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Nathanael – A Year In Pictures

I am so excited to share Nathanael’s year in pictures with you! It is remarkable to see how much he has changed in just a year from that tiny baby, then to infant and now onto toddler!
I am so pleased we took a picture every month in the same spot so we can look back this together.
I am extremly biased but he is beyond cute and brings us such joy every day!

“Children too are a gift from Adonai, the fruit of the womb a reward”
Psalm 127:3



Nathanael Twelve Month/One Year Update

We made it people! A whole year with our precious son has been documented and a picture has been taken every month! This is where I am calling time on the updates with everything Nathanael, not only have I done a post every month since his birth, but I also documented my pregnancy from 16 weeks. Everything has a natural closure and I think for his privacy one year old is a good time to end the monthly updates.

I have enjoyed sharing with you all the developments our gorgeous son has gone through, from developing fingers and toes in the womb to  now crawling and learning to stand.
Enjoy his final update! I still can’t believe he is one!

Nate 12 months

Weight: 19lbs 1oz

Length:  77 cm, 2 feet 6 inches can you believe that Nathanael is on the 75th centile for height!

Eating: 3 meals, two snacks and will happily smile in the presence of anyone consuming food in the hope they will share!

Sleeping:  Nathanael is still sleeping through the night from 7pm till 7am.

Nappies: Still in size 4 nappies.

Clothes: Nathanael is in that awkward stage with some 9-12 month clothes being too small and most 12-18 month clothes too large. I am sure sooner rather than later he will have a growth spurt.

Things Nate likes to do:

This month for Nathanael hasn’t been as busy as his previous monthly update, however he still has learnt quite a few things. Nathanael has previously given “kisses” spontaneously usually for some random reason on my legs, however this month if I blow kisses in the air at him he has discovered that means I want a kiss and he will give me one soooo cute.

His favourite toys have included anything that he can sort, so stacking cups, bricks that can be stacked, shape sorters, you name it Nathanael organizes it! Its so lovely to watch the determination on his face as he places one thing on top of the other as well as the look of pride when he succeeds in his task!

We have seen glimpses of Nathanael attempting to stand independently he will usually let go of the sofa or table and quickly grab it back again so who knows perhaps next month we will see him walking on his own, he is still loving his push along walker so I know he will be thrilled when he can do it himself.

Nathanael when we think back on a year ago, waiting for your arrival and wondering what you would be like, nothing can match the incredible feeling it is to be your parents.

You have taught us so much, not only how fast we can run to escape from pee or how many hours you can last without sleep but about patience,joy,the happiness when you discover something new and the courage it takes to try it.

You are such a contented little man with an open smile to everyone and a relaxed attitude to life, you have such determination and courage when you step out to try something and a stubbornness to help you succeed.

We can honestly say that this year has been one of the best of our lives, we have loved watching you from newborn to infant and we are so excited as you enter this next stage of toddlerhood.
You are such a gift to us Nathanael James, Mummy and Daddy love you very much x x

The Handbag Edit

I saw this idea for a Handbag Edit (all the make up in your handbag at a given time) on Miss Budget Beauty’s blog a few weeks back. I think this is a great idea, as I am swapping betwen changing bags and my own handbag it gives you a realistic snap of everything I am reaching for at the moment. So lets dive in.

handbag edit

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer in Fresh Picked Tangerines
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in And On Bronze
Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot
Chanel Rouge Allure Shine in Boy
Chanel Rouge Allure Shine in Bonheur
Mac Lipstick in Syrup
Elis Saab Eau de Toilette sample
Compact Mirror
Ribbon Hair Tie


Pinterest in Progress

Catchy title right? I love Pinterest for so many things, to start with they tend to show large American Homes and when Americans say large they mean large. With utility rooms the size of a football field and Master Suites that look something out of the Ritz, Pinterest is a good place for a bit of escapism.

