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SSMT 2017 Verse One

It’s that time of year again when Beth Moore through her blog launches a yearly bible memory team and I am back on it!
You can read all about SSMT here and why so many thousands of women take part every other year!


My first verses of the year to memorise come from Colossians, which I have loved spending time reading at the moment.
These verses from Paul as they continue on in the paragraph list seven reasons why Jesus is supreme overall, as it turns out from some study that there is no comparable listing of so many characteristics of Christ found in any other passage of scripture!
I think that this is a fantastic place to start my memorisation for the start of 2017 focusing completely on Jesus and who he is!


December Favourites

1. Family Time – We have a great time this month spending some quality time as a family, with Christmas markets, enchanted gardens, festive meals and time off I really have enjoyed focusing on my nearest and dearest.

2. Dishwasher – I am in love with our new dishwasher, our old one was working ok however put in by the previous owners years ago you can purchase dishwasher now that are so much more energy efficient. With 2 children now, I would rather be playing with them than stood at the kitchen sink and thanks to the new dishwasher I don’t feel guilty having it on every night.

3. Ski Lodge candle – You all know how much I love candles and with this one I was drawn in by the gorgeous festive package which I might add looked wonderful on my Christmas mantle. Also I have been loving more “manly” fragrances to burn in my home and Ski lodge is just that scent with amber, vanilla, sandalwood and white musk.

4. Clock – We are planning on updating a few home decor items in our Living Room during 2017. I am sure my hubby will be sharing over on his blog so make sure to check it out! While out and about this past month shopping for wrapping paper we spotted this clock in Dunelm behind loads of others, probably an end of line and it suited us perfectly!

5. Erin Condren Planner – I honestly don’t know where I would be without a planner, with baby brain, and quite a few social engagements over the festive period it has saved me on more than one occasion.

6. Nathanael in his Christmas production – Nathanael did great at our church Christmas production, it can always be tricky with toddlers on stage in front of lots of people and bless him and the other little ones they had waited long past their usual schedule till they were on. Nate took it all in his stride, and elegantly posed on stage.


Judah 3 Month Update

Judah 3 month update

Weight: 12lbs

Length: Not a clue!

Eating: I can’t say I have really tracked this but we will usually get up and Judah will feed for about an hour – who can blame him when he has slept eleven hours! Then I just feed on demand throughout the day usually with about 2 to 3 hour intervals.

Sleeping: I certainly have been blessed with Judah, he loves his bedtime routine and he loves to have a full nights sleep which I am very grateful for! We start his bedtime routine at 6pm with his bath time, and then I will feed him from anywhere upwards from an hour. It is this cluster feed session which both my boys have done on their own which I think helps them sleep through the night. Judah has been sleeping consistently now from 8pm till about 6.30/7am.
Unlike Nathanael who I tried to instigate a naptime schedule quiet quickly, Judah has to take his naps when we are on the go with Nate. I am hoping to this month have a more consistent after lunch naptime routine with Judah, whether this works will be up to him!

Nappies: Size 2 nappies

Clothes: 0-3 although his sleep suits are becoming really short in the leg, we will soon be moving up to 3-6 months.

Things Judah likes to do:  Judah this month has discovered his hand and he loves to have a good gnaw of it, which has probably been brought on because of the white buds of teeth I can see very close to his gums!
Despite the pain he must be feeling with teeth coming through Judah is a very happy and calm baby, he doesn’t really complain very much unless he is hungry or has his fill of tummy time.
I have loved this past month watching the boys interact with one another, previously it has been Nathanael getting involved but now Judah will turn his head to see what Nate is up to and I like to sit Judah so he can join in games with Nathanael.
We like to include Nathanael with caring for Judah and one way that is simple to do that is during bath time, Judah loves his baths kicking and splashing around in the water and Nathanael loves to wash all the bubbles off him!
Finally we had the dreaded three month injections, three days before Christmas fortunatley Judah took this in his stride yet again with no tempetature or other awful side effects except for being a bit grumpy for a day or two – who could blame him!