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October Lovelies

So another month in 2014 is complete, October has been a good one and I
am looking forward to the wonderful month which is November and
Nathanael’s First Birthday whoop whoop. Here are my favourites from this
past month!

1. Hot Chocolate
– There is nothing like a hot chocolate on colder evenings, it serves as a small desert too I think which is always a bonus!

2. The Cuckoos Calling
– I have been wanting to read this book for a while and I am so glad I
got around to it this month. Now I only have a chance to read in the
evenings it did take me 4 nights to complete, in times of old I would
have read this in one or two sittings. I absolutely loved it, well worth
a read and I am looking forward to the next in the series.

3. New Bed
– Whatever way I phrase this it will come off wrong but our old bed was
creaking, every time we rolled over then it would make some awful
noise. I literally believed we would fall through the bed at one point so I
am glad the purchase of a new bed was made!

4. Mahogany Teakwood Candle – I am so excited
to have gotten my hands on this candle, it smells how a sexy man should smell and
is the exact same fragrance as an Abercrombie Store. Love it and was
well worth the wait.

5. Blogging Head Quarters
– I was so pleased that this month that I have eventually located a
home for my blogging head quarters. More often than not I have sat on
the sofa with sprawls of paper and camera equipment around me, or
dumping said items on the dining room table. This was great when Nate
was a baby but now we are in official toddlerhood its best I have a
designated space. As the current room is a vibrant orange colour from
the pervious householders I will save pictures till a later date!

6. Elemis Pro Illuminating Flash Balm
– I can’t have a favourites without a beauty item thrown in. Now the
weather has turned colder and everything is becoming dry and flaky I
need a little something to perk up my skin. Its perfect for lazy days
with no make up by brightening overall skin tone but also works wonders
foundation keeping everything even and making my make up last all day.

7. Key Ring
– This month saw me pass my driving test whoop whoop. I also managed to
keep the fact that I was taking lessons from most people so no
pressure! I was so happy that I passed first time and that now organise
more trips out for Nathanael and I. I also love this key ring for my car
keys that I picked up with my sister.

8.Black Ruched Ankle Boots
– I bought this pair of boots when I was out shopping with my sister in
Leeds. I usually get something similar each year, they are extremely
comfortable and go with most outfits. I was so pleased to get these when
the store was on a discount, so keep you eyes peeled if you like them.

Swap – I am so grateful to Rachel from Mum on A Mission who suggested
we have a blog swap she is so talented, if you haven’t checked out her
blog yet here is the link.


Blogging Through The Bible– Genesis Chapters 29-30

As we continue to work our way through Genesis in these two chapters we see the formation of the tribes of Israel. Originally when I read this story I use to feel so sorry for Jacob, bless his heart there he had been working for his Uncle all those years so he could marry Rachel and what do you know? he switches the brides on him!

GMG bible

Well its been a long time since I felt that way about these chapters and Jacobs actions, I don’t disagree with him being mightily upset he got the wrong bride but you would think he would have noticed before the wedding night perhaps?

So we see Jacob cajoled into honeymooning with his wife Leah under the guise that “its just not the done thing for the younger to marry before the older one” (what a romantic time that must have been for her) and then she is quickly replaced with her younger more attractive sister Rachel.

Everyday, square in her face she sits across from her husband openly loving and affectionate to her sister while she receives scraps at best. That is what is worse for me as I read and form these words into actually living people, Jacob was so open that he loved Rachel the best.

”So not only did Jacob go in and sleep with Rachel, but he also loved Rachel more than Leah. Then he served Laban another seven years” Genesis 29:30

Lets think on that for a while, when you love someone that means you give them the best right? So Rachel had the best clothes, Rachel had the best food, Rachel would have been sat next to him organising family events, Rachel would be the one to share in decisions, Rachel would have the best tent, the best servants, the best donkey, you name it, it fell into her lap because Jacob loved her the best.

Leah would be last, she would have no choice on matters of the family, she would have the worst clothes, the worst food, the worst servants, the worst house, the worst donkey, it would all be worse and she would be last.

You know what I love that the God I serve does not see things the way man sees them, he is a God of justice. Leah listened and honoured her Father, Laban when he concocted the worst plan known to man, what could she have done? God saw and heard the way Jacob treated her poorly so he blessed her with children.

