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Slimming World Weekly Meal Plan 1

Judah is now over six weeks old and I can now officially attempt to loose the pregnancy weight. I was quite fortunate with both my pregnancy that I didn’t have any extreme unhealthy cravings and I attempted to eat as well as possible while still enjoying treats here and there.

With all that said I am very determined to shift the remaining baby weight in a healthy manner which is why I have returned back to Slimming World. I really do enjoy Slimming World as it doesn’t feel as if you are on a diet, the whole family can eat the same thing and the most important factor at the moment it is backed by the Royal College of Midwives.

With breastfeeding Judah I am allowed additional healthy extra’s which fluctuate on how old he is and when solids are introduced, so I will just be sharing my main meals on the menu plan.
I hope you find this useful if you are planning Slimming World meal plan, but mainly this will be a great place to document my slimming world journey!

Meal Plan

Monday – Vegetable Singapore Noodles (Slimming World Extra Easy All in One Cookbook)
Tuesday – Salmon with Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables and Cous Cous
Wednesday – Chicken Donburi Yakitori (Slimming World A Taste of Asia Cookbook)
Thursday – Italian Meatballs (Best Loved Extra Easy Recipes Cookbook)
Friday – Turkey Burgers (Slimming World Recipes Online)
Saturday – Roast Chicken Dinner
Sunday – Leftovers


October Favourites


1. Slippers – With the autumnal weather bringing on cold nights I went on a hunt for some cosy slippers and found this pair in Next. They are so warm, fluffy and I have been floating around the house in them!

2. Nathanael and Judah – This month has been wonderful to watch Nathanael and Judah together. Every morning the first sentence out of Nate’s mouth is “Where’s Judah” people warn you about jealousy or the older one feeling pushed out but Nate really has just loved having a brother. If anything he is more upset that Judah can’t play with him more!

3.Mulberry Candle – aka my “show candle” I was very much spoiled by Luke’s Aunt and Uncle with a Mulberry Candle on the birth of Judah. If you could contain luxury in a smell it would smell like this candle and I adore the jar – it will match our living room perfectly when Luke paints our living room in the new year.

4. My giving birth present – I am all for buying a woman presents in celebration of her 10 months carrying a baby, enduring morning sickness, sleepless nights, bad back and the experience of having the baby whichever way it comes out! When Nathanael was born Luke chose me an eternity ring, and for Judah he bought me a gorgeous Pandora bracelet with the boys initials on.
Luke always purchases the most thoughtful gifts!

5. Lucifer – Another joy from Amazon prime, the whole appeal to this show is Tom Ellis we all remember his first appearance on Eastenders, and I loved his character in Miranda so to see him this is great! The show itself is quite flawed in it’s logic, the devil helping anyone .. random but it’s a great show!

6. Hydratem8 bottle – If you’re into Slimming World you will probably have this as a staple but I have been loving my hydratem8 bottle this month.
I have been so conscious with breastfeeding to make sure I am drinking enough water throughout the day and the times at the side of the bottle really encourage me to do that.  It is quite tricky dealing with a toddler that needs help at the toilet, a baby feeding from you or wanting to sleep on you to get up and grab a drink in the chaos of life so its brilliant that the bottle holds a litre at a time.