April 2015

Wish List–Container Store

Its another one of my Wish List posts if you haven’t seen these posts before this is where I will pick a store that we don’t have in the UK and do an imaginary shop! It’s great, a total guilt free shop! Unfortunately for my husband you can order Internationally from their website, but as
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Nathanael Learns: Colouring In

This will be a short and sweet version today as its a product that I thought I would share with you (nope, I am not sponsored but it would be nice right?)When Nathanael turned One I started to become slightly more structured in his learning experiences one thing I was eager to start with was
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My Top 5 Eyeshadows!

Its time continue our series on My Top 5 and today its the turn of eyeshadow. I don’t know about you but I have sampled some bad products in my time, chalky, unblendable the worst kind are the ones that say shimmer but in reality have huge chunks of glitter in them … I mean
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