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July Favourites

You all know the score by now, it’s the end of the month so it’s monthly favourites time!!

July Faves

1. Staycation – We had a staycation at the beginning of this month and we loved it!! Fortunately we had the best weather (where has it gone now?) and were able to visit lots of places such as Scarborough  and the Sea Life Centre – I got highly competitive stamping Nate’s book to win a prize for him!

2. Nathanael’s Toddler Stool! –  I will post on how to create one of these soon but thanks to my talented husband we created something which is retailed for £200 for £15 and now Nate can get to our countertops, sinks etc without us standing behind him! It is perfect!

3. Strawberries – I am now thoroughly sick of the sight of them but strawberries have been on the list for most meals!

4. From Tablet to Table by Leonard Sweet – This book is sooooo good! If you follow me on Instagram you will be able to find some excerpts of the book that have impacted me so much but in short it focuses on how the Table is so important in our Christian walk, not only were 70% of Jesus teaching either centred on food or taught over food, Sweet discuses how the table is important for our social interaction.

5. EllieBethDesignsUK – I am sure by now you all know my love of planning, organising and planning some more! One area that I have discovered and love is stickers for my planner! I was purchasing these from America and having them shipped over when I happened to find Rachel’s wonderful shop the quality and variety of these stickers are amazing and if you join her Facebook page there are some great coupon code for her shop too!

6. Praying for our Pastors – My Life Group started 2 weeks ago to pray for our church leaders over the summer and I have been enjoying it so much, it’s great to be part of a community where we can encourage one another in our journey of faith.

7. Freedom the Living Room – Number 6+7 tie into one another I have spoken about our amazing Women’s Ministry at my church before but it just keeps getting better and better!

8. Nathanael the Chef – Nate and I have been putting my KitchenAid to good use by making some biscuits for the family! Nanna and Granddad kindly bought him a apron with his name embroideded on too! It was so sweet watching him copy what I was doing he loves to scrape down the sides of the bowl!

9. Picnic Table – I am so happy that Luke has finally finished the picnic table! This whopping great piece of outdoor furniture was left by the previous owners however they had never properly treated the table and a number of pieces were rotting away. Luke never deterred by hard work set to fixing this up for £14  + some outdoor stain our table is now fixed.
If we were to purchase our table it would cost at least £1000 so blessed to have this for free.

Grocery Haul and Meal Plan 3

Its been a while since I have shared with you our meal plans this usually happens because I am eager to put things away and then remember that I wanted to share them with you all!
We went shopping at Lidl and Tesco and all of this came under £70 which I was very impressed with considering the amount of Fresh Meat and Fruit and Vegetables we purchased.

Food Haul 1

2 Sweet Potatoes £1.84, Living Salad £1, 3 Limes 87p, Chillies 49p, Baking Potatoes 79p, Bag of 3 Garlic 89p, Mint 95p, Cucumber 22p, Bag of Lemons 99p, Cherry Plum Tomatoes 69p, Onions 75p, Fresh Coriander 59p, Wafer Thin Meats x2 £1.39 each, Ham with Mustard x 2 79p each, Ham with Pepper x2 79p each, Cheesestrings x2 99p each, Fat Free Natural Yoghurt 45p, PG Tips 240 pack £3.99, Boil in the Bag Rice £1.18, Spaghetti 45p, Tikka Curry Powder 79p, Tomato Puree x2 37p each, John West Tuna £3.19, 3 cans of Sweetcorn £1.15, Box of Chocolate Muesli Bar 99p, Wholemeal Pitta 45p, Rich Tea 33p, Cheese and Onion Bread Rolls 29p each, Double Chocolate Cookies 99p, Luxury Milk Chocolate 99p, Kitchen Rolls 1.89, Chicken Breast x3 £5.79 each.
Total Spent £53.42

Multi Pack of Muller Light Yoghurt x2 £5, Onken Yoghurt x2 £2, Primula Cheese £1.45, Bread 55p, Baby Spinach £1.50, Cottage Cheese x2 £1.20 each, Pasta 75p, Taco Mix Beans 65p, Kidney Beans 30p, Spaghetti Hoops x3 £1.40, Tomatoes in Chilli 60p, Fromage Frais £1, Extra Large Whole Chicken £4.50
Total £22.10 Vouchers £7.54
Total Spent £14.56

