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May Favourites

May is my favourite month of the year! yes it was my birthday month and my husbands too, which makes for a really nice celebration month!
So without further chat lets jump into my monthly favourites!

May Favourites 2015
1. Juice Cube– This was a birthday gift from Luke and it is the most useful gadget it ever! Since entering the dark side of an iPhone

2. The Tomb by Stephanie Landsem – this is the latest novel in The Living Waters Series, Luke bought me this for my birthday and so engrossed was I in this book that I finished it in one sitting.

3. Roses – Just because I have the best husband ever, he bought me roses, not for my birthday but just because and I love that.

4. Pavlova – This has turned into a must on Luke’s birthday, rather than a birthday cake we have a pavlova.

5. Euro Vision – I just love it! You know when something is so bad it is good? Well that’s Eurovision to me, I was rooting for Norway this year, I can’t believe they only got 8th place??

6. Sister Day – I had a great day out with my sister last weekend! We had the best lunch at Tortilla in Trinity Leeds and then because you must stopped at Hotel Chocolat Roast + Conch for some desert it was great!

7. Birthday Meal – It appears all I have done this month is eat but for our birthdays we invited some friends out to Nando’s after church I loved it!

8. The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith – Another book purchased for a birthday gift and yet another book I loved!

9. Nathanael Walking– What could be a better present than your son walking? Well that’s the gift Nate gave to his Dad and he hasn’t stopped since. So proud of him!

My Easy No Bake Cheesecake Recipe

Anyone who knows me will know how much I enjoy baking, when I am in a great mood I will bake, but I will also admit to cooking up multiple batches of cookies when I am upset too. There is always a reason to bake in my house!
My Easy No Bake Cheesecake Recipe is perfect for when I have zero time but want something homemade, if you make this around lunchtime it will be ready to eat for the perfect after dinner desert.
So lets jump right in! You will need

125g Digestive Biscuit Crumbs
40g Unsalted, Melted Butter
250g Philadelphia Cream Cheese
397g Condensed Milk
120ml Fresh Lemon Juice

1. Mix the biscuit crumbs and melted butter together until combined, if your mixture does not appear to be coming together, add some more melted butter.

Cheesecake Base

2. Press the mixture into a 18cm loose bottomed cake tin, leave to chill in your fridge whilst you prepare the filling.

Mixing cheese

3.Whisk together the cream cheese and condensed milk together, making sure there are no lumps


then add the lemon juice, making sure it is all combined evenly.

Mixing cheesecake

4. Pour over the prepared base and chill until set. I would wait at least 4 hours.

No Bake Cheesecake

And here you have it, the finished result! I like to serve mine with some strawberries and raspberries! You could also adapt this recipe and add some melted chocolate, just make sure to add some more cream cheese.

I am so excited to be offering a free printable for this recipe which you can download here no bake cheesecake printable

Let me know some of your favourite go to desert recipes in the comments below

A New Home

So welcome to my new home! So pleased that you have joined me!

tray of lemons

I suppose this post is just a quick update on why the move and an Hello if you have just joined me!
I started Wonderfully Random back in 2011, I was a newlywed and in a job I loathed, I suppose loathed is a tad strong but you get my meaning! My blog was a little escape, jotting down my thoughts non too seriously, usually centred on one of my many shopping  purchases.
I would say however I became more fully committed to blogging while I was pregnant with our son Nathanael. I loved sharing the items we had purchased, choices we were making and most importantly of all my Weekly Updates.
If all my blogging brings me are those weeks to reflect and remember on as I felt him grow and then became a new Mum then I am beyond blessed that I started my blogging journey. I treasure those memories.

Anyway my blog as it’s title suggest has always been a bit random, shopping here, child stuff there, throw in comments as I share my Christian walk and you do have a random blog.
My move to my own site, is like a fresh chapter in a book. I hope you will find some of the things you loved in previous seasons, I am sure there will be a few shopping trips and I can’t help but talk about my son and amazing husband.

Life has changed though since 2011, I no longer have that dreaded job, but now have the most important one in my life as a stay at home Mum and to continue to blog like I did in 2011 is getting a bit old.
So I hope to bring a more structured approach to my blog! You will find posts on Lifestyle – how I look after our home, recipes, budgeting (did i just write that – I joke we have always had a budget … I just don’t ignore it now) You will see posts on my Family – I am no parenting guru but anything I learn I will share along the way, I have been so blessed by all the mothers in my local church showering me with love and support, and I hope to pass this kindness along too!
Most importantly you will see posts on my Faith – I am nothing —— see that there —– read it again Nothing without Jesus in my life. So pull up a chair and your bible as I will share some of my bible study notes and thoughts.

