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Easter Craft for Toddlers

When most people think Easter Crafts they may think of complicated things such as Easter Hats, Baskets or that Hill of Calvary planting pot that lets face it requires ALOT of work and upkeep and I just don’t think a toddler is going to grasp the concept of what that actually means.
This requires zero planning, zero preparation and when you wake up on Good Friday it will take you all of one minute to achieve.

Good Friday, the day our Saviour was crucified it can be overlooked lets face it we want to overlook it, we want to get to the good part where we rejoice in His resurrection.
We don’t want to dwell on what put Jesus hanging on that cross years ago, bruised, tortured, humiliated … it was us, you, me, My sins, the things I have done wrong, the mistakes I have made, he took my place.
Jesus took Nathanael’s place too, even though Nathanael can’t speak his name, and he doesn’t understand who Jesus is yet, Jesus still took his place before Nathanael knew him.

So to teach Nathanael what Jesus went through and how much he loved him I will mark Nathanael’s hands with a red dot (a lip cream is perfect, paint won’t do as it will rub off and you don’t want a permanent marker when your child is putting their hands to their mouth!)

hand 2

Nathanael will see this dot, he may point to it, and I can remind him as we read the Bible together of our God who loved him so much that he sacrificed his one and only Son for us.

”It wasn’t the nails that kept Jesus there. It was love.” Sally Lloyd Jones The Jesus Storybook Bible

Another Week in Pictures

So welcome to Another Week in Pictures! Luke was off this previous week for our 5 year anniversary and we crammed one heck of a lot in 7 days!

We went to visit our amazing friends in Bath, they have recently had their most gorgeous baby girl and I was eager to have cuddles! They live 4 hours from us and we had planned it to the T however we didn’t plan for a flat battery, fortunately are friend happens to have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering so if you’re going to break down, it’s not what know it’s who you know.
Nathanael was royally spoilt on this week, with being away he had quite a few meals out he must have thought it was his birthday! We also upgraded his bedding from baby boy to toddler boy! Oh it makes my heart cry a little he is growing up so fast! Speaking of fast as the weather is feeling more spring like we have purchased him a trike he loves it!
Our time away was wonderful and Nate had a merry time with his Auntie and Uncle in fact he seemed unimpressed that his merriment was cut short.

Eden Haul

I recently placed an order with the online Christian retailer Eden. Although I would prefer to see items that I wish to purchase in person it is so difficult in the UK to find Christian retailers that compare to the ones I have had the luxury of shopping in the US.

What had spurred this purchase was looking at Nathanael’s book collection, for a one year old his library is quite comprehensive but it was missing a few books especially on the Easter Story. I wanted books that Nathanael could enjoy himself as he is quite hands on!

Eden Haul

I chose the Tiny Tots Easter by Lois Rock and Illustrated by Kay Widdowson. The illustrations are incredible and I love the fact the story does not shy away from Jesus death on a cross which does tend to happen with children’s books.

I then picked up The Easter Book by Rita Storey I love the ideas for crafts and recipes that this book has to offer. I think most adults would be aware of the ideas in this book but the whole purpose of this purchase was something that Nathanael and I can refer to as he gets older. I can definitely see him picking this book up and asking me to do the crafts with him.

It was lovely to receive free of charge The First Easter  by Sally Ann Wright and illustrated by Honor Ayres

Veggie Tales Pirate In Training – now who doesn’t love Veggie Tales?? You’re singing the theme tune aren’t you! I think my fave has to be “No hair for my hairbrush” that song sticks in your head all day! So rather than Nate clocking up TV hours I decided to get him a book we can read together.

I think my favourite purchase has to be My Little Prayer Cards by Karen Williamson Luke and I as part of Nathanael’s bed time routine always pray with him and he really enjoys it. I plan to use this cards to develop Nate’s prayer habit that he can speak to God whenever he likes and that God loves to hear from him. Nate can pick a card and look at the picture and I will pray with him and he can join in just because I am yet to understand what Drr or grm doesn’t stop God understanding!

Finally the stationary lover in me couldn’t help put pick up some cute sticky notes! perfect for jotting down random things!
I hope you liked this haul and perhaps it gives you a few ideas of things to purchase from Eden. I am not sponsored in anyway and all purchases were my own!

Spring Wish List

As the title suggests welcome to my Spring Wish List as a disclaimer to those new to my blog these are “wishes” not I am going to buy them all tomorrow! So enjoy some internet window shopping!


Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation
Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector
Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel
Dahlia Linen Look Scarf
BaubleBar Aquamarine Cavalier Collar
Clarins Instant Concealer
Warehouse Watercolour Floral Wrap Dress
Warehouse Chiffon Insert Square Tee

5 Years!

In 5 years we have

wedding window pic 630

Had holidays in Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Kent, Durham, Florida, North Wales and Bath
We have favourite words such as Unbelievable, A Bit Much and Grim
You let me call you Lukie …. now and then
We have “disagreed” on the placement of cutlery in a drawer
We bought our first home
We sold our first home
We bought our forever family home
You encouraged me to drive
I ignored you about driving
I learnt to drive
I have probably taken the rubbish out twice in 5 years … you were away with work.
You waited for me for hours in a car park for me after work
You demonstrate extreme patience with me
I test your patience
We laugh at ourselves
We have made new friends together
You have collected several … ok many of my online shopping orders
You learnt to appreciate the wonders of tea
You’re still teaching me to love silence
We have had many deep conversations on long car journeys … nowhere to escape
We ate mash potato for at least 4 weeks while I was newly pregnant and couldn’t eat anything else
We have discovered many many good bands
You have tolerated me warbling to Take That songs
We share the joy of sarcasm
We have quoted Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows to one another a few times
We have grieved together over lost loved ones
We have rejoiced over new births
We have celebrated with friends
We have grown in wisdom … and maybe a few pounds
We have been given such a blessing with Nathanael

Luke I think you must have given the most honest and romantic proposal  ever, you said to me you didn’t know what was going to happen but you knew you wanted to share it all with me.
The best gift I will ever have was five years ago when we jumped into this crazy beautiful covenant of marriage!