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February Favourites

The end of the month has arrived and you know that means only one thing … yes it’s time for my monthly favourites!

1. Six Nations – Oh yeah baby Rugby is back and England are in fine form we demolished Wales, we have destroyed Italy and this weekend is Ireland. I would advise anyone in a 3 mile radius of my home to buy ear plugs because I will be shouting at the TV until we beat them!

2. American Fridge – A Kitchen Update will be coming soon but
finally after a year of us owning our family home we have our family
sized American Fridge. I absolutely adore it, the crisper alone is worth
the money our salad and fruit stay fresher for much longer preventing
waste. I know I may seem childish when I say I am thrilled with the
drinks machine aspect of it but I don’t care because I can now crush or
cube ice at the touch of a button. This was well worth the saving up for
so thank you to family and friends who gave us contributions to the
fund at Christmas!

3. Nathanael Walking – February saw Nathanael taking walks
outside he loves to be outdoors the typical man boy that he is.
Nathanael even managed to grace us with two independent steps at his
Nanna’s 60th Birthday party! What a way to up the birthday girl!

4. Max Factor Creme Puff BlushAccording
to various Beauty Bloggers this product is apparently a dupe for
Hourglass Ambient Lightening Blushes. I can’t comment on that because I
wouldn’t spend that much on one blusher and the set is just ridiculous …
anyway I really love these Max Factor ones I have the colours 10 Nude
Mauve and 15 Seductive Pink. I love the nude option when I have been
wearing a bolder lip.

5. Roses – What girl doesn’t love flowers for Valentines!

6. Week In PicturesYou
can catch up with our week staycation in our Week in Pictures but it
was great to have Luke at home all week and we were quite productive
this time painting the kitchen.

7. Planner Stickers – I spoke of my love for my Erin Condren Life Planner here
and now after being sucked into several plan with me videos on YouTube I
have an appreciation for planner stickers on etsy. Now seriously my
church is in a former warehouse so bells it certainly does not have
never mind a steeple but how cute are these stickers! I long for a date
at a coffee shop just to use my coffee cups … I know you don’t need to
say it … my poor husband!

8. Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Tapered Blush Brush 300There
is quite a bit of hype surrounding the Bold Metals Collection which
Real Techniques has recently released. This should come as no surprise
when they have a star of YouTube plugging their products in every
tutorial. I do think this collection is quite oddly placed in Boots,
wrapped in plastic next to products half their price, obviously they
have a exclusivity deal but I do wonder if this is the best store for
the product or if the shop could have done something better to present
the product. I do think most will walk past this item wondering if they
are anything special. I have to say I would ignore the line and just
pick up this brush! I am a nightmare when applying blusher, I can never
find a brush small enough to do the job and this is perfect, the very
fact that it is tapered makes applying any blusher easy.

9. Jimmy PiggsYou
know something is a favourite when you visit twice in the space of four
days but honestly this place serves the best hazelnut latte you are
ever going to try and the best customer service to go along with it!

House Update – Nathanael’s Playroom

Cast your minds back to February of last year and this post where I posted on how we turned a horrible blue room into Nathanael’s bedroom. I had good intentions to complete a post in most rooms of our new house, to document for our family on how much we have achieved in such short time of living here. Well since that post we have finished our Master Bedroom, painted our en suite bathroom and personally fitted a new shower, added cupboards to our utility room, decorated our home office and painted our blogging/music room. In short we have been busy so you may find a few catch up posts on the blog over the next few months!

By far the easiest room to create was Nathanael’s playroom, this use to be our dining room but we just weren’t using it for that, our kitchen is spacious so accommodates a table quiet well and this is much more convenient for us as a family.

Shortly before Nathanael’s first birthday we removed our very large formal dining table, bookcase and any furniture not baby friendly. We purchased as mentioned here the trofast storage system for Ikea, ideal for Nate’s toys and can be repurposed as he grows up.

I then looked at how I could make the space more engaging for Nathanael, turning the dining room into a playroom was a spur of the moment thing. We didn’t have a budget specifically allocated for this project, as Nathanael’s birthday and Christmas was around the corner I wanted a cost effective solution.

