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January Lovelies 2015

Welcome to the first monthly favourites of the year! Let me be the first to tell you that this month has flown! I promise I won’t repeat that for the next 11 months of the year ;o)

1. Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob – My friend Rachel knows me so well! This beauty was on my list of things to hunt for in Boots but she saved me from the task and bought me one for Christmas! THANK YOU! A dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury in Pillowtalk or so I am told via YouTube because their is no way I would spend £16 on a lip pencil – a lipstick is another matter all together!

2. Kate Spade iPhone Cover – Yes we ventured to the dark side
that is the iPhone hehe the one joy is I can get gorgeous designer
covers like this one! I love Kate Spade such a shame its so expensive!

3. The Good Shepherd: A Thousand Year Journey from Psalm 23 to the New Testament by Kenneth E Bailey – If you have followed my blog for a while or my twitter feed you will know that I adore Kenneth E Bailey writing, he has so much knowledge that he has gained from living in the Middle East and he is gifted in communicating what he has learnt with his readers. A must read!

4. Blogging Head Quarters – While most were indulging in copious amounts of food and drink over the Christmas period my hubby recovered from an awful virus and painted what I have dubbed “blogging head quarters.” What was a violent shade of coral is now a peaceful grey, I love grey.

5. The Musketeers – So pleased that this back! My fave characters have to be Aramis and Athos.

6. Boscia Make Up Break Up Cool Cleansing Oil – From watching hours of YouTube videos I had to purchase the Boscia Cleansing Oil (thank you Sephora for shipping to the UK) This turns the chore of removing your makeup into a 10 second job and is well up their with my beloved Bioderma.

7. Fresh Lip Balm Sugar Treatment – This came in a Sephora gift
set and I have had the Rose version before from a Birchbox. I absolutely
love it, I just wish it was easier to get your hands on it in the UK,
so I have to ration myself.

8. Complete Jewish Bible – You all know my love for the Complete Jewish Bible, it comes with the NIV alongside which is perfect to read and contrast the two styles. When I first purchased my CJB I could only find it in hardback, its not the lightest of things either so Luke found me a soft cover version and its perfect! I only wish they would sell it individually its my perfect translation sitting somewhere in between the ESV and NIV in my opinion.

9. Erin Condren Life Planner – I just love this planner it has
kept me so organised with blog posting (all scheduled for February and
planning March!) the designs are beautiful and the amount of choice is
incredible. To see mine in greater detail you can read the post here.

Let me know all your favourites from the past month in the comments below I would love to hear your suggestions for things to try!

Blogging Through The Bible – Exodus 19

So this weeks chapters to focus on are Exodus 16 to 20, when planning in my calendar at the start of the year I presumed that this post would be on the Ten Commandments, I could have done a neat graphic, I could have thrown in that Jesus recounts all the commandments in the new testament bar one (points if you know) and it would have been an “easy” post to write if obvious and lets face it, its been done before by people far smarter than I.

The whole point on reading the bible is not to gain top marks in a quiz, or recall large sections from memory, its whole purpose is to draw nearer to God, he still speaks from it today, right into your very circumstance.

Exodus 16-20
I don’t know about you but I love these verses, God specifically calling the Israelites his treasure, that is exactly how he thinks of us today, he has chosen us and love us.

In these verses God recounts to his people how he carried them on eagles wings, its a bit of a random statement to make to people having spent a good few months in the desert encamped near a mountain squabbling amongst themselves.

What God is referring to is how he has taken care of his people, you see when a baby eagle sets out to fly his mother will purposefully fly underneath them with her wings outstretched to catch them should they fall. This is no surprise to the mother eagle; she knows this is going to happen as the baby chick is learning something new.

It’s the exact same way when a baby begins to crawl; the parents will move harmful objects away or as the child learns how to walk both parents will stand arms outstretched to catch them. They know those young legs will get a bit ahead of themselves or their feet will trip them over and the Mum and Dad are right there to catch them before they injure themselves.

We can see in Chapters 16-20 God’s same provision for his people, upon setting out of Egypt he purposefully avoids the land of the Philistines should they become afraid, he gives them water to drink, meat and bread to eat and listens to them when he hears them complain.

God then moves on to describe how the people are royal priests – How can the people be young chicks and royal priests at the same time? For me I can see this quite clearly in my life, there are things that I am just beginning, new adventures that I am starting out on, like that young eagle I am dipping and diving trying to find out how to fly while I see up ahead of me friends soaring ahead.
However for some I know they might say the same for me, perhaps I an area that I am flying well in and they are learning how to start out at?