It is also great for pinning projects that you know your never going to attempt, like crocheting, or decoupage boxes when I write that it makes me think of that scene in The Proposal where Margret tells how Andrew proposes “Oh that decoupage box that he made where he had taken the time to cut out tiny little pictures of himself, so beautiful. I opened that little decoupage box and out flew these tiny hand cut confetti and once they cleared I looked down and I saw, the most beautiful, big … “Fat Nothing” Andrew says, hilarious!

I digress! In spite of some projects that seem either a)unpractical or b)unattainable. Let me welcome you into our home where I show a few items where the ideas from Pinterest actually work!

My first project was clearing away the clutter that collects around the kitchen sink – washing up liquid, gloves, cloths, before you know it you can’t see the taps for the things that hang off or around it. To combat this I have used Command Hooks and a wire basket that was intended for the shower.

Pinterest 1

I attached the command hooks to the inside of kitchen cupboard under the sink, (utilising wasted space) and hooked the basket on. They hooks will hold a surprising amount of weight, and it has made the chore of washing up so much better as everything is organised and in its place.

Pinterest 2

I also used this same principal for tidying away oven gloves on the cupboard next to the oven rather than draped over the oven doors.

As we are approaching Christmas I have started to anticipate what wrapping supplies we will need. Our wrapping papers, gift bags, bows and other assortments have lived in a plastic box up in the attic. There are 2 issues with this system. 1. Every time a present needs to be wrapped I have to (read Luke has to) go up in the attic and locate what we need. 2. When you eventually get into the box you have to empty most of the contents because as law would have it the paper you want is right at the bottom. With this system you are unable to see what items need to be repurchased.

To combat all these problems I purchased extra large clear dress bags and popped the wrapping paper in one and all our gift bags in another. I then hung these in our spare wardrobe which is easily accessible should I need to wrap anything but also doesn’t take up too much room.

Pinterest 3

This system is perfect for my needs, I can see all the items in the bag, it keeps the paper in good condition, neat, tidy and also it allows me to see quite quickly what items I need to repurchase.

pinterest 4

Let me know in the comments below some of your successes with Pinterest or any useful tips for organising your home.


Blogging Through The Bible–Joseph

In this weeks chapters for the Good Morning Girls reading plan we are introduced to the story of Joseph and his brothers. GMG bible

A story popular with Sunday School and comes complete with its own musical no less! Lets have a chorus of “It was red and yellow and green and brown, And scarlet and black and ochre and peach, And ruby and olive and violet and fawn. And lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve, And cream and crimson and silver and rose
And azure and lemon and russet and grey,And purple and white and pink and orange”

What is missed in the musical and has become far too familiar in Sunday School is the faith that Joseph has in God.
Ok in chapter 37 Joseph can be either misconstrued as dumb or arrogant by telling his brothers his dream

“We were tying up bundles of wheat in the field when suddenly my bundle got up by itself and stood upright; then your bundles came, gathered around mine and prostrated themselves before it.

Whatever your persuasion on Joseph’s character was it enough to want him killed? Who hasn’t been a teenager with more arrogance then sense? Who hasn’t been a youth slightly foolish and gullible to those around them?

We see his journey from cistern, to slave, manager of a household  to prisoner and finally  then second only to the King of Egypt.

Throughout this journey which spanned twenty years Joseph remained righteous and clung to his faith in God. Joseph had many opportunities to turn his back on God, he could have had an affair with Potiphar’s wife and he could have embezzled his master none would have been the wiser.
We know the greater story, we have the hindsight that Joseph didn’t have, miles away from home, rejected by his brothers and sold as a slave.

We often have faith like a rollercoaster and not to minimise great pain and suffering of others but Joseph hardly had an easy ride. We moan and complain when we don’t have an answer to prayer the second its uttered, sometimes we may have more faith and  we may last a month before we become disheartened.

What inspires me about Joseph character is not only his integrity in chapter 39 but his assurance of God’s goodness despite his surroundings. He knew there would be consequences in rejecting Potiphar’s wife, he knew he would receive punishment, yet Joseph wasn’t troubled he had suffered for his faithfulness before and through this God would honour him as promised.

I hope to have a faith like Joseph, which looks up from my current circumstances and holds fast to the promises of God.