”Adonai saw that Leah was unloved, so he made her fertile, while Rachel remained childless” Genesis 29:30

Its likely that Rachel over this time period of having everything that she could want, became proud, the younger sister likely lauded the fact she was so highly favoured and loved by her husband. Its interesting to note in my NIV verse 31 states but, whereas the CJB says while. Who knows the plan of God but we can see God using these women’s aspirations of motherhood and children to grow them in their faith.

You see the first baby Leah has she names him Reuben, particularly in Jewish culture all names have meanings, and there is a firm belief that the name will determine characteristics of the child. Leah announces on birth of Jacobs first born See a Son! she is overjoyed perhaps this will make him love her – an heir, this must equal the playing field.
Yet even a son doesn’t seem to have altered Jacobs feelings towards Leah, she is still second class, second rate and he will do his duty towards her but that is as good as its going to get.

Leah has two more sons Simeon (hearing) and Levi (joining) its so desperately sad that Leah longs for her husband to hear her, see her as equal she wants to be joined to him like a true wife should be.
I long to add a few choice words I feel about Jacob but I will refrain!
We see a change in son number four, she names him Judah. Its likely Leah awoke to reality, there was no way she could change her circumstance but God could! There is no one on this earth who can love you, wholly and completely no one – apart from God.

If you put your self worth on the opinions of men, friends, family, boyfriend, whoever, it will leave you feeling incomplete. Leah realised this and named her fourth son Judah which means Praise. In dejection from her husband but sealed with hope she declares “This time I will Praise Adonai”Her sister takes a while to learn the lesson that there nothing we can do alone that can match the heights, depth and breadth of God’s love and compassion for us. Anything good in this world comes from God alone. So we witness Rachel using her maid servant, then using mandrakes, to beget her children.

Finally we see with Leah’s final son the journey she has gone through to true faith and dependence on God she names him Zebulun. God has presented me with a precious gift she says, my husband will treat me with honour.
Honour, not for anything that she has done but for what God has done through her. It is Leah’s son Judah who is an ancestor of David and Christ.

Take heart you might be in a season right now where you are last, the last to be picked for a team, you might not have a centre role that is praised – this can even happen a church. God doesn’t see things the way men see things. You are highly favoured, loved and chosen, bought by the blood of his only son!


I Love Autumn Tag

Ok, the original tag was I Love Fall but I just can’t bear to write it. Fall is to move from a higher to a lower level, typically rapidly without control or a person loses ones balance and collapse. Autumn is the season after Summer and before Winter in the northern hemisphere from September to November. There are words I like to use from our American friends such as trash rather than rubbish, however Fall is not one of them!
After that lengthy introduction welcome to the I Love Autumn Tag, on with the questions;

1. Favourite Autumn lip product?Now I was going to do the obvious bold lip choice, however I really have to say that the minute the weather turns my lips turn into the flakiest, driest mess you have ever seen so I cannot be without my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.

2. Favourite Autumn Nail Polish?I have been loving Tanya Burr’s Nail Polish in Penguin Chic, but I also love Essie Bahama Mama

3. Favourite Starbucks Autumn Drink?I am not a fan of Pumpkin so I would have to say my usual order is a Soy Hazelnut Latte.

4. Favourite Autumn Candle?
Has to be Yankee Candle Mandarin Cranberry. I stock up on these whenever I see a good deal. I also love the Bath and Body Works Candle in Mahogany Teakwood, it smells just like an Abercrombie Store.

5. Favourite Autumn Scarf or accessoryI bought this grey infinity scarf from Accessorize two year ago and just love it, the perfect neutral colours to go with any outfit and with changeable weather its not too overbearing if its a bit warmer either.

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
We don’t really have any of these things in England or you would have to be determined to find them, if I had to choose probably the corn maze. On a side note next year I want to take Nathanael Apple Picking which is quite Autumnal I think.

7. Favourite Halloween movie?Has to be Hocus Pocus

8. Favourite candy to eat on Halloween?In England we don’t have specific sweets for Halloween with Bonfire Night being so close together, and being the awkward person I am I don’t like traditional bonfire treats either like toffee apples or cinder toffee. Just pass me the usual chocolate and I am happy girl!

9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?!
I wont’ be dressing up for Halloween although I did contemplate dressing Nate up as a Pumpkin.

