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Summer with English Heritage

I love it when my English Heritage Magazine arrives, especially during the Summer months full of free activities to keep Nathanael entertained and always a welcome stop for a cream tea!
Here are some of the things that are happening this summer free for life members like myself but I would think if you plan to do a few of these this Summer a years membership is definitely worth it!

Summer with English Heritage

Bolsover Castle

Cavendish’s Horses
Sat 30-Sun 31 July
Sat 6- Sun 7, Sat 13- Sun 14, Sat 20 – Sun 21 August
Sat 3 – Sun 4, Sat 10 – Sun 11, Sat 17 – Sun 18, Sat 24 – Sun 25 September

Norman Knight Time
Monday 25 – Friday 29th July

Gruesome Goings On
Monday 8th – Friday 12th August

Awesome Archaeology
Monday 15th – Friday 19th August

Grand Medieval Joust
Sunday 28th – Monday 29th August

Brodsworth Hall and Gardens

Hands on History – Garden Bug Hunt
Every day from Saturday 23rd July – Sunday 4th September

These are just some of the events near to us but if you live in another part of the country why not check out what is going off near you! I know I would love to be near Audley End for the Enchanted Circus 28th –31st July!


Pregnancy Update 30 Weeks

Baby is the size of a … large cabbage


Best moment this week? This week has been quite busy, Luke has been away with work so I was chief parent for a day or two. This is of course the time that I decided to organise our huge pantry in 32 degree heat (Luke had words!)
We then started the batch cooking ready for when we are very busy with toddler and new born, I have split the cooking up over several weeks so we don’t feel overwhelmed!

Miss anything? Antihistamines, sleeping on my stomach and oh yes sleep!

Movement? A Huge Yes!

Sleep? It has been absolutely awful in this heat! Fans just blow hot air around, there is no point in having any windows open so my winning method has been to lay flannels doused in cold water all over me! Every time I get up in the night I just rinse them again and the cool water helps so much.

Food cravings? No cravings apart from fruit and tons of iced water!

What makes you queasy/sick? All has been good in the sickness department thank goodness.

Gender? Check out our gender announcement here

Looking forward to? Cooler weather please!



Why My Toddler “helps” me clean

I am not usually one for controversial blog posts but I am pregnant so I am allowing myself to get away with it!

I recently saw on Facebook something along the lines of “my house is messy its because I have a 3yr old” which amused me.
We all have those days where it looks like a volcano has erupted in our living rooms normally with an angelical looking child in the middle. It’s the life of a parent!
What bothered me and led to this post was an individual who commented underneath that caption stating that to have a house which is clean and tidy is a sign that a child is bored and unhappy.
I am not quite sure where that logic comes from, my home 90% of the time is clean and tidy I have a toddler that is far from unhappy so I thought why not share why I encourage Nathanael to “help” me clean.

cleaning with toddler

It all started back when Nate was a baby probably about 3 months, I had heard that some babies/young children hate the hoover and there was no way Nate was about to hate the hoover.
I would put him on his play mat when I was cleaning and I would hoover right next to him, I must have done something right because I don’t have a child that runs a mile from it, infact he can’t wait when the hoover comes out and will happily take off with it himself.

When I polish, Nate has his duster too and we go around all the lower surfaces together, now I am pregnant and the skirting needs cleaning he is far more efficient than me.

He sets the table to help when Mummy and Daddy are cooking, it’s a great teaching opportunity – you can encourage them to count the utensils as they put them on the table. You are teaching them what cutlery goes in which hand as well as thinking of others.

Nate also help makes his bed, there is nothing more fun for him than shaking out the duvet and the occasional jumping on the bed.

Nathanael also helps empty the washing machine with me another job he loves because he gets to press the buttons, but it also teaches him the basic skills of life.

There are so many things he loves to do that would be classed as cleaning or caring for the home and he is by far from unhappy doing them, it would be easier in fact for him not to help me but I would miss out on so many teaching opportunities with him!

Cleaning and Tidying teaches my son so many things, it teaches him that he is part of a team, a valuable lesson he will learn throughout his life and it starts at home.
It teaches him to be considerate of others feelings, if he had every single toy out to play with he could trip and hurt himself when distracted or he could hurt others. With a new baby arriving he can’t have the whole space to himself  so we are learning that others matter too.
It teaches him the value of his things and others, we are very blessed that I am able to stay at home with him so he is spoilt with my time which is devoted to him throughout the day, but he is not spoilt with material things, he has learnt value by taking care of his items and that if he breaks something it won’t be automatically replaced.

Why not let me know what things your toddler helps you with around the house, there are so many activities that seem mundane that toddlers just bring so much joy to!


Likes, Links, Things

july likes

Ripple– I am starting off with a good one, my current chocolate of choice! Despite the inevitable chocolate crumbs that go everywhere I could quite easily polish off a pack or two!

Babyway Step Toilet Trainer Everything at Camp Smith has been focused on getting Nate potty trained. Our goal was to have Nate potty trained before Mini Smith’s arrival and we thankfully have made it – all thanks to Nathanael’s hard work! This Toilet Training Step stool has worked wonders, Nate has loved to climb up and down on it and thank goodness for no more potty’s to clean out – 3 days of that was enough for me!

Packing Cubes Last week I started packing my hospital bag and these packing cubes have proved invaluable. I remember during Nate’s birth everything being so rushed even though it was a scheduled C-Section and I thought my bag was organised – it was but only to me. Hopefully everything separated into the cubes will help Luke find things quickly and keep my items and baby items from being mixed up.

Chase Amie I don’t think I have spoken about Amie’s YouTube channel before – (word of warning you will have serious handbag envy) and I have no idea why! For a start I love her voice, it is beyond therapeutic to have her talk about handbags, shoes and fashion after a loud toddler filled afternoon. I also think it is a complete art to be able to talk about high end fashion without coming across as entitled or proud, her items haven’t been handed to her by a PR company so she can give a completely honest review and feels the pain of handing over that cash!

That’s this weeks Likes, Links Things so drop me a comment on what you have been up to!



Pregnancy Update 29 Weeks

Baby is the size of a … butternut squash

butternut squash

Best moment this week? Has to be our midwife appointment. Mini Smith is growing well and plotting on the 50th centile and seems to be quite content where they are, which is good!
I also managed to get a few loads of laundry done and have a wardrobe full of gorgeous baby things – why are things so cute in miniature? I am feeling organised and prepared which always puts me in a great mood!

Miss anything? Antihistamines as usual but I would love to be able to sleep on my stomach!!

Movement? A Huge Yes!

Sleep? I think I am averaging that 3 days a week I get a full nights sleep and the rest I am up through the night. Can’t complain it could always be worse!

Food cravings? I wouldn’t say a craving per say but I have got back into the same likes as I had with Nathanael – oranges and strawberries.

What makes you queasy/sick? All has been good in the sickness department thank goodness.

Gender? Check out our gender announcement here

Looking forward to? The start of batch cooking tons of freezer meals!