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September Lovelies

Yes its that time again  when I share with you my favourites from the past
month. In this case it is actually 2 months since I went on a blogging hiatus in
August oops! Lets jump right in.

1. Chasing Shadows –
Did you watch this show? It
follows a DS Sean Stone a detective moved from the Homicide Department to
Missing Persons. His aim is to protect those vulnerable people from serial
killers. I thought this was an enjoyable series, Sean’s relationships or lack
there of with his colleagues was amusing offset to tragic circumstances.
Although I think it would be better if it was a full 2 hour episode rather than
split over 2 weeks.

2. For King and Country New Album – Run Wild. Live Free. Love
Strong. –
I was so excited to download this album the day that it
came out my fave song has to be Run Wild. I also thing that the tracks Steady
and Matter are well worth a listen too!

3. Mince Pies –
As I mentioned earlier Organised by
Jen has got me all excited for Christmas and having seen some mince pies in
Sainsburys last week, you know I had to have a few!

Let me know your favourites from this past month in the comments below

4. Tanya Burr Nail Polish in Penguin Chic –
Lets be
honest. I didn’t hold much hope for this polish when I bought it, a YouTuber is
grasping her moment and brings out a range of nail varnish and lip products but
let me tell you that this product lasts and lasts. After a million Nate nappy
changes, after copious amounts of cleaning this polish didn’t budge and I could
wear it for 7 days straight without feeling the need to take it off. You know
what I have asked on my Christmas Gift List!

5. Good Morning Girls – If you have been following
my blog you know I have been blogging through the bible I have really enjoyed
this method of reading and studying and it has kept me accountable to daily

6. Yankee
Candle in Orange Splash
– I love a Yankee Candle and this was
one of their new fragrances this Summer their description of the fragrance is
“Like a burst of golden sunshine the bright, sparkling aroma of juicy, just
picked oranges.” Sounds good to me, I think this is perfect smell for the
kitchen especially having made a batch or two of pasta sauce or after a helping
of burritos it really cleans the smell of the kitchen.

7. Organized Like Jen
During August I got into a mad organising phase. We ha a major
clear out of our garage, I cleared and organized my make up drawers, the
kitchen, the utility, Nate’s bedroom, you name I organised it. Anyway Jen’s
YouTube channel popped up in my subscription feed and I just love her practical
advice and help on a number of projects. You must take a look at her my housewife life
channel as well, I had to watch her 2 Christmas Vlogs and it has got me so
excited for Christmas.

8. Rosh Hashanah Challah –
Luke and I baked our
customary Challah bread for Rosh Hashanah, you can read more about the Jewish
Feast and why as Christians it is important to remember the Jewish New Year here

9. Carmex Lip Treatment in Peach –
Such a natural
lip colour and perfect for the Autumnal weather approaching.

So What Is My Ministry?

Hey Lovelies,

So I maybe missing my GMG post this week, I don’t want to just throw a post up for the sake of posting, but on a simliar line here is something I have been thinking over the past few weeks. Hope you enjoy this post!

I was sat recently having coffee with a friend, Nathanael bless his heart had behaved while I had looked around some stores prior to our coffee break and so decided to reward himself with some of my fruit toast. Epic Mummy Fail, in an attempt to alleviate the sugar coursing through his 10 month veins I broke a piece off for him, my little warrior had other ideas and thought that was an adequate piece for me and took the whole slice of bread for himself! Gotta love him.

Anyway that day while Nathanael was having a nap (quite unusual) I got the chance to watch the Women Living Well Conference and the section was on Balancing Your Family and Your Ministry. Of all the sections which included topics like parenting, marriage, health, I thought this section would be the least applicable to me. I don’t have a ministry, I am not the leader of a bible study or a life group, I am not a conference speaker or a pastor, this topic was simply the last section of the conference that I needed to watch for closure.

Well, how wrong was I? Karen Ehman who is just the most engaging keynote speaker explained how we all have a ministry, some choose to say that their families are their ministry, while this is correct it’s not our only ministry. If your family was killed tomorrow Karen relay’s as tragic as that would be you wouldn’t be saying God has got that wrong, my only mission was my family take me too. On the other extreme there are those whose whole lives are their ministry at great detriment to their husband and children. Let’s be honest how many pastors children have we seen turn away from God because their parents were so consumed on ministry that they have become resentful and hardened towards God.

The most important ministry I have is to my family but it’s not my only ministry and thanks to this conference I realised that. If I was to have a mission statement on my ministry number one I would want it to glorify God and number two I would seek to encourage others in their walk with Jesus as he has transformed my life, without him my life would be so drastically different and hopeless from where I am now.

