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Kiddicare Haul

Hey Lovelies,

This past Friday, Luke took a day off from work so we could have a long weekend together. We had made no major plans for our weekend and were just looking forward to spending time together as a family. One evening I was reading the Birth Boards on Baby Centre – I love reading what is going off with other babies Nathanael’s age and have picked up some good tips from other Mums on the boards. Anyway one Mum had written that Kiddicare was closing its stores (you can read more here) and so I decided with our nearest store being Rotherham to go and have a look.

Having been through store closures myself when I worked at Faith, I hate administrators and store closures. As customers career around the store like ones possessed arguing and haggling with the staff, I would ask them to spare a second to the staff who are facing the inevitable of redundancy and all that it entails for their families as they scrimp 50p off an item.

I loved the Kiddicare stores, once we found out we were pregnant we went to the Kiddicare store around fifteen weeks and awkwardly looked around everything they had to offer, we quickly made our escape from the reality of it all. Once I felt “more pregnant” we soon returned and were helped by their amazing staff for Moses baskets, bedding, swaddle blankets, high chairs, nappies, walkers, bouncers, sun shades, carriers, you name it we have bought it from Kiddicare stores.
Here is my final Kiddicare haul, I am so pleased that they are keeping their online business however I will miss the stores and their wonderful staff.

Kiddicare Haul

Starting from the back we got 2 boxes of size 4 nappies which had 10% off and then I had a further 10% off coupon. We also picked up some samples they had which were free, we got 6 individual nappies in size 4 and then 2 size 4+

We started thinking ahead before we know it Nathanael will be 18 months which I think is a good time to start introducing potty training. We got him a step for him to climb up to the toilet, a potty, and a seat for the main toilet and we will see what works for him. I think these had 20% off and the three items came to £7.17

We bought 2 extra sheets for Nathanael’s cot bed again these had 20% off, and you can never have too much bedding for your baby.

Finally we bought some Buzzing Brains Wooden Puzzles. I think wooden puzzles are much better quality than some plastic alternatives, however they usually come with the price tag to match. With the sale on I wanted to capitalize on the discount. We got the Counting Box which retails at £11.99 for £8.99, Alphabet Blocks, Farm Puzzle for £5.99, My First Shape Puzzle for £5.24.

Not only were the deals so good but I also doubled up vouchers I had on toys for 20% off saving £5.75 but I also used a £10 off voucher I had also. In vouchers alone I saved over £15. Especially when it comes to baby items it pays to be savy and use any vouchers or coupons you have.


July Lovelies

Hey Lovelies,

Another month is over and you know that means my monthly favourites, so lets dive right in.

July 14

1.  Redeemed, Blessed Ceramic Coasters – I picked up these from Dayspring this month while they were on sale and just love the little reminders as I set my coffee and tea cup down throughout the day.

2. Freedom, The Living Room – This is a women’s bible study held at my church every month, I am really enjoying spending time with other women

3. Tarte’s Lights, Camera Lashes – This is not only my favourite mascara of the month, but it has to be my favourite mascara of the year so far. Its amazing!

4. NARS Kalahari Eyeshadow Duo – After catching quite a bit of sun this past month, these have been the perfect eyeshadows to compliment my tan.

5. Thom. S. Rainer I am a Church Member – I like buying books that challenge my opinion and this book definitely did. I think at times as a member of a church we don’t take that responsibility seriously enough and we don’t realise the pressures and constraints that our pastors have. This book has definitely challenged me to pray for my pastors daily.

6. The West Wing Season Six – So the TV Schedule has been a bit dry at the moment, so a great opportunity to watch some West Wing. Luke thinks a new series could be created Return to the West Wing with Rob Lowe as President.

7. Ashton & Parsons Infant Powder – For the past two weeks Nathanael has been teething again. It’s quite cute when he cries and points to the offending area. I don’t really like using Calpol all the time so these powders have really helped.

8. Harvester – This past month we took Luke’s parents out for lunch for their anniversary. Nathanael did so well eating his lunch for the first time out in public, he loves the salad bar as much as his mummy.

9. Nathanael Stacking Toy – This has been such a good buy, Nate isn’t quite good at stacking the items quite yet, but he will spend a merry time pulling everything off.