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Weekly Weigh In 3

It’s time for my third weigh in, I honestly can’t believe that I will have been following Slimming World for a whole month this week, so lets jump in to this week’s weigh in!

lets get healthy

I honestly have to say I am quite proud of myself this week, my first victory is that I have stuck to plan under some challenges, the first one being my husband was away with work. In the past when Luke was away I would stick to anything that was convenient, throw a pizza in the oven or something like that just to keep it simple. This time, I planned ahead and had made a huge batch of Slimming World Chilli (minus the beans) and had frozen some individual portions. This was perfect on top of a Jacket Potato with a Side Salad, and was 0 syns!
My main victory this week has to be exercising 5 times! Yes you read it right for 5 days this week I dragged myself out of bed and stuck myself on the cross trainer, I do about 3 miles and then some toning, my little tracker thing on there tells me I am burning 45 calories so I will take that.
My main goal with fitness is 3 times a week so I am not beating myself up if this week I don’t match it, I really do think I got off to a good start by beginning Monday exercising.

Challenges ahead
I have some challenges ahead this week, with lots of social events and opportunities to sneak in a few biscuits but I am determined to stay strong!

Weight Lost This Week –2 pounds

Total Weight Lost –half a stone!!

slimming world  half

Weekly Weigh In 2

It’s time for my Weekly Weigh in, as I have shared in previous posts this is all about me Getting Healthy not dropping to some ridiculous weight!

lets get healthy

The week got off to a great start, I am following Slimming World and they allow you to have 15syns, and on Monday and Wednesday I had 1syn each day, without feeling the need to have more. What curtailed the weight loss this week was some poor planning.

Luke and I went to Subway which I could have got the syn free salad … but I didn’t oops! We also went out to eat unplanned at Frankie’s & Benny’s and none of that food is syn free!

Exercise went out the window this past week too, I just couldn’t find any motivation to get on my cross trainer, I read somewhere recently that if you don’t exercise on Monday you will just keep putting it off, which I did! (You will be pleased to know that this morning at 6.30am I was on my cross trainer like the exercise Queen I am)

However to finish on a positive I managed to stay under the 105 syns allowed for the week and I continue to pass up on the biscuits – what I would do for a Cadburys Chocolate Shortbread.
Overall with Luke being off, and the Smiths on holiday mode I knew that if I could get through the past 2 weeks I would be off to a great start.

Weigh In: –11/2 pounds this week.
Total Weight Loss: 5 Pounds!

Let’s Get Healthy – Weigh In!

I am back with what I hope to be a weekly weigh in on my plan “Lets Get Healthy” I will share some of my victories and then some of my not so good moments too!

lets get healthy


  • Exercised – yeah to me! I do about 20 minutes on my cross trainer while watching a YouTube video or two. The time passes quite quickly and I find if I am focusing on something else while working out I don’t think about  exercising – which is good, because I hate it ;o) I made myself though this week to work out 3 times which is a good start and nothing crazy.
  • I have not had a biscuit! This is a huge achievement, there is nothing better than a cup of tea and a biscuit … or 3.
  • I went to the best coffee shop in town and ordered a green tea, despite craving a hazelnut latte and a nutella cookie.
  • I have downsized to a smaller plate and have not felt hungry. We don’t have crazy large plates in our house or anything like that but I thought I would test out the theory of smaller plate, smaller portions and it appears to be working
  • Only used 70 syns despite eating out twice! Yeah to me!

Not So Good

  • I had a McDonalds – After cooking what is described as “Mac n Cheese” but had no cheese and a heck of a lot of chicken stock and tomato puree with egg there was no way I was going to eat it and keep it down. McDonalds to the rescue! Although not the “best choice” for a diet I did make sure to keep within my syns for the week despite having this so I am letting myself off for that one!

Weigh In

-3 3/4 pounds. I am very pleased with this for my first week, I would like to loose 1-2 pounds a week until Christmas so this keeps me on good track for my goal should I have an off week!

Meal Plan 07.09

So by now you have seen my Lets Get Healthy post and what better way to stay committed to this healthy regime than to pick up with my weekly meal plans, anyone can join in just make sure to link your blog here and use the #mealplanningmonday

Meal planning

Monday – Cowboy Pie and Veg
Tuesday – Nandos (have picked my meal to be low syn!)
Wednesday – Pulled Chipotle Chicken Buns
Thursday – Mac n Cheese
Friday – BBQ Pork and beans
Saturday – Chicken Tikka

FYI – Kiri you told us you were getting healthy why all the nice meals? Well people I am on Slimming World, so as you know it is packed full of veg and a third of your plate needs to have a veg or salad too! Most of these recipes are from the new Slimming World magazine that anyone can purchase so will let you know how they turn out!


Lets Get Healthy

Hey All!

I thought today I would share something I have been thinking about for awhile and I need your encouragement and accountability! What better way to stay in check than to share it with billions!
The time has come for me to get fit and healthy – urgh even the sound of that word “fit” makes me feel nauseous. I will start with why first and then we will jump into the how.

lets get healthy

My family medical history would have doctors reeling – actually while being prescribed hay fever tablets of all things there was a medical student who was observing the appointment who couldn’t keep track of all the health problems my family has!

My Mum was extremely health conscious, exercised, never sat still and fortunately started myself and my sister with good eating habits, which I am grateful for.
Yet despite this at 41 she died of a heart attack.
My Dad died at 46, he was morbidly obese and was overweight my entire life although his weight compounded after he married my step – mum. The larger plate was always reserved for my Dad, piled high, documented as “loving and caring” it  killed him. Only 3 months prior to my Dad dying in tears I pleaded with him to change, my sister often would beg him to also. You see when someone is that overweight they can’t do normal things, they walk at a slower pace, breathless at the end of a street, we were woken up to tie his shoes – I kid you not! Many a manicure or lie in was ruined because apparently it was the children that need to do this.
My Dad had the classic comfort eater attitude – he ate when he was happy, he ate to extremes when he was upset. Think about it, it will often happen in life – you want to show someone you care so you give them the best food, make a cake, offer someone extra, it is a vicious cycle.
I have 2 Family Members who have had mental breakdowns.
I have a family member who had type 2 diabetes which has now turned into type 1 diabetes.
I have 3 family members who had Alzheimer’s disease.

So lets talk about me – I am not overweight, I fall in my BMI bracket, however I weigh more than I would like, not a “I want to be a supermodel weight” as in a I want to become more healthy weight. I would like to get back to my Wedding Night weight ;o) So we have pounds to move people!

I wouldn’t say I exercise either, I walk around all the time and am moving but not to the heart pumping, feeling alive urgh no.
I love sweet treats, I have a serious addiction to sugar and you know what that, was fine when I was breastfeeding Nathanael a year ago a biscuit here, some cake there it was all good but not anymore.
I love going to my fave coffee shop and getting a Nutella cookie and a Hazelnut latte I am sure it is the most calorific choice available, which would be fine if I exercised but like I said I don’t!

So how? I am not going crazy, I am not running a marathon or setting some unachievable goal only for me to fail and console myself in chocolate. I am just committed to a more healthy eating approach with one or two treats thrown in on the odd occasion. I am also committing to moving more!

So I plan to document my journey with you, I will not be sharing my weight with you, but I will share how many pounds a week I lose and what healthy things I have been up to!
If you have loved my blog for random mummy things don’t worry exercise and fitness will not be taking over like I said I have a healthy goal in mind and I am working out in a committed but begrudging way –lets hope those happy endorphins pull me through!