You see the thing about my ministry mission statement is that I don’t need to be on a platform to do any of those things. I don’t need to be noticed by a congregation to do any of those things. I can do my ministry over coffee with girlfriends, I can do my ministry by cooking dinner for new parents or the sick, by blogging on things that have encouraged my walk with Jesus.

In all this we need to seek that gentle balance in life, between ministry and family life. I loved what Karen had to say on this and I will be continually returning to it again and again. We might be capable, but we might not be called. Say it again We might be capable, but we might not be called.

I might be quite capable to cook dinners for every family that has a new born, I might be capable to greet and welcome every member of the congregation on a Sunday via a Welcome Team, I might even be capable to run a team, but am I called?

So if your similar to me wondering about a ministry, assume that you don’t have one, ask whether you are called not just capable and then ask when prioritising your time – Is it something only I can do? Many people can serve tea and coffee, many people can connect with others, many people can run teams, many people can serve dinners. Only I can comfort my son as a Mother, only I can cheer him on when he takes his first steps, only I can (when he is older) cheer him on at sports day.

Nathanael only has me as his Mummy, Luke only has me as his wife. There are certain things in life that only I have been called to do and it is so important that we use this time on earth wisely. When we get to heaven God is going to take an account of our lives, like the parable of the talents we don’t want to waste the chance we have been given to glorify God.

Day in the Life

Hey Lovelies,

This past week I had a somewhat interesting day with Nathanael and I thought it would be hilarious for all if I shared it!

6.30am – The morning alarm sounds, hear Luke in the shower and decide I would rather have an extra half an    hour in bed than exercise with Gillian (I am phoning it in!)

7.30am – The extra half an hour has turned into an hour. Lament my love of sleep, get up and dressed, add concealer and some eyeshadow.

7.45am – Pop downstairs, Luke has my coffee going already (he knows the way to my heart) and we chat about our plans for the day.

8.00 am  – We go and wake Nathanael up, he is in the most awkward position possible and it makes us giggle. We start his usually routine of cuddles, nappy change and a feed.

8.15am – We have breakfast, Nathanael loves breakfast he is having 2 Weetabix and half a plum. I on the other hand hate breakfast, I encourage myself half a bowl with my coffee.

8.30am – Post my SOAP in my International Good Morning Group on Facebook, today we were on 2 Peter 1

8.45am – Begin to clear up the wreckage of breakfast.

9.00am Wipe down Nate, begin to clear counter tops, and bring out the vacuum, pray that Nate wont scream too loud while I hoover.

9.25am – Nathanael has reached his limit with self entertaining of course this is at the most awkward time of me filling up the Karcher cleaning system. I can hardly hold him while steam cleaning can I? Quickly clean the kitchen, hall and downstairs toilet floor to a chorus of Nathanael’s Opera of Whinge and Moan.

9.35am – Leave a job half done, picture a hoover, the cleaning system and all kitchen regalia in the wrong room. Nathanael needs a Mummy cuddle and a nappy change!

9.40am – Hope that Nathanael will play while I polish downstairs, had read an article that says most bacteria is on your door handles and have it high on my list of cleaning jobs.

10.00am – Set aside all cleaning tools and play with Nathanael he has amused himself long enough. Forcing myself through his pop up tunnel I convince myself I could join the Marines, I have after all spent an hour cleaning while under Nate attack! Nathanael thinks I am far too slow and bites my toe a mothers love knows no bounds as I stop myself from squealing.

10.10am – The boy has pooped again, no Luke when you need him, so I change him while singing the Grand Old Duke of York. There really was no need for that Honours Degree!

10.15am – As Nate has tried to demolish my toe, I set up a morning snack for him.

10.30am – Decide that Nathanael’s continuing operetta is because he hasn’t had a enough sleep. Pop him down for a nap. Come downstairs and set the hoover up for the lounge ready when he wakes up.

10.45am – Sit down with a cup of tea and catch up on some blog reading. I am sucked into watching someone organize their kitchen, I am in a phase of organization and lament that we don’t have a Container Store.

11.30am – Nathanael is stirring so I blitz the living and dining room area and reassemble Nathanael’s assault course of toys.

11.40am – I walk into Nathanael’s room to find him stood up in his cot bed I rejoice Luke and I lowered the bed the week before and set about changing him for the 4th time already.

12pm – I begin to get lunch ready while Nathanael “helps” in his car walker.