10. What is your Favourite thing about Autumn?My favourite thing about Autumn has to be the weather becoming cooler, being able to pull out all my comfy boots, fluffy socks, Strictly Come Dancing being back on TV and crisp Autumnal Walks with the family. Autumn and Spring have to be my favourite seasons.

Wish List–Bath and Body Works Candles

If you have been around these parts for a while you will know I am making a great attempt to curb my spending habits. I have triumphs and failures, one such triumph occurred recently. I had purchased a Bath and Body Works Candle via the good people on eBay. Why Bath and Body Works doesn’t open a store here I will never know. Anyway I was watching a haul via YouTube on all the Autumnal and Winter Fragrances and before you could say “exorbitant cost” my shopping basket had exceeded £70 in candles! Fortunately good sense appeared and I crossed off that basket weeping that I wouldn’t smell those gorgeous fragrances. Anyway to curb my longing here is my Wish List so to speak that if I lived back in the good old US of A where candles cost £10 rather £20+ these are my picks.



Blogging Through the Bible–Parental Favouritism

I think even most non Christians could tell you the story of Esau and Jacob which appears in Genesis 27. Two brothers who on paper appear complete opposites, Esau, a red man, a man of the earth who was a Hunter. Jacob a man of the tents, a deceiver, who was promised that his older brother would serve him. (Genesis 25:23)

It all sounds so simple doesn’t it? We are naturally inclined to favour the poor gullible Esau who was tricked out of his birth right. You feel sympathy for Isaac, practically blind wanting to bless his son and you merrily tie the whole thing in a bow and frown on Rebekah, his wife no less, conniving with her younger son.

If only it were only that simple, but families never are and these four are a stark representation of a dysfunctional family to say the least. If you think your family has problems look at what Isaac and Rebekah created and you will count yourself lucky!
Where my family wasn’t warring over birth rights or fighting over stew I have witnessed the destruction parental favouritism can have on a family.

My Dad was the youngest in his family and had an older sister and the manipulation of these two individuals by their parents was shocking to say the least. I didn’t really know what was going over as a young girl visiting her grandparents, I only knew we were always to be on our best behaviour. Then time passed, I grew up and I saw clearly the family dynamics. My Dad was craving full acceptance from his parents, he would list his achievements for instance at work, or something he had taught my sister and I, he would be available to help his parents – take them on a shopping trip, change their light bulbs, remember their favourite foods. Yet it was never good enough for them because they had their eldest daughter- she rarely visited and she didn’t do the things that my Dad did for his parents, but it didn’t matter, she was their favourite and that was that. I heard stories from my Dad’s youth, his birthday was the 21st December he got birthday presents or Christmas presents that was his choice to make, his sister however got both of course.

So resentment grew between the two, they grew up disposed to compete with one another – who got the best grades? who had children? who had the best achievements in the work place?
I wish this story had a happy ending and perhaps my sister and I are that, for my Dad I hope he had some peace in the knowledge he was loved by his two daughters.
You see the story doesn’t end all that well, having never known true love and acceptance from his parents my father sought comfort from other things and had an unhealthy relationship with food. Food doesn’t reject you, Food doesn’t say “Your Sister is better than you” it passes no comment and has no jibes.

My Father passed away 6 years ago, from a blood clot linked to him being extremely overweight.
I watched as my Aunt visited the days after he passed away, she didn’t know what to say and what could she say? I would not have wanted to be in her position in the aftermath of a death from a brother I didn’t know.
I watched my grandparents wracked with guilt, whether they chose to admit it or not, they knew their failings in that moment of being told that news.

These lives we are entrusted by God with as parents are so precious, how you treat your children now will affect them in the future, how they feel about themselves, how they value themselves, what their impression is of the world and those around them.

One of my friends is a Children’s Ministry leader, she often tells parents on our Baby Dedication Days that by age 7 your children’s values, idea, thought patterns have been set. Age 7. Children learn from watching and feeling way more than you lecturing and telling so it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that at age 7 how your child feels about themselves and others is well on the way to be established.

Its a joyous blessing being a parent but it is a narrow road to walk when you have two or more equally precious children. I pray should I be blessed with another child that I would celebrate them together, have them share in one another’s achievements and console one another in their disappointments.

I know that is what my sister has always like been with me.