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Home Projects 2016

Home Projects

The beginning of the year always sees a reassessment of life, work and personal goals, but I like to throw in a few home projects too – just to keep Luke on his toes!

I am quite pleased so far on all the improvements we have made so far in our ‘new’ home, in 2 short years we have renovated the kitchen, installed a full pantry, decorated Nathanael’s and the main bedroom, thankfully painted over the hideous purple downstairs! Decorated the en-suite as well as installing a new shower and finally set up a home office and blogging headquarters!
With a baby/toddler in tow for most of this I think we deserve a pat on the back for all that work however there are 2 last areas of our house that I can’t stand;

The Dreaded Magenta Bedroom – honestly I do not know what the last home occupants were on because there is nothing relaxing about neon pink.
This room also happens to be the guest bedroom, so many apologies are made before people stay the night! With it being the guest bedroom though it is easy to close off and ignore hence why it has been on the bottom of the to do list.
This room requires several good coats of cream, neutral paint – and also a new carpet, as well as shocking taste in bedroom decor the previous owners left some gorgeous candle wax on the floor as a souvenir – and when I say some  – think half a jar!

The Blue Lagoon aka The Main Bathroom – the kitchen used to be this colour and I hated it, and I loathe it in the bathroom – no offence if your bathroom is blue but it is just so cliché to deck your bathroom out like it is some pirate ship or nautical theme and as you can tell I really do not like colour. Cream is a gorgeous shade, there is nothing offensive about it, no one has strong opinions on it, and when should you come to sell your home you don’t spend 3 months painting over things!

With dreary weather and nothing much planned for the next few months hopefully we can tackle these projects soon – keep your eyes peeled for updates!

2016 Reading List

Ok the title for this post is slightly deceptive, as a huge bookworm there is no way five books would keep me entertained for the year, but sometime you need a catchy title for a blog post right?

With that being said lets jump into some of the books I plan on reading this year!

Reading List 2015

Every Bitter Thing is Sweet: Tasting the Goodness of God in All Things by Sara Hagerty
After having a fairly bitter end to 2015 this book shouted out to me, and was naturally the first book I reached for and devoured one evening.
Sara takes you on her journey of disappointments and unmet desires to renewed hope and strength in God. As it is her story there will be parts that are not applicable to your situation yet the message that God does not only like you but love you exactly the way you are is the same story for all. I loved this quote
”They approached their days with a confidence that God had something for them – not just one big something but lots of little somethings.”

Meeting God in Paul by Rowan Williams
Who doesn’t love to read a condensed book on Paul – what is not to love really! This book is surprisingly accessible to those of whose who haven’t been to bible college. Would I say I prefer this to my beloved Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes by Kenneth E Bailey I would have to say no but it is  still well worth a read!
“ We are delivered from slavery and empowered to pray in a new way; Jesus’ way; we are given the strength to live in service and attention and welcome to one another; and the whole long term point of it all is so that the whole universe may see hope coming to birth.”

Simply Jesus: Who he was, What he did and Why it matters by Tom Wright
My church has just started a year long teaching series on Only Jesus and I thought this book might be helpful in some extracurricular reading! I always find I retain more and act on things if I have stumbled across it myself so I am looking forward to jumping into this book soon.

The Spirit of Early Christian Thought by Robert Louis Wilken
I love reading anything about the early church thanks to Bryan M Litfin An Evangelical Introduction to Christian Martyr Stories and Getting to Know the Church Fathers.
I can count on one hand the amount of times in my church life someone has mentioned the early church or a church father but there is seriously something compelling about learning about the very foundations of building church and anyone who is prepared to give birth in a prison, send their daughter off to their family while they go off and get killed by a lion has some serious faith!

Gospel Powered Parenting: How the gospel shapes and transforms parenting by William P. Farley
No reading list is complete for me unless it contains a book that is either going to help me invest into my marriage or with my parenting, its all well and good looking lofty with these theological books but unless I am growing as a mother and a wife I am missing the point!
I had heard about this book through a YouTube Channel Sweet and Simple Home and excited to see how this may help shape my parenting!

My Mission 2016

Welcome back to my blog! Thankfully it is now a New Year and a fresh start and I could do with one of those thanks to a crazy December 2015.

If you have been following my blog for a while you will remember me picking up the awesome Inkwell Press Live Well Planner, on one of the very first pages is a space for “my mission.”

Thankfully Tonya, the owner of inkwell press doesn’t leave you hanging with no clue what to write in this empty box and has videos of how to set up a mission statement, as well as a Facebook group where people have share their ideas.

It was on that group that I stumbled across my mission for 2016,

Mission Statement 2016

I think many of us, particularly the women in my life who I adore, hold ourselves to an extremely high standard. Whether that be our marriages, our careers, our parenting, from what we wear, to what we buy.

We have – I have, a set way of how i want to see things carried out, now hear me it is one of the qualities I do like, I think it has helped me out immensely in certain areas.
I do a really good job (or try to) for most things I put my mind to, because I work hard, nothing has been given to me for free.

There are occasions though where my quest for doing a good job (some would say perfection) has caused me some pain, usually when I feel I put extra effort in for others who should take more ownership of something or other.

I struggle to let anything go because if I did what the heck would happen (chaos) but this year I am going to try to let myself off the hook now and then.
The whole world I am sure won’t fall apart because I have … I think … possibly … so here is to 2016 where I live more by grace.

Let me know what your mission/goal/resolution is for the year ahead!