I hope you’re as excited to see where this journey is taking us next!

After a Sunday

Today I thought I would share how I study and act on Sunday’s message at my local church.
I don’t know what your habits are, but for a long time I thought I was doing well with listening to what was preached on, I would take notes, pages upon pages. I would sometimes, if I felt super diligent, look up the bible verses mentioned in an alternative version … I know applaud me for my commitment.

Yeah, it wasn’t great. It’s not that my note taking was missing the mark, I was taking word for word what was preached its just the message hit the page and not my heart. Don’t get me wrong, I felt moved for a time, the messages challenged me for that day, and perhaps Monday but by the time Wednesday rolled around I had pretty much forgotten what was said despite my thorough notes.

So what changed? What do I differently now? You may have seen a few snapshots on my Instagram feed in previous months but let me go into more detail on How I Act on a message.
I continue take diligent notes, and soak up as much is said, after all whatever church you are in the person preaching has spent significant time asking God to place something on their heart for the church. It’s done with much prayer and thought as they spend time composing what to say and how to say it oh, and sometimes despite that preparation the Holy Spirit may lead them that day on a completely different path. As members of churches we should pray for the weight that our Pastors carry! I know I couldn’t do it.

When I have some time to get alone with my bible and notes from the preach I then ask myself the questions that were posed during the message.
For instance a few weeks ago our Senior Leader spoke on Love Gives in his message he asked a number of questions he said “As Christians we can do church and mislay Jesus” now previously I would think that this was a profound statement, I might even star it in my notes but now I ask myself
Do I do church and mislay Jesus? – Have I this year done that? This month? This Week? I get brutally honest with myself and God, I mean after all God knows the answer whether I am admitting it to myself or not!?
Our Senior Leader also discussed that God wants to be with us, and that he asks will we make room for him?
Do I make room for God? How much room have I given him? I have a nice detached home and there are areas in my house that I might not step foot in a week, have I given God the smallest room in my house? Is he in the hallway?

So I go through the whole of my notes challenging myself and asking God to help me show areas of weakness or things I can work on because if we think we are done growing we are obviously dead!
This way of sitting with my notes, Bible and God has helped me grow so much more as a person and in Christ, and the message that has took time, effort and prayer stays with me for much longer than a day!

What are some of the ways you work the message from a Sunday service in your life? I would love to hear them in the comments below!

Recent You Tube Loves

I think somewhere around becoming pregnant with Nathanael I began watching You Tube videos, it was there I discovered which pushchair I wanted, or how to open the Maxi Cosi Family Fix base and a whole other random videos you will only want to watch if you have or are about to have a baby.

I quickly moved on from these types of videos to beauty channels – Fleur De Force, Amelia, Estee, etc.
When I purchased my Erin Condren Life Planner who knew that You Tube provided an answer to my planning queries with “Plan with me” videos my mind can wander for a whole 20 minutes as someone will show me what stickers they are using in their planner.
I know, I know what has happened to me? but sometimes you need a little background noise as you head about your daily life and I rarely watch regular TV now!

Anyway I thought I would share some random recent You Tube loves some of these channels don’t have 100,000 of subscribers but they all inspire me in some way shape or form so I am going to try and group them together for you if you want to take a look at their channels!


All of these channel talk about debt in someway and even though I have never been in  consumer debt (besides my mortgage) I really admire these families determination and work ethic to succeed in becoming more finacially secure and their budgeting tips that they share along the way are helpful for all. I must say that my favourite has to be GazzelleInTents because they literally show you all of the numbers of their incoming/outgoings and how they have managed to turn their lives around is incredible!

The Former Mrs Jones
The Not So Ordinary Housewife
Five 4 Five Meals
Do it on a Dime

As I find myself in the role of a housewife (best job ever!) I find it really encouraging to watch snippets of these channels as they share their day, challenges and also their backgrounds. Some of these channels focus more on cost cutting tips, others home decor, organisational tips and some focus more on daily vlogs. Its hard to pick a favourite from the bunch I love them all so much!

The Not So Ordinary Housewife
Bits of Paradis
Do it on a Dime Family    
Organized Little Lady
Happily a Housewife


I am in a season of planning!! My fave Bible verse at the moment is “Without clever tactics an army is defeated and victory comes from much planning” Proverbs 11:14These two women are serious planners, hard workers and are creating amazing businesses for themselves! Although I have no intention to set up a business I think there is a whole wealth of wisdom you can garner from these two women!
Alexis aka Miss Trenchcoat
Paper & Glam
Why not let me know some of your favourite YouTubers in the comments below!!