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Blogmas Day 14: Christmas Menu

blogmas 14

High on my lists of things I love about Christmas is the food! Mince Pies and Baileys Cream, sausages wrapped in bacon, chocolate melt in the middle puddings because I don’t like Christmas cake and not to forget the epic cheeseboards to feast on!

I thought I would share with you what is on our Christmas Menu this year after six years of marriage Luke and I have this down to a fine art!
Roast Potatoes cooked in Goose Fat
Sausages Wrapped in Bacon
Sausagemeat Stuffing
Brussel Sprouts
Cauliflower Cheese
Green Bean Casserole – a welcome American addition.
Sweetcorn – My hubby insists
Bread Sauce
Cranberry Sauce
Chocolate Melt in the Middle Pudding
Christmas Pudding for Luke
Baileys Cream
Brandy Butter
Cheese Board
Jacobs Cream Crackers

I would love to know what you will be having on your Christmas Menu this year so please share below! Do you have lots of family and friends over or do you keep the day for immediate family?


Blogmas Day 13: Christmas Ornaments

blogmas 13

I am sure many people have the yearly tradition of purchasing a Christmas ornaments for their children, and I thought I would share the ones we have chosen for this year!

Nathanael Ornament

Nathanael had a great time at the Brodsworth Christmas Market and picked out this decoration because of the star, he was so cute handing the money over and then hanging it on our tree when he got home.

Judah Ornament

We picked out this ornament for Judah’s first Christmas and hopefully because of the design it won’t be too embarrassing for him to put on a Christmas tree in future years.

Our Ornament

This is the ornament Luke and I have picked out for 2016, with the birth of Judah and Nathanael being a fit and healthy three year old we have much to be joyful about this past year.

tree 2016

Here is how our Christmas tree looks for 2016. The baubles might not be equidistant from each other because it was decorated by Nathanael but all throughout December it has caused me to smile and treasure the new Christmas traditions we are building as a family.



Blogmas Day 11: Christmas Stocking Stuffers

blogmas 11

My Stocking Stuffer gift guide is the last in my suggestions of what to buy this Christmas.
I really have loved collating all of these together on Pinterest Boards and it has been a great way to window shop from the comfort of my own home. The thought of taking two under three out during the festive period other than to a Christmas market fills me with dread, a shopping centre must be the stuff of nightmares for them!
Whatever you plan to purchase this Christmas I hope that you have an amazing time with family and friends celebrating  our Saviour, the greatest gift we have been given!

Christmas Stocking Stuffers





Blogmas Day 10: Christmas Music

blogmas 10

I think I shared in my first Blogmas back in 2014 some of my fave Christmas music and how much I look forward to my ITunes playlist each year.
As it has been a couple of years there have been a few new additions to my list so I thought I would post an update!
Let me know in the comments below what you think I am missing!

1. He Has Come For Us – Meredith Andrews
2. Baby Boy – For King and Country
3. O Come, O Come Emmanuel – David Crowder*Band
4. While You Were Sleeping – Casting Crowns
5. What Kind Of Child – Evan Wickham
6. The End of Exile – Evan Wickham
7. How Many Kings – Downhere
8. King of Glory – Third Day
9. Born in Bethlehem – Third Day
10. God With Us – MercyMe
11. Joseph’s Lullaby – MercyMe
12. Glory in the Highest (Christmas version) – Chris Tomlin
13. Little Drummer Boy – For King and Country
14. Let us adore– Elevation Worship
15. Newborn – MercyMe
16. Joy – MercyMe
17. The King is Coming – Christy Nockels