Meal Plan

Monday – Salmon with Cous Cous and Mediterranean Vegetables
Tuesday – Grilled Chicken in Wholemeal Pitta Pockets
Wednesday – Homemade Turkey Kebabs with Salad
Thursday – Meatballs and Spaghetti
Friday – Homemade Chicken Tikka Masala
Saturday – Chicken Salad
Sunday – Leftovers

Monday – Chilli
Tuesday – Stuffed Peppers
Wednesday – Stirfry
Thursday – Seafood Linguini
Friday – Homemade Chicken Katsu Curry
Saturday – Fajitas
Sunday – Leftovers

Empties Part 3

Welcome back to my take on frugal living aka using up the products I have in my collection and believe me there are loads!
There are a few products to begin with that do not fall up into the “Empty” category, that is because they have caused me to break out or have an allergic reaction! Needless to say I won’t be using these products again.
So lets jump in and find out some of my favourites in the mix too.

Make up used up

Philosophy Purity Made Simple
Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean 3 in 1 Wash Off
Botanics Iconic Clay Mask Shine Away
Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist
Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola
Elemis Maximum Moisture Day Cream
Gucci Premiere –
this has to be my favourite perfume of all time and I will be definitely hinting for some more!
Bioderma Sensibio H2O
KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry
I was sceptical about the hype surrounding this product which is totally deserved and once I finished it up I had to repurchase!
Impulse True Love Body Fragrance
Dove Go Fresh Blue Fig & Orange Blossom Body Wash
Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Body Wash
Elemi Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules
Este Lauder Day Wear
Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara
Rimmel London Brow This Way

Meal Plan 13.07

I loved sharing last week my Meal Plan for the week ahead and came across so many good ideas which I will to use in the near future! We tend to do a big shop every 2 weeks and I will go into our village for some more milk and bread to supplement if we need to.


Last week we managed to stick to our meal plan until Friday – I had forgotten while planning the meals that Nate was at the Children’s Hospital that day which happened to be in another city, with no local parking it was just a nightmare that you can imagine with a 20 month old! So we did the convenience option of grabbing some food while we were out, so it threw a few of our meals out the window. I have double checked the calendar this week so all being well we should stick to plan this week!

Monday – Leftovers
Tuesday – Chilli
Wednesday – Stuffed Peppers
Thursday – Seafood Linguini
Friday – Katsu Chicken Curry
Saturday – Burrito Bowls
Sunday – Leftovers

meal planning monday

The Weekly List 10.07

Welcome back to another one of my weekly lists a post where I dump the thoughts of this week on the blog.

Luke has gone back to work from our staycation last week which leaves me and Nathanael up to our own devices. On Monday I thought it would be a great start to the week if I would “organise” Nate’s toys with him. Nathanael thought Christmas had come at last to have every shelf down from his toy stash, and promptly scatted his entire magnetic alphabet all over the floor.

weekly list 10.07

I decided to earn serious Mummy points by playing in sand with Nathanael – I should make you aware of how very much I loathe sand! I hate the feel of it, it gets everywhere, someone usually ends up with it in there eye – you get my point.
However with the thought that I was depriving my son with the toddlerhood he deserves I overcame my fear and we spent a merry hour in the garden building sandcastles and searching for buried treasure!

On a Tuesday morning I have a morning to myself where my in laws take Nate to a church playgroup. After a meeting, I took myself to our friends coffee shop Jimmy Piggs – not only does it serve the best coffee (amazing cakes too) it also is one of the most happiest and positive places too!

Nate returned from playgroup clutching a Pasta glued paper creation much to my mother in love’s dismay – she believes it is a waste of food and are other ways to create things but Nate seemed to have a good old time sticking the pasta down anyway.

I had been waiting for some clothes to arrive in the mail since last week, the courier had placed “an extreme weather warning” as the reason why they couldn’t deliver sooner, bizarre! I know it was hot but seriously there are countries that have hotter weather than we had last week and they manage! My impatience at the delivery was in vain as I sent everything back – the one down side to shopping online -it looks great in the photo but you can’t tell the quality till it arrives.

I am looking forward to the weekend on Saturday we are spending some time with our friends and on Sunday at our church our Senior Leaders are doing a tag team preach on marriage which I just know is going to be amazing!

Let me know some of the random things that has happened in your week or what you are looking forward to this weekend in the comments.

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