12.30pm– Lunch is over with and I decide to pop a load of laundry in, open the detergent drawer and out spills what seems a gallon of water – of course this would happen on my nice clean floors. Clean the drawer and go to grab the load with Nate in tow. Pop the boy down while filling the washer and he decides to lean against the bin. Remember I need to take the trash out, Luke’s pet peeve is that I never do it and I am determined to get wifey top marks today! Consider whether I should leave Nate in the kitchen – opt against this and decide he needs to come with me to the bin outside prevent him screaming/falling over etc

12.45pm – Decide that it would be good to go to the shops now, of course it decides to rain. I continue to get everything ready – pushchair, waterproof cover, and get my bag.

1pm – Rejoice that the rain has stopped, pop Nate’s jacket on, go change out of comfy trousers to jeans. Pray that no one is outside as looking like the Bride of Frankenstein. Of course the guy with the annoying van is across the road emptying his shopping out. JOY! Realise that I don’t have my phone, its in the kitchen. Contemplate on my quiet street if someone would grab Nathanael, realise this is highly improbable but run at break neck speed from my door to the kitchen and back again. Now Bride of Frankenstein with a flush.

1.05pm – Pleased I grab my phone as I check my messages and women from my Bible group are praying for me, I begin praying for them while other pedestrians look concerned for me – Perhaps I am doing that Constipated Christian look so often seen on Worship Leaders. I try to look more natural while I continue on.

1.15pm – Realise at the cash machine that I am wearing my nursing bra, with no breast pads and its cold! The horror ensues and I thank Jesus that I have brought my coat. I quickly pop this on and begin to sweat from the mugginess outside.

1.16pm – Wondering whether to write the aforementioned in my blog post, decide that this conveys my scatterbrain amusing day and pop in anyway. We can all laugh at me together

1.30pm – Nearly hit by a mobility scooter – of course I at walking speed should have gotten out the way. Wonder whether to start a petition for a driving licence for all mobility scooter owners on the government  website.

2.00pm – get home, pop Nate with his toys and put the washing on the airer. Decide to hoover upstairs while hoping that Nate isn’t destroying the Living Room – he is far too quite. Take a glance in the mirror and by the look of my red face i could double for Elmo.

2.15pm – Find Nathanael trying to climb into his walker, he is stuck and I laugh – poor Nathanael, naughty Mummy. We play with his blocks and wooden puzzles however Nate would rather have his maracas. Thank my sister eternally for the annoying tune and decide that the blue musical one may go “missing”

3pm – Nate has hit that wall again and low and behold he takes a second nap – this never happens and I decide to begin writing my blog post.

4pm – Had forgotten to hoover Luke’s office, drag the vacuum downstairs and hoover then go and wake Nathanael up.

4.10pm – Nathanael is energised and I drag out every toy possible in an effort to wear him out

5.00pm – Luke returns home from work and finds me sprawled on the floor while our son clambers over my legs, it seems the toys are not enough and I am now an adventure playground.

I will let you imagine the rest, we had dinner and bath time before it turns 7.30 and Luke and I have a conversation! I wouldn’t have it any other way, Nathanael is such a blessing.

Blogging Through the Bible – 2 Peter

Hey Lovelies

I hope your having an amazing week so far. If you have been following me for a few weeks now you will know that I am Blogging through the Bible facilitated by Courtney from Women Living Well and Good Morning Girls. You can read more about the group on her blog, I just want to throw it out there that as a Mum of a 10 month old it has definitely helped me stay accountable to reading my bible daily and not only reading actually engaging with what the Word says. So on with this week’s post.

GMG bible

Peter 2 really speaks to me about a season that I have journeyed through especially in the early days of my Christian walk. There are a host of bible teachers, scholars, resources, websites, blogs, pamphlets you name it. We as Christians are so fortunate to be flooded with all this resource to help us in our Christian walk.

However, the problem with all this information is to choose wisely those who we let into our heart especially if it may influence our Walk with Christ. A commentary I have states that Second Peter “paints a landscape replete with false teachers, fallen angels, flagrant immorality and flaccid scoffers.”
Doesn’t sound that positive does it? However it sounds accurate. We can all recall I am sure, pastors who have appeared so holy, successful ministries, picture perfect home life and then when least expected a scandal or a teaching that doesn’t quite measure up. We can I am sure recall times where we have spoken of our faith with passion, given examples of how God has radically changed our lives only for scoffers to laugh and demean us, not content to do it in private they are likely to criticise us in a group setting.

We can take encouragement that 2000 years ago our fellow brothers and sisters were struggling with the same issues we face today and we have the same counsel they received then by Peter.

