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Judah One Month Update

I am so glad that when Nathanael was a baby I did an update for each month until his first birthday. At first this was just to document him, but now after having Judah they have proved invaluable for remembering what we did the first time!

Judah 1 month

Weight: Judah has been amazing at putting on weight which I am so pleased about, he was born at 6lbs 6oz, dropped to 6lbs 2oz and then has consistently put on 2-3oz every time he is weighed. He is currently at 8lbs 10oz


Eating: Tons! When Judah was first born we woke him up every 3 hours to ensure he didn’t drop a tremendous amount of weight. We were conscious of this with being a scheduled C-Section, wanting to exclusively breastfeed and Nathanael dropped just under 10%. As you can see by Judah’s weight gain this worked incredibly well, once he was well over his birth weight we have gone to baby led, during the day this can be anywhere from 2-3 hours but at night we are having a good 4 -5hours

Sleeping: During the day we have about 2 hour naps and then at night we can range anywhere from 4-5hours

Nappies: Pampers Size One

Clothes: As Judah was such a tiny baby he has mainly been in Next first size which has fitted him perfectly. We have just started introducing new-born so at least we will get plenty of wear out of them.

Things Judah likes to do: Eat! No surprise there! He is hitting all his one month milestones such as turning his head to Mummy and Daddy’s voice, and following his toys with his eyes. He is also  fantastic at tummy time the joys of breastfed babies!

I am seriously cherishing the early days of my little man, he is such a joy!


C Section Recovery Tips

csection blog post

After having two scheduled C-Sections, I thought I would share some tips and hints that I would have loved to have had when I had my first son.
Nathanael was breech and all the way up to discovering this at 36 weeks I was planning, and had read what seemed to be every book going on natural labour so on being faced with a C Section I had no clue.
When turning to books I had, they gave a one page or less to what I would experience both during and post C Section so I really hadn’t a clue.

It is also a tricky subject to bring up around other women when looking for advice, I was very open that this would be how my second delivery would go and I did experience on more than one occasion the superiority from others who had a natural labour. Fortunately I am extremely pleased with how my both my boys were born, and I have no qualms in shutting down nonsense so let me preface my advice and tips with this;
If you have found yourself looking at this blog post in less than ideal circumstances, perhaps a situation out of your control has forced the decision of a C Section do not even entertain any negativity for a second from yourself or others around you that your birth experience has made you less than. You are an amazing Mum!

So lets jump in;

Freezer Meals – Whatever labour you are having I would prepare as many meals as you can muster between now and your due date. This is a time and sanity saver when you need food during those cluster feeding sessions and growth spurts. For tips and meal ideas just click the links!

Amazon Packing Cubes – When you get to hospital you will be faced with lots of checks, consultants, anaesthetists and midwives they all want to ask you questions. It appears you have lots of time but when its your turn to go they want you ready quickly. The last thing you need is chaos in your hospital bag.
This is why it is such a good idea to have everything separated into packing cubes – keep babies items in one, and your own items in another so they aren’t mixed up. It will ultimately be your husband who will be fetching and carrying things for you so make sure he knows where the items are ahead of time, the packing cubes will help him to get to the items quickly.
At the top of my suitcase left out of the cubes I had my dressing gown, flip flops, 1 baby grow and 1 nappy that is what you will need for you to be ready for theatre.

Arnica Tablets – The hospital are going to give you every kind of pain killer going to keep you comfortable but I highly recommend arnica tablets to help with the bruising – both external and internal. When they say that if you feel anything during a c section its the sensation of your stomach being like a washing up bowl – well there is some major tugging and pulling to get the baby out and these really helped my recovery.

Hospital Knickers – Not the most attractive lingerie I have ever worn but a necessity. Some will suggest just buy 2 or 3 sizes up – why waste your money on Bridget Jones pants you would never wear again and get these.

Peppermint Tea – This is for the likelihood of trapped wind – child birth is such a glamorous experience. Take a box of peppermint tea bags to the hospital with you and thank me later!

Belly Bandit – I loved my belly bandit post c-section, there are so many ways that this helps with whatever labour you have had but for me it was great to feel supported after surgery and while breastfeeding.

