastic day of weather and I was thoroughly sunburnt at the end of the day. You see I had done the Motherly duties of making sure all had used sun cream apart from myself. The thing about large sunglasses is that your eye area is well protected but your nose looks like Rudolph when the sun hits it! Thank goodness it has toned down now!

Beaumaris Castle is another castle built by our friend Kind Edward I he was big into construction, and Beaumaris Castle is also ranked among the World Heritage sites as a fine example of 13th and 14th Century architecture.

I always think its really neat to see castles with an original working moat where our ancestors would bring in produce and supplies via boats right up to the castle gates.

It also happens to be completely free if you hold life membership with the English Heritage, Tickets for an Adult are £5.25, and £15.75 for a family.

At the castle, again not furnished you can stroll around the grounds, enter a few rooms with displays and climb the interior and exterior walls. I think to appreciate the castle you need to pick a fine, dry day.


This also helps when climbing the castle walls which are paved with small, smooth, round stones so make sure to have appropriate footwear to avoid any accidents!


I wasn’t quite sure what the sign on the right was referring to, but I am sure it was a premonition of what was to come Day 5!


I have to say that this was one of my favourite places we visited in Wales, the location is simply breathtaking and we spent a good time just sat on the benches overlooking the bay staring at the beauty of it all.


As there are so many pictures from our wonderful day in Beaumaris, I have split them into two! Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what we got up to in the afternoon.


Day Two – Caernarfon

Hey Lovelies,

Welcome to Day Two of the Smith Family Adventure in Wales! At this point in our trip we were feeling more rested from Nathanael’s welcome party of the first night. With the weather looking good for the day so we decided to visit Caernarfon Castle.

Can 1

Caernarfon reminds me a little of York with its winding streets, cobbled paths and bunting of all things! When we arrived we wandered through the town browsing at the local shops and looking at the amazing views of Anglesey from the bay.

Can 3

We got to capture our iconic feet picture and it is so cute that Nathanael’s feet are in on the act too!

Can 2

After our short tour, we took our picnic to a small park that is inside the town, it was perfect as after Nathanael’s lunch we bravely popped him on the swing and he had a grand old time.

Can 4

After our lunch we stowed away our pushchair, grabbed the baby carrier and took off to the Castle. Again I would recommend that if you want to get the best time out of your trip to the Castle to take a carrier with you. Some of the displays were in small, cramped rooms and I really wondered how you would fit a wheelchair around never mind a pushchair.

The only thing I knew about Caernarfon Castle was that Edward II was born there, this was from an entire year dissecting the play of Edward II by Christopher Marlowe. If you haven’t seen or read the play enjoy … I think.

I have to say despite the English trying to win over the Welsh by having our princes born there the castle was wonderful. There is bags of history to learn about and I think you could spend a merry hour or two trying to figure out whether the English or the Welsh owned it at different periods of history.

Can 9

Can 8

You can check out things from Prince Charles investiture, you can climb around parts of the castle and there is always a great vantage point for a photo or two.

Can 5
Can 6

After our trip around Caernarfon we decided to head to a beach that was close by our cottage and have a walk up and down the promenade. It was a really lovely day spent as a family.

Can 7


Day One – Conwy

Hey Lovelies,

Our first full day in Wales we decided to visit Conwy, it was about fifteen minutes from the cottage we had rented and considering we had the night from hell with Nathanael we didn’t want to venture too far.

I was looking forward to visiting Conwy as its a walled city you can climb up and take a glimpse at the amazing views the town has to offer. I just have to keep saying to myself that I am not too high up and that the walls have lasted hundreds of years – I hate heights but its worth braving it for the views I think.

Conwy Castle

Luke was amazing carrying Nathanael around in his Baby Bjorn Original Carrier. Nathanael may be short in stature but the child is packed full of muscle, it would not surprise me if the child took up rugby. I will allow him to play Fly Half but not a Tight- Head Prop I like his face a little too much for that!

Luke and Nate Conwy

We walked around Conwy Castle which we got in free thanks to our English Heritage Life Membership.(That golden card keeps saving us money!) The castle is classed as a World Heritage Site and was built by Edward I between 1283 and 1289, it is considered to be the finest example of 13th century medieval military architecture in Europe.

The castle was a great place to visit and I am sure we would have been able to spend a lot more time in the grounds if Nathanael was a bit more mobile. I would definitely recommend ditching the pram for the castle and using a carrier, there are quite a few ramps and steps to negotiate which aren’t the most baby or wheelchair friendly, fortunately we had envisaged this and had brought our carrier with us.

We then strolled into Conwy itself on the hunt for some ice-cream like any decent Brit when the weather gets above 16 degrees. We had the best luck and stumbled across Parisella’s of Conwy this is seriously some of the best ice-cream I have tasted in my life! I chose the Nutella option, oh my word I am salivating at the thought of it. If you are in the area you must check them out, on our final day I had to re-visit, it would have been rude not to and I can highly recommend the Pistachio flavour too!

Here are some snaps from the rest of the day.

Conwy Pic 1
Conwy Pic 2
Conwy Pic 3

Be sure to check back tomorrow, where we will be off to Caernarfon


Holiday …. Celebrate!

Hey Lovelies,
Are you like me? Do things spring to mind when you mention a specific word or saying that throws you into a whole other tangent so that you forget what you were originally wanting to talk about?

When I say the word Holiday I think of the classic scene in The Wedding Singer when Adam Sandler sings “Holiday” every time I watch this scene I can’t help but laugh and lets face it – its probably the best part of the film.

Anyway slight digression, Luke, Nathanael and I have been on Holiday to Wales. We wanted Nathanael’s first trip to be somewhere in the UK where if the worst happened we could get back home, believe you me this was nearly put to the test when our calm, happy baby turned into Godzilla the first evening. I think it was the new surroundings that had him slightly freaked, who could blame him we were in a cottage, next to a farm and where we knew we were away on holiday (stop music in my head) the poor boy had no idea.

So join me over the next few days in my blog series where I will chat about where we went, amusing stories about seagulls and lots of ice cream eating! If that doesn’t sound great then take a look at this photo.


We woke up to this every morning and had wall to wall sunshine! Oh yes we were extremely blessed!