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The End of Blogmas

Hey All,

I debated at whether to post anything on my blog explaining what has happened in our family and I think if I hadn’t committed to blogmas I would have skipped over it

You will have noticed I had done particularly well on the continuous posting up till day 6 and then a random scheduled post appeared on the 12th – the joys of planning ahead!

Last Monday my 86 year old Nanna passed away, she had been unwell for quite sometime so I suppose you could say it was “expected” as much as deaths are.

Christmas was always a horrible time for my her, as people everywhere are counting down the big day and speaking of hopes and dreams for the new year, my Nanna was counting down to the day her only daughter died. It was a tragic time for her, so it is unsurprising to me that she passed away when she did.

So I am running on autopilot at the minute because arranging a funeral and sorting through someone’s home of 55 years is quite a task.

Huge apologies if you have followed along with my blogmas series for the past 2 years, life is unexpected at times, hopefully in the new year I will be back to a regular posting schedule.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

Blogmas Day 12: Luke’s Gift Wish List

blogmas 12


Luke Wishlist

Looking for the perfect gifts ‘for him’? Kiri has allowed me to be part of #savourtheseason, so here is my list of ‘essential’ Christmas gifts for the man in your life – well if they like tan shoes, electronics and play guitar…


Kiri won’t be buying me all of these items, I did the usual thing of saying I didn’t want anything, then a week or so before Christmas once Kiri has bought all my presents a reeled off a list of things I would like.

Red Herring Men’s black buckle analogue watch
Orange Crush 35RT Guitar Combo Amp
Apple iPad Mini
Next Tan Lace-Up Boot
American Eagle Signature Graphic T-Shirt
Bose SoundLink Mini