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Likes, Links, Things

It’s time for another Likes, Links & Things, I know you are overwhelmed with my consistency of blogging at the moment – whoop whoop!

bath and body works candle

As you can tell from the picture I was thrilled to find some Bath and Body Works candles! I am loving these for my kitchen to detract away from the bin/sink/fridge smell. It really is random that I feel as if I can smell through the fridge door at the moment.

Speaking of the kitchen I actually managed to bake with Nathanael this past week! We made Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars which you can find on my Pinterest Board. Goodness knows how much raw cookie dough Nathanael consumed but he had a great time baking with Mummy.

I am liking the nice people that seem to have appeared around and about – Nathanael and I had to pop to the shops to purchase the above baking supplies.
Nate and I were discussing all the things we need as he carried the bag, while I had the shopping basket, he took great enjoyment in putting our goods in the basket and telling me what they were. As any excited toddler would on the prospect of consuming a large amount of “choc chips” he happened to loose any sense of direction in the aisles and crossed paths with a few customers too, quickly apologising to some a gentlemen said to me;
“Don’t worry, he is fine ,it is nice to hear someone talking to their children rather than shouting at them” Nate seemed quite impressed with this man so he gave a hearty “bye” and wave to him.
Happy parenting points to me!

Speaking of parenting points Nathanael has a new found love/addiction to Paw Patrol, our friends were talking about how much their son loved Paw Patrol and curious to what the fuss was about and being very tired of Bing! I got the first season on Amazon.
Well now Nathanael is hooked after greeting us in the morning the next words on his list are “saw atrol” (we are working on P’s at the start of the word.) Generous, loving Mummy that I am he is allowed an episode after breakfast while I do the washing up.

Let me know what you have been up to this past week!

Pregnancy Update 17 Weeks

Baby is the size of a … turnip


Best moment this week? We had a midwife appointment this week which Nathanael came along to he was very interested in all the gadgets and the moveable bed!
Nate is not shy (unless he is putting it on for more attention) and everyone was greeted with a Hi, much was said on the fact he wanted to go “outside”
Anyway we all enjoyed the appointment all is going well as it should and the heartbeat is at 154 I have had a look back at Nathanael’s around this time and it was 160.

Miss anything? A lie in, I have been waking up at 6am which doesn’t sound bad when I was working but Nate has always been generous with me and I usually stir around 7/7.30am. Also this doesn’t really account for the several times I am up in the night with pregnancy paranoia as I like to call it.  I suppose the early starts have made me more productive so that is a plus.

Movement? Same as last week nothing consistent and usually after something sugary!

Sleep? A good night sleep is in short supply around these parts usually waking up once or twice through the night.

Food cravings? Not having any specific food cravings although I am enjoying dessert and I have requested dauphinoise potatoes this week on the menu!

What makes you queasy/sick? The fridge first thing in a morning!

Morning Sickness? I have completed a whole week without being sick! Whoop Whoop not holding my breath that the sickness is over though.

Gender? No idea

Looking forward to? The Bank Holiday we are off to see my sister and brother in law!

Likes, Links, Things

It’s way past due for me to help you procrastinate from your everyday tasks so grab a cup of tea if you can stomach it and waste some time with me!

Nate sleeping

Why is it when I am pregnant the plethora of shows on TV happen to be cooking shows? I have caught one or two episodes of Masterchef which on a side note makes me miss my Nanna. I would ring her up the day after an episode aired and she would always have an opinion on something someone had cooked!

All I have been viewing online are maternity shops or clothing. I have already placed many an order that have promptly been returned – they tell you to buy your normal size but I would have to be pregnant with sextuplets to fit some of these items!

With a lack of non food related shows on TV I have took to watching Jennifer Ross old YouTube videos on MyHousewifeLife Channel. It is such a shame she doesn’t vlog as much anymore but one can hardly blame her with a newborn! I just adore her organisation!

I have been spending a lot of time here on the hunt for some decent moisturiser my skin is normally dry and now through pregnancy I am pretty much flakey. I honestly think that a Cadburys Flake has more structure at the moment than my skin cells.

A huge win this week though has been Nathanael’s new car seat he can actually get into it himself which I know I really will appreciate when I am 30+ weeks pregnant. A bigger moment of joy was when he took a nap in it too!

Preganancy Update 16 Weeks

Baby is the size of … an avacado


Best moment this week?
Enjoying a meal out it has been a long time in coming!

Movement? I have felt some flutters this week particularly after eating something sugary!

Sleep? In a word – terrible. I really thought at this point I would be over the exhaustion, I make a point of going to bed early only to wake up at around 1am struggle to get back to sleep and then again wake up at 5am. The waking up several times a night is what is causing the exhaustion part to last longer I think.

Food Cravings? To crave some food would actually be nice, I have had a great love this time with jacket potato and cheese rather than mash potato with everything like I did with Nathanael. We will see how it goes as I did request early on cake a number of times too.

What makes you queasy/sick? Can be anything at the minute, usually lingering smells but I can’t combat the smell with a candle as the synthetic fragrance irritates me as well.
The smell of garlic or anything that contained garlic bothered me a lot in the beginning, however this was just the start and has spread to a whole host of unexplained smells and tastes which leave me running for the bathroom.

Morning Sickness? Yes – I wish it would leave me alone, I went a period of 5 days with no sickness and honestly thought that was that only for it to return with a vengeance!

Gender? Who knows?? This pregnancy is a lot different from when I was pregnant with Nathanael which could mean girl however I have been cut open,  rummaged around in and all the pieces might have not been placed where God intended, so this could be inconclusive.
I would be happy either way and we will hopefully find out this time!

Looking forward to? Not being sick and energy returning!!

First Trimester Joys!

So I thought I would share some lovely things that I have experienced during my first trimester that I really wish I hadn’t! Anyone pregnant can tell you there are just some things you really don’t want to see, hear or smell especially in those first twelve weeks +

Pinterest – so you pop on to have a look at all things Valentine/ Mothers Day/ Easter related only to be faced by a barrage of food related items, partially cooked, half eaten or deconstructed it is enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

Instagram – This also appears to be the perfect place to compile a food diary of sorts. I am mindlessly scrolling through photographs of friend’s children or a bible verse when I am thrown into another wave of nausea with pictures from those who have aspirations of becoming Michel Roux Jr.

The Fridge – Somewhere around six weeks the fridge appears to take on an odour akin to the local dump. Try as one may to slightly open the door this does not deter the 5 million varying smells attacking your senses. I was convinced at one point a skunk had set up camp somewhere in the salad draw but alas the culprit has not been found.

Toilet Duck – My head has been located for the best part of two months in the toilet bowl, now before pregnancy I wondered at the marvellous creation of Toilet Duck fresh disks, keeping everything clean one flush at a time. Yet when nausea hits and I find myself running to the bathroom the overwhelming smell of toilet duck only makes the whole experience ten times worse.

This Farming Life– While camped out on the couch in an evening I stumbled onto the joy that is This Farming Life, over the course of a year it follows various Scottish farmers and their families on their farms.
Now I know better than to watch One Born Every Minute or other pregnancy type shows but there is just something horrifying while pregnant watching farmers assist a cow giving birth, wrapping rope around the calf’s legs and using some ghastly metal winching device – it turned my stomach.

But the prize really has to go to someone who genuinely asked “when did you know you were trying to get pregnant” I mean there is no tasteful way to answer this but to pretend you didn’t hear the question. At least it serves for an amusing story!