Stay Active within reason, I found taking short walks when I felt able to be really beneficial, you can get quite stiff and uncomfortable if you stay stationary for a long period of time post surgery. A walk and some fresh air will also help with the cabin fever you might experience from being stuck in doors, just make sure that someone else pushes the pram!



Judah James Birth Story

I thought it was high time that I sit down and write out Judah’s birth story while he is off having a nap. It was so helpful to have all of Nathanael’s updates and birth story to help me feel more prepared and hopefully this may help someone else too!


I knew before getting pregnant that I would have a repeat C Section, for the ultimate health of my baby. With malignant hyperthermia running in the family my ultimate concern, however minimal a risk would have been to get into a situation during labour where I would need emergency surgery and the life and death situation of not having a vapour free operating theatre.
I was fortunate that my health care providers agreed with my concerns and couldn’t guarantee the vapour free room without the prior planning of a scheduled C Section.

So at 36 weeks we received our baby boy’s birth day, there is a misconception that you have a choice in the date – you don’t – they tell you what day to turn up, which was fine with me!
I was thrilled when they said I could go on enhanced recovery, which basically allows you to continue eating till 2am the morning of the surgery and drinking until 6.30am.
You also get the joy of consuming a horrific drink with 500 calories in it – I believe that this is the same when you have a gestational diabetes check but I have never had one of those so I couldn’t be sure, anyway it was vile but I dutifully drank it.

We got to the hospital at 7.15am, and then sat and waited for an hour and a half for a midwife to turn up, to do all the checks that I had before so there is a ton of repetition just to make sure that you are who you say you are! The consultant came around and assured me that I would have my vapour free room etc but couldn’t guarantee I would be first, this was when I knew a repeat of Nathanael’s delivery day was happening again, but this time I could clearly advocate for myself.

What happens usually is the consultant decides the order of the operations on the day, however in may case with this being an anaesthetic allergy the anaesthetist trumps the authority of the consultant. So after our consultant had left i explained to the midwife – I am not sure what order the consultant has but I will say that the anaesthetist will have me in first. Low and behold the midwife said I was second and then along comes the anaesthetist and then I was first, surprise surprise! As I had then “jumped” the list I had to change midwifes at this point due to shift patterns which was great as it turns out she knew our friends and went to church which I really saw God’s hand in!

This is the part where I had some amazing friends praying for me was the spinal! I remember it being horrific last time as they had me laying on the bed and wanting to push against them – which is just ridiculous when you’re 9 months pregnant!
This time it couldn’t have been more different, I had so many anaesthetic people in the room as we are a random medical case! I was sat up when they put the spinal in and had someone explaining what was going off throughout which really helped for me to keep still and focus so that it went in first time.

Luke came in shortly after and it was a really calm atmosphere, I had said to our midwife I was very pro on breastfeeding and she said she would get baby on me straight away after checks etc which I was again thrilled with because last time I only had Nate on me during recovery.

At 9.59 they plucked Judah from me and Luke and I both looked at each other and went he does not look eight and half pounds which is what our pointless 20 week scan had predicted he would be! Turns out that Judah was a petite 6lbs 6oz! Eventually he started crying and made his presence known, and Luke was surprisingly offered whether he wanted to cut the cord which was great again as we didn’t have this at Nate’s birth.

Judah was popped straight on me and he started wriggling around all over the place and he continues to keep his activity up now!
When we told the room his name it was great as the anaesthetist who did my spinal told the room how Judah fits into the genealogy of Christ, we were definitely looked after by God that day to have the right people in the room with us!

Luke and I have never disagreed on name choices and we aren’t in to the whole “X looks like an X” business, his name was always going to be Judah which in Hebrew means praise.
Judah comes from the verb Lehodot which means “to thank” in the Bible though this is synonymous not just with gratitude but with praise.
In the temple the sacrifice of thanksgiving was called “Todah” and is heard even today to say thanks.

I am so thankful for Judah as he completes our family and not only that but I am  praising God for the wonderful family he has given us. We are unbelievably blessed with our two sons, this is such a wonderful time for us all!