I printed these ABC bible verses from a free printable I found, I simply laminated them and used this small pegs I had from when I use to scrapbook. Cost for me = free

ABC scripture

I again found this free printable online and repurposed a frame we previously owned, I think these are good character qualities that I would encourage Nathanael to have and can be a talking point in the future. Cost for me = free


We purchased these large Educational posters from Toys R Us, we chose to hang them again on string so they can easily be brought down to use everyday, not only are they great tool to learn with they really brighten up the space. Cost for me = £3.50 each

Wall Posters

We refilled Luke’s childhood beanbag and popped this in Nathanael’s playroom to create a reading corner (its current purpose for Nate is a climbing frame) Cost for me = Free


This space is absolutely perfect for a play room, we have French doors straight into the garden so when spring and summer arrive Nathanael can play both inside and outside freely. It has allowed his large toys to be permanently up in this room, we don’t have to keep putting them up and down and he can easily access toys that he wants.


I am so pleased with the finished result most things we previously owned, repurposed or free. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Week In Pictures

If you have been around these parts for a while you may remember this post where I documented a week in pictures. As Luke was off work this past week I thought it would be nice to revisit I can’t believe how much Nathanael has changed! Lets jump into our week

Starting at the top left we have to begin with our feet picture tradition! In order to get Nathanael walking we have been taking some very slow walks outside.
We cooked a Full English Breakfast although I did miss the black pudding.
Nathanael must  be experiencing a growth spurt of some kind because as soon as he is in the car he takes a power nap.
Yes that is a hot dog you spy I really had a craving for them this week!
Would you just look at my heart roaming around – yes that would be Nathanael posing outside the front door!
We may have purchased a few Vtech Toot Toot tracks completely for the benefit of Nathanael of course – Luke was just helping him to build a huge track.
Of course we had to take Nathanael to Brodsworth Hall for a walk, how cute is he walking with his Daddy!
We treated ourselves to two trips to Jimmy Piggs this week seriously the best coffee I highly recommend the cookies, the tuna panini and Nathanael loved his kids ham sandwich.
As if we hadn’t had enough treat food I cooked a fabulous tray of brownies.

Also this week Luke painted our kitchen from a horrible blue colour to a fabulous cream with grey feature wall, keep your eyes peeled for a Home Update!

What have you got up to this week? Let me know in the comments below!

Grocery Haul and Meal Plan

One of my favourite things to watch on YouTube besides What is In my Handbag? are the grocery hauls that vloggers will put up now and then. My favourites tend to be from over the ponds with stores like Whole Foods, Target etc that are just not available in the UK.

I thought that it would be fun to share with you my own Grocery Haul and Meal Plan, we have always worked to a meal plan and a loose food budget but this year we are becoming more intentional with our budgeting and if I share on my blog I am always more successful!

We tend to do a fortnightly shop, and then have a pop to the shops for bread/milk/lunch meat in between. So lets hop into the shop for the next two weeks.

Lidl Haul 1

Lidl Total  Spent £41.48

Asda Haul 1
Asda Total Spent £13.85

Our above grocery hauls seem a bit small, but a lot of the meals we are having for the next two weeks we already have on hand in the freezer. We make a huge amount of savings by rarely purchasing jarred items I always make our own homemade pasta sauce at the start of the month and then freeze until needed.

As I write my posts in advances you can see this upcoming week Luke and I had a date day so we will account for the meal out in our food budget, as we attend Church on a Sunday I will always try to have a meal that is quick to put together one week it was leftover homemade lasagne from the freezer and then by cooking a large roast dinner on a Saturday we can have the same again on the Sunday.

Meal Plan
Monday – Homemade Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom Pie
Tuesday – Fishcake with New Potatoes and Vegetables
Wednesday – Fajitas
Thursday – Lamb Meatballs, Spaghetti and Homemade Pasta Sauce
Friday – Blackbean Chicken, Rice and Spring Roll
Saturday – Date Day
Sunday – Homemade Lasagne (left overs)

Monday – Salmon, Cous Cous and veg
Tuesday – Leftovers
Wednesday – Chicken white wine sauce, veg and potatoes
Thursday – Pasta bake
Friday – Fish & Chips
Saturday – Roast Dinner

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments below some of your favourite meals!