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Slimming World Meal Plan Six

Well it has taken sixteen weeks but I have done it, I have reached a sensible target weight  I thought for while I was breastfeeding Judah.
I honestly believed that because I held onto the weight with Nathanael that it would take me a year to loose what I wanted, and now only sixteen weeks on plan I have lost 20 pounds.
I have got to say I am proud of myself, within that time period I have had my eldest son’s birthday, Christmas, New Years, 3 rounds of Judah’s immunisations and a dedication. I am definitely an emotional eater, when I am happy I celebrate with cake, when I am