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Easter Basket

As we approach Easter I thought I would share what will be in Nathanael’s Easter Basket.
I first came across similar baskets via You Tube and I fell in love with the option Pottery Barn Kids Easter Basket and Liner where you can purchase a customised liner with either your child’s name or initials on it.

I can’t fault the quality of this product at all and where I am sure you can purchase something similar or perhaps even make one yourself I don’t mind paying a little more outlay for something that will stand the test of time!

Easter Basket outside

What really appeals to me with Easter Basket is that we can choose to fill the basket with whatever we like rather than the quick fix of Easter Eggs.
I remember as I child my sister and I would have in the region of 20+ eggs from family members alone.

Our mum would take them and store them in a “sweet cupboard” and our reward for us being good was to share half an egg or the contents inside. Now although grateful as a child for all this chocolate it would take us till at least the end of summer to clear the cupboard and only now do I appreciate how restrained my mother was because I just don’t have the inner strength to sit on 20 chocolate Easter eggs for half a year.

blog inside

I am not such an ogre to not allow Nathanael a “treat or two” in his basket but I am looking forward to using his Easter Basket being used like his Christmas Stocking with things he might need and activities we can do as a family.

So here is what is in Nathanael’s Easter Basket!

Veggie Tales Easter Bundle
My Very First Easter Story Sticker Book
Cadbury Mini Hollow Bunnies
Muffin Cases for us to bake later on in the week!