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Wish List–Container Store

Its another one of my Wish List posts if you haven’t seen these posts before this is where I will pick a store that we don’t have in the UK and do an imaginary shop! It’s great, a total guilt free shop!
Unfortunately for my husband you can order Internationally from their website, but as usual to make the shipping worthwhile you have to put an exorbitant amount in your shopping cart.
So join me while I show you a few items I would love to purchase (on a side note the Glasslock squares we picked up at TK Maxx and we love them – so much better than plastic tubs)

Container Store Wish List

Pink & Orange Multi Purpose Labels
Assorted Chalk Labels
Deep Fridge Binz
White 2 Drawer Mesh Organizer
Large Silver York Open Stack Basket
Glasslock Squares
Cord Catch
i-Clean Microfiber Cloth
Acrylic Dual Canister
Large Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Nathanael Learns: Colouring In

This will be a short and sweet version today as its a product that I thought I would share with you (nope, I am not sponsored but it would be nice right?)When Nathanael turned One I started to become slightly more structured in his learning experiences one thing I was eager to start with was colouring in … yes ok I wanted to colour too!

The only problem with my plan was that Nathanael right from the word go has loved to shove practically anything in his mouth – the main reason why Baby Led Weaning was such a success for us (although I am starting to take more credit for Nathanael’s behaviour honestly I spend one heck of a lot of time teaching him!)
So those great big crayons that you can get that fit the size of your baby’s had to Nathanael looked like food and I do not care if they say non toxic it was grim, and the poor boy got frustrated with himself that he couldn’t get the hang of it … he is a bit of a perfectionist!

nate colours

This was when I discovered the joy of Crayola Color Wonder, for a start it clear states Mess Free and I am all about Mess Free. These pens are clear ink until they colour on the page, perfect should Nate get a hold of them when I am not around!
Nathanael has developed some fine motor skills quite quickly and he could easily hold and scribble with these pens at 13 months (every child is different)

His frustration from the crayons was easily remedied with this product as he can quickly see the colour develop on the page and he will happily spend a good 15 minutes colouring away in his book as will Mummy!

Let me know in the comments below some of the ways you taught your toddler to colour in I am always on the hunt for new things to try!

My Top 5 Eyeshadows!

Its time continue our series on My Top 5 and today its the turn of eyeshadow. I don’t know about you but I have sampled some bad products in my time, chalky, unblendable the worst kind are the ones that say shimmer but in reality have huge chunks of glitter in them … I mean glitter, who has time for glitter when you’re over the age of 11.

So if your looking for products which are easy to apply and I mean fool proof, blendable, and have long lasting power you have come to the right place here are my recommendations!

Top 5 Eyeshadows

Mac’s Naked Lunch
– This is a staple, great for a simple brightening to the lid and perfect as a base shade.

Mac’s Satin Taupe – Has to be one up there as my favourite eyeshadow of all time. Obviously as the name suggests a taupe, but it has hints of plum, and grey so the perfect neutral – “look i have worked hard .. oh no I haven’t colour”

Mac’s Patina – I think this is a shade so hard to describe but I am such a fan of a one eyeshadow does those job, especially when Nathanael is running around and has no time to wait for Mummy! This is exactly what Patina is, a taupey, golden shimmer all over the lid colour.

Maybeline Colour Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze – This is what I go for when I have no time to get ready and as a Mum to a 1 year old that happens more than I would like! Its the perfect don’t have to think about it, apply it with fingers and then blend out product. Minimal effort, maximum impact, all you need is mascara and your good to go.

Urban Decay Sin – This is shimmer, not glitter thank goodness and is perfect like Naked Lunch for brightening your eyes, I put a base cream eyeshadow, then pack Sin over the top with some black eyeliner (I always use pencil, liquid and me are not friends) I think its a great look.

Let me know in the comments below what are some of your favourite shades? As you can see my Mac palette has a few empty spaces!

Nathanael Reads – 4

Welcome back to another Nathanael Reads, I have received some really great comments on how I use these books throughout the week and I thought I would answer them here. Nate has hundreds of books and I am not joking when I say hundreds!