I think this is the whole point of us being a kingdom of priests, we are all learning something new while we watch others soar in that area and vice versa. God calls us to encourage one another and spur one another on, to guide and help people grow all they can be in Him.

While you’re on your journey of learning something new, God is there with you, he is exactly the same today as he was yesterday. He knows you might trip over yourself, or dip in the current but he is right there underneath you to catch you and he has surrounded you with people to encourage and along.

Skincare Routine

As much as I am pained to admit this I am on the wrong side of 25, those care free days where perhaps you could skip moisturising have passed and I honestly think my face wakes up 30 minutes after my body has.I have extremely temperamental skin, its dry and sensitive, I have sporadic episodes of eczema if I have reacted to a new product so swapping and changing skincare is a monumental task in itself.

I thought today I would take you through what products work for me and when I use them.

Skin Care Routine

Boscia – Make Up Break Up Cool Cleansing Oil
Bioderma – Micelle Solution (Sensibo H2O)

Serum/Face Oil
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Eye Cream
Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Eye Repair

Moisturiser Bioderma – Sensibo Anti Redness Care

Face Masks
Origins – Mega Mushroom Skin Relief
Origins – Drink Up

What are some of your favourite skincare products? Let me know in the comments below!

Nathanael’s Toy Storage

You may remember me briefly mentioning the storage system we purchased for Nate’s toys back in my November Favourites. After all Christmas decorations are packed away, all cardboard from packaging has been removed and the dustmen have collected the last of the spoilt party food, you may be looking around your home and still feel as if your in Santa’s grotto.

Thankfully the Trofast system has proved itself invaluable in our home organisation so let me take you through the system we created.
You can build the system to suit your space so we purchase four frames and then selected 2 large boxes, 6 Medium Boxes and 6 Small Trays.

Toy Storage System

The smaller trays are perfect for any craft supplies, board games, wooden jigsaw pieces that Nathanael has in his collection. As the tray is quite shallow you can quickly access whether you have picked up all the pieces that are scattered around the playroom or in Nathanael’s case posted under the sofa.

Small trays

The Medium Boxes we tend to store soft play items, stacking rings, his various types of sorting toys, even his deep pop up toys will fit with more than enough room in these boxes.

Medium trays

Finally the two large bins we have stored Nate’s oversized toys such as his Old MacDonald Tractor (oh that song is annoying), Fire Truck and Happy Land Bus. The bins provide more than enough room although in some cases the toys have to be adjusted to fit, out of all the sections these two bins appear to be the messiest.

Large Trays

How do you store your children’s toys? Do you have one toy chest, a large basket or various types of organisation I am always interested in picking up new ideas!

Blogging Through The Bible – 10 Plagues

Throughout the week when I study the bible I journal my thoughts on the Chapter I have just read, more often than not I SOAP my thoughts down but sometimes I just document what I have found out through my bible commentaries. It was the latter way I used when I got to the chapters in Exodus which document the plagues when God sent to Egypt.

The whole purpose of the plagues were to demonstrate the incredible power of God and to compel Pharaoh to let the Hebrews worship the One True God. What I was less aware of was how each plague corresponds to a specific Egyptian god or goddess.


1. Nile turns to blood – Hapi god of the annual flooding of the Nile, Isis – goddess of the Nile it was said that the Nile flooded every year because of her tears for her dead son. Isis was a symbol of Pharaoh’s power, she would become the Pharaoh’s “mother” and provide him/her a throne which to rule on.

2. Frogs – Heqet goddess of birth, she was depicted as a woman with a frog’s head. The Egyptians believed that from her nostrils came the breath of life that animated the bodies created by her husband the great god Khnum which he made from dust on the earth. It was because of this belief in Heqet that Pharaoh couldn’t order for the frogs to be killed.

3. Gnats – Set god of the desert, storms, violence and disorder

4. Flies – Ra god of the sun , it was believed that all the living were created by Ra when he spoke their secret names.

5. Death of livestock – Hathor goddess of fertility, music, dance and depicted as a woman with a cows head

6. Boils – Sekhmet goddess of healing, she was seen as the protector of Pharaoh’s and led them into battle.

7. Hail – Nut goddess of the sky

8. Locusts – Osiris god of the afterlife but because of the hope of new life he was often associated with crops/ nature cycles

9. Darkness – Ra god of the sun, Nut goddess of the sky.

10. Death of the First born – Min god of fertility, Heqet goddess of birth, Isis goddess who protected children. Pharaoh Son – Pharaoh was considered a god and therefore his firstborn and natural heir was also considered divine.

I just love that as you dig deeper you can understand why God chose all these 10 plagues, not only in their very nature do they prove His existence but they disprove any mythology and superstition that the Egyptians held at that time.