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November Favourites


1. Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish –  So with a newborn and a toddler I really haven’t had that much opportunity to paint my nails which is why I am so glad I tried Essies gel polish. It lasted a good 7 days with minimal chips which is great for my usual peely flakey nails.

2. Danone Light & Free Greek Style Yoghurt –  With being back on Slimming World I am always looking for some low syn treats and I have to say I have been loving these yoghurts and they are free! Perfect!

3. Christy Nockels The Thrill of Hope – This is Christy’s first Christmas cd and it is a winner which for Christian Music in 2016 is few and far between! I absolutely love the song Wrap This One Up how it takes you from a lamb as sin offering at the temple to Jesus birth, death and resurrection it is great to reflect on as we approach Christmas.

4. Nathanael’s Third Birthday – I can’t believe that my eldest is three years old – where did the time go? Nate’s birthday was on a Friday so Luke took the day off and we had a lovely long weekend together.

5. Skip Hop Forma Pack and Go Changing Bag – I am back to a changing bag being my sole handbag of choice and I am so pleased I purchased this one, everything is so organised with the packing cubes. As I am breastfeeding I just use the insulated pouch for Judah’s wipes and nappies at the front so the whole main compartment has all my usual handbag items.

6. Starbucks Cup – A Christmas tradition I have every year is to purchase a festive cup from Starbucks! I love them, perfect for my Baileys & Hot Chocolate next month.

Slimming World Weekly Meal Plan 2

This past week has gone really well! I have stuck to plan in spite of some challenges mainly Judah’s eight week injections.
I don’t know about you, but I tend to emotionally eat-  if there is good news celebrate with chocolate cake, if there is bad news commiserate with chocolate cake and if a friend is coming over for a visit you know there has to be biscuits involved!

Anyway I resisted, I tried to keep well under my syns allowance for the week I only used 43 syns  and I lost 2 pounds for the week.
That takes my total weightloss for four weeks being back on plan to 7 and a half pounds! I am thrilled to have reached my half a stone award and looking forward to loosing more next week.  So onto the meal plan for the week ahead!

Meal Plan

Monday – Chicken Chow Mein (Best Loved Extra Easy Recipes Cookbook)
Tuesday – Chilli Wedges (Slimming World Website)
Wednesday – Greek Lamb Orzo Pasta (Slimming World Extra Easy All in One Cookbook)
Thursday – Chicken Pappardelle (Slimming World Extra Easy All in One Cookbook)
Friday – Chicken with Swede Mash and Paprika Carrot Chips
Saturday – Taco Bowls
Sunday – Leftovers



Judah Two Month Update

Judah 2 month

Weight: 10lbs 14oz. Judah has done so well piling on weight I can’t believe he was 6lbs 6oz when he was first born!

no idea.

Eating: Judah has been doing so well! We have no routine to speak of as I am following his lead, and it is working out well at the moment. Judah tends to feed a lot throughout the day with a large cluster feed in the evening and this gives us some great stretches of sleep at night.
This past month we saw out the six week growth spurt which I really consider a breastfeeding milestone, once you get to the six week mark it really is so much easier!

Sleeping: We really have been blessed it seems with another baby that loves his sleep at night – thank you Judah! At the start of the month Judah would sleep a 3 hour stretch, wake up and then another 3 hour stretch.
Then Judah moved onto sleeping through the night in seven hour stretches and this past week he has done several nights of 9 and a half hours!! It has been incredible and we definitely feel better after a full nights sleep.

Nappies: Pampers Size Two

Clothes: I have only recently started putting Judah in “normal” clothes, I have tended to leave him in his sleep suits because they just look more comfortable. I remember with Nathanael I was so eager to get him in clothes whereas with Judah I want to cling to the new born stage a little longer!

Things Judah likes to do: Judah began smiling at around 5 weeks old, and as the month has gone on he has loved pulling his smile out for Mummy, Daddy and Nathanael. Judah has also begun chatting to us with some ee’s and ooo’s so in an evening you will hear me copying his conversation back to him.
This month we have had more time on our play mat and Judah has begun kicking a rattle toy with his feet and having a good look around, we of course are continuing with tummy time but I split that up throughout the day so he doesn’t become overwhelmed with it.
Judah also loves his bath time with Daddy, he is quite happy to splash around, and kick the water and only complains when he is taken out of it!

We have had another amazing month with Judah and I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!


Coming Soon–Blogmas 2016!


Get ready because Blogmas is coming!! I am so excited to share with you on the run up to Christmas, last year sadly ended abruptly due to family circumstances so I have had a review on how this year will run.
I intend to share a post every weekday something Christmas related, you will find posts on how I plan to decorate for Christmas, my gift ideas, a Christmas meal plan and so much more!


Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets

Eek I am so excited for Christmas this year as we celebrate as a family of 4! With a new baby though I made sure to get organised before Judah arrived so we could enjoy the festive period stress free.
If you haven’t planned what Christmas Markets you plan to visit this season then hopefully my selection below will be able to help you out!

York Christmas Festival 17th November –23rd December

Manchester Christmas Markets 10th November –21st December

Leeds German Market 11th November – 18th December

Christmas Food Gift & Craft Fair 27-28th November

Haworth Victorian Christmas 3rd –4th December

Brodsworth Enchanted Gardens 16th December –23rd December

Brodsworth Christmas Market 10th –11th December

Let me know in the comments below what you have planned this Christmas Season!