For this reason, I will always remind you about these things, even though you know them and are firmly established in the truth you already have. And I consider it right to keep stirring you up with reminders, as long as I am in the tent of this body. I know that I will soon lay aside this tent of mine, as our Lord Jesus the Messiah has made clear to me. And I will do my best to see that after my exodus, you will be able to remember these things at all times. 2 Peter 1:12-15
Ok I know its a bit of a random passage, but go with me on this one. Peter has just discussed our calling and election, he has talked on faith, goodness, knowledge, self control, godliness, brotherly affection and love. All these qualities seem overwhelming when written down, perhaps our personality is more naturally suited to some more than others.

Peter is telling us in verse 12 we already have these God given abilities for kindness, self control, knowledge, faith and love. We just need to remember them and we do that by being in the Word. We need to constantly remind ourselves, of the greatness of God, of a Saviour who took the beating so I didn’t have to. Sometimes we need strength to continue on, the Bible gives us that, sometimes we need hope or peace, sometimes courage, perhaps wisdom or patience.

From this living word it makes me a better Wife, a better Mum, a better Friend, a better Sister. It makes me a better Me.

By being firmly rooted and established in the Word we are less open to false teachers and doctrine, we become more discerning. I have always loved my Pastor statement on this “Don’t take my word for it, go look for yourself” This is a wise teaching to follow because if we are living our lives by the Sunday Morning Soundbite we are open to false teaching, we are open to an acquaintance persuading us to see it their way, not the way of God. More likely, we are open to living life our way.

I have had days in my household, too many than I would like where life is done My Way, it’s not pretty. I won’t list my flaws but Proverbs 14:1 tells us Every wise woman builds up her home, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands
If I begin my day with Jesus, it is a whole different type of day, the same mishaps may happen, the same stress may occur but through that I have more patience with my son, and more love for my husband.

How interesting that this is similar to the parable Jesus tell us of the wise and foolish builder (Matthew 7:24-27) I want to be the wise woman who builds her house and home on the Rock.

I would encourage for you to get into the Word today, whether that’s for the first time this month or this year, get alone with God and start building.


Top 25

Hey Lovelies,

I love Autumn probably just as much as I love Spring, my sister’s birthday is in September, its the start of an academic year = new stationary, the weather turns cooler = autumnal clothing my fave fashion choice and above all this all the best Christian Music releases come out during late September and October. I am eagerly anticipating Jonathan Thulin new album, eeek I can’t wait!
So if you love Christian music here are my top 25 most played tracks on ITunes.

itunes top 25
I wont go through all of them but I will pull out some of my fave lyrics from the song.

1. Let Me Feel You Shine – Anyone who can get the word perpetual into a song is a friend of mine!

4. Into the Glorious – “I was made for more, than this world could offer me. My heart to hold true mystery, My voice was made to fall on holy ears. My life to collide with majesty. Out from the ordinary, Into extraordinary” This really sums up what it means to walk with God, our eyes off our noses and onto the bigger picture.

8. Our God’s Alive– My husband is an amazing acoustic guitarist and the sound of an acoustic throughout this track I just love! The lyrics are great too “He has lifted us, He has overcome, The power of the grave, And the sin that once enslaved, Couldn’t hold him in the ground, Couldn’t keep him down”

12. The Answer – Such an amazing song to reflect on “When the seas roar, your an anchor. When the storms come, your a shelter. When the tides rise, your a tower. Your the answer. When the earth shakes, you are stable. When are hearts break, you are able. When we can’t see, you are faithful. Come Lord Jesus come, like the rising sun, come let every heart sing of your great love. Your the only hope, your the only rock we know. Your the answer.

17. Give My Life To You – This is a great worship song “I can hear you, You’re calling my name, The Ocean between us erased. And salvation, it pours down like rain. Flooding my walls till I break. I give my life to you, My heart to you. You’re all I need. Come and make me new.

23. Spirit Speaks – what an amazing one of a kind album and this song is perfect “ You cover me with arms that reach. And I’m amazed by Your sweet grace. You set me free, You washed me clean. And I’m forgiven by Your grace … With every breath I breathe, with every song I sing. I want to shout it our, Lord, I am listening. To every word You speak, I’ll go where Your will lead. To love the least of these, my greatest offering.

25. Eden – Of course I have to have my fave artist of all time Phil Wickham on here “Where my eyes can see the colours of glory. My hands can reach the heaven before me,Oh my God I want to be there with You.Where our hearts will beat with joy together. And love will reign forever and ever,Oh my God I want to be there with You”

Hopefully these songs have inspired you to seek out some new Christian worship or may have  reminded you of some favourites. Let me know what your faves are at the minute.