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2014 Lovelies

As we are about to start another year I have decided like last years post to do a round up of all my favourite things from the past year, Enjoy!


1. Nathanael’s Dedication – This was such a great day celebrating the huge blessing we have been given from God.

2. Nathanael’s Name Sign from White Rose Creations – I have spoke about our amazing friends company so many times and to this day Nathanael’s name sign is my favourite piece in his room. Crafted with such love and care you need to go check out their online shop!

3. Our Four Year Anniversary – Life just keeps getting sweeter being married to the most amazing man of God.

4.Too Many Products – April saw me recognise my frivolous spending something which I keep working on, as well as going through my backups of backups

5. Dairy Milk Chocolate Biscuits – Honestly these have to be well up there as my all time favourite biscuit.

6. Holiday – June saw us take to the road and visit Wales it was beautiful and we had perfect weather.

7. Thom S Rainer, I am a Church Member – Honestly revolutionised my thinking on the importance of our church membership and leadership.

8. Kitchen Aid Glass Dish– This was such a perfect gift for my birthday its so helpful to have two bowl attachments for my mixer.

9. Tanya Burr Nail Polish in Penguin Chic – Its great when you find a nail polish that lasts especially when looking after a toddler now.

10. Driving – October saw me pass my driving test, I am so pleased I passed first time as I wanted to drive before Nathanael turned One and the horrible weather set in.

11. Nathanael’s First Birthday – We celebrated a little earlier with our close friends and it was such a perfect day to thank all those who encouraged and supported us along the way.

12. Blogmas – I have loved taking part in Blogmas this year and I am already coming up with next years ideas!


December Lovelies

Another month and year has rolled on by so of course that means I need to share with you my monthly favourites!

1. Christmas Day – What’s not to love spending the day with your loved ones! We spent Christmas Eve with my sister and brother in law, and on Christmas Day it was just the three of us, perfect!

2. Blogmas – I have loved sharing everyday up till Christmas with you! Its been a great success.

3. Christmas Market – Luke, Nathanael and I had a great time with my sister and brother in law at Harrogate Christmas Market, here is a snap of some reindeer’s.

4. Dior DiorSkin Star Foundation
– Has to be up there as one of my favourite foundations of all time
along with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua.

5. Nathanael’s Festive Jumper – Doesn’t Nate look adorable in his Christmas Jumper as he shares which tooth is cominng through with you.

6. Bath and Body Works Candle in Vanilla Snowflake – This candle has the most gorgeous scent all month as I have been burning this without fail friends commented on its wonderful fragrance. It was a sad day when it finished burning, however it makes the perfect make up brush holders!

7. Family Time – December makes you reflect on what is important in life and that is time spent with family and friends, I got to spend some quality time with my sister and was so blessed to open up to some friends too during the Christmas period.

8. Slipper Socks – Of course I had to purchase these at Primark for the festive season

9. By Terry Ombre Black Star in Misty Rock – Extremely overpriced but its as good as every beauty blogger says it is, if only I could find an exact dupe!


Siesta Scripture Memory Team–SSMT 2015

I know I say I am excited when I start a post but really I am sooooo excited for this one. If you have been a friend to my random blog for a while you may recall this post telling you all about the Siesta Scripture Memory Team  and why I take part.

Well I am thrilled that via Beth Moore’s blog we are back memorising scripture together as a community, as usual it starts the 1st and 15th of every month so by the end of 2015 you will have memorised 24 pieces of scripture what a way to spend the year!

At our church’s Women’s ministry Freedom The Living Room (you need to come!) my Pastor Del was speaking on how important it is to not only to read the Bible but to speak it and say it over our lives and this is exactly what SSMT is all about.

I have my spiral at the ready, I have a few ideas on scripture I really want to take heart this year so why not join us. Here is the post telling you all about SSMT and how to create your spiral if you would like!

I will be posting my scripture here on my blog every month so keep your eyes peeled for it!

Blogmas Day 24 – Christmas Eve

We have made it, I am in shock we have managed to blog everyday
until Christmas whoop whoop! I hope you have enjoyed Blogmas, I know I
have really enjoyed sharing with you throughout this month.

Eve is going to be so good this year, we have my sister and brother in
law coming over to exchange gifts and have dinner tonight. This I know
will make Nathanael’s Christmas he absolutely loves his Auntie and
Uncle, he gets such a big grin on his faces and starts giggling it
honestly is the cutest thing you have ever seen.

We will also be
going to our church Christmas Eve Service, its the perfect time to
reflect on why we celebrate Christmas that God loved us so much that he
would leave the wonder of Heaven to come to Earth to as a baby to live
and die for our sins.

So why not come and join us from 6pm till 7pm, or a church local to you!