October 2016

Judah One Month Update By

I am so glad that when Nathanael was a baby I did an update for each month until his first birthday. At first this was just to document him, but now after having Judah they have proved invaluable for remembering what we did the first time! Weight: Judah has been amazing at putting on weight
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C Section Recovery Tips By

After having two scheduled C-Sections, I thought I would share some tips and hints that I would have loved to have had when I had my first son. Nathanael was breech and all the way up to discovering this at 36 weeks I was planning, and had read what seemed to be every book going
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Creating Office Storage By

In a recent post I spoke of my Bay Window Desk which was in a way, an IKEA Hack. As you may have guessed my home office is a small space, which it is, and I have spent the whole time we’ve been in this house trying to make the most of the space to be
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