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Blogmas Day 23 – Christmas Q&A


As we near the big day I thought I wound answer a few questions to pare down my ultimate favourite things about Christmas!
Name the best Christmas Present you have ever been given?
Around Christmas Time 2007 my Dad and Step Mum told me they had bought me flight tickets to go back to the UK. I was beyond excited to go back home and spend time with Luke!
Name the worst present you have ever been given?
Individual Pocket Tissues
Favourite Christmas Film?
Love Actually
Favourite Christmas Song?
O Come, O Come Emmanuel (David Crowder Version)
Favourite beverage at Christmas?
Favourite Christmas Decoration this year?
Christmas Wreath
What’s at the top of your Christmas list?
Peace & Health
When do you open your Christmas presents?
In the morning. I think it is so unfair especially for children to sit waiting all day and have no time to play with new toys.
Do you stay in pyjamas or do you like to dress up?
Dress up! When my sister and I were little we always got a new dress or outfit for Christmas.
Favourite thing at Christmas?
Time with my family and the food!


Blogmas Day 22 – Christmas Meal

There is nothing like a Christmas Dinner! I remember the first time we were in the States for Christmas Day and although the food was lovely and some items were similar to what we would have its just not the same. I thought I would post what we will be having this year.

Turkey! Its got to be turkey in my opinion, although I have done a Gammon in years past as another option but it will just be us 3 for Christmas Day so we only need a Turkey and I will save the Gammon for Christmas Eve
Roast Potatoes cooked in Goose Fat
Sausages Wrapped in Bacon
Sausagemeat Stuffing
Brussel Sprouts
Cauliflower Cheese
Green Bean Casserole (a welcome addition from my step mum)
Sweetcorn – My hubby insists
Yorkshire Pudding
Bread Sauce
Cranberry Sauce

Pudding is usually served way after dinner and by way after think nearer the Queens speech. Now I have never liked Christmas Pudding or Cake this may have something to do with my Nanna who would create her Christmas Cakes at the beginning of August and “feed” the cakes rum and brandy till December 25th rolled around. Potent is not even the word! So I buy myself a chocolate cake with some cream and Luke eats my Nanna’s Christmas Pudding with a large helping of brandy butter.

Let me know your traditional family Christmas Meal in the comments below!


Blogmas Day 20 – Christmas Craft

Christmas Time is a wonderful time to grab some crazy glue, glitter and cardstock to create a Christmas Craft. Search in Pinterest and a million and one ideas will pop up, but one that a friend pinned on my Facebook page was the idea of Mistletoes. This is a perfect craft to get your children involved and I know Nathanael’s green feet will be gracing our wall now every Christmas!

What are some of your favourite Christmas Crafts? Let me know in the comments below!


Blogmas Day 19 – Holiday Ham

Catchy title right? You know me for being creative! Anyway … Like most people one of my favourite things about Christmas has to be the food! Turkey, Sausagemeat Stuffing, Roast Potatoes cooked in goose fat, brussel sprouts and the long awaited Holiday Ham aka Sugar Glazed Gammon I will link Delia Smith’s recipe here for you all to enjoy.

You need to soak your gammon to remove excess salt but I also take this extra step which just adds the most delicious flavour to the meat;
To soak I simply take an onion stabbed with cloves, a bay leaf, a potato, some peppercorns and pop into an extremely large pot big enough for your gammon, a large bottle of dry cider and water enough to cover the meat. Simmer on low for at least 45 minutes to draw out any saltiness from the meat. The smell alone from this is delicious, then cook as Delia states.

Let me know if you cook this recipe over the holiday period or why not tell me some of your favourite dishes in the comments below!