His library is stored mainly in his bookcase in his bedroom so the Nathanael’s Book Basket is kept downstairs in his playroom that is easily accessible to him. As I share in my Just 30 Minutes post I allocate specific time to “language development” we either sing songs or read books and its these books below that we reach for. I alternate them each week mainly for my sanity! The Nathanael Read posts are just a snapshot of what we are reading those few days.

If your children are little older Nathanael and your trying to keep them away from the dreaded TV I would suggest simply allotting a time each day that will be good time for you to read together. For example If you sometimes go to playgroup on a Tuesday at 10am don’t pick every day at 10am because you will interrupt your reading habit.

I would say on average we read to Nate at least 3 times a day for 10 minutes or more depending on his mood, twice during the day and then once before bed.

Now personally I would never just read books to Nate on a bedtime, my reason for this is simple, at bedtime your children are worn out from the day, are likely disinterested in anything your reading to them, and will just want to go to sleep. If this was the only time I read to Nathanael I think he will associate books with boredom, tiredness and will be disinterested. I loved reading as a child and my mum encouraged me to read whenever I liked and I hope to do this for Nathanael so on with the books for this week.

Nathanael Reads April

Helpful Little Mechanic by Margaret Eustace, illustrated by Tony Kenyon
Telephone Ted by Joan Stimson, illustrated by Peter Stevenson
In The Jungle illustrated by Emily Bolam
It Could Have Been Worse by A.H Benjamin, illustrated by Tim Warnes
Pirate In Training by Karen Poth

English Heritage Family Days Out

Now that Spring is officially here its time to think how you will spend those hopefully warmer weekends. As I have mentioned here previously Luke and I are Life Time English Heritage Members.

There are a whole wealth of benefits of being a Life Member I honestly can’t tell you how much money we have saved over the years and whenever we are away we will purposefully look for somewhere to visit as its free for us to go.

So as my event guidebook has recently come through the post I thought I would show you a few events that we might get along to if the weather stays nice, if not you will find me in the Tea Rooms of these properties!

English Heritage

St Georges Day – Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire. Saturday 25th April – Sunday 26th April 11am-5pm
This sounds like great fun and I know Nate would love this even though is only 1! You can watch the battle between George and the Dragon, the kids can get involved in a Knights Battle Drill, enjoy Medieval Music and gather around for storytelling.
Members – Free
Non MembersAdult £9.80, Concessions £8.80 Children £5.90 Family £25.50

Knight Time! – Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire. Tuesday 26th May – Friday 29th May 11am-5pm
Take your kids to Bolsover over Half Term where they can become Knights for the day. Greeted by a Knight to hear stories of quests, battles and fairy tales they are sure to love it!
Members – Free
Non MembersAdult £9.80, Concessions £8.80 Children £5.90 Family £25.50

Merry Month of May – Brodsworth Hall and Gardens, South Yorkshire. Every Weekend in May 11am –5pm
Every Weekend in May Brodsworth will have a different theme exploring Victorian Life. A favourite locations of ours as Luke proposed to me here!

Victorian Weekend Saturday 2nd – Monday 4th
Victorian Hospitality Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th
Victorian Entertainment Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th
Victorian Sports Day Saturday 23rd – Monday 25th
Meet the Calvary! Saturday 30th –Sunday 31st
Members – Free
Non MembersAdult £10, Concessions £9 Children £6 Family £26

Viking Raiders & Invaders, Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire. Saturday 23rd May – Monday 25th May
Encounter the Vikings as they raid the north- east coast of England. You can explore their encampment and discover the entertainment of Viking campaigning.
Members – Free
Non MembersAdult £7, Concessions £6.50 Children £5 Family £19

Medieval Sword Skills – Conisbrough Castle, South Yorkshire. Saturday 23rd May – Monday 25th May
Kids can learn how to become a master swordsman with the help of the trio of sword masters at Conisbrough Castle as well as watch a thrilling combat display.
Members – Free
Non MembersAdult £4.80, Concessions £4.30 Children £2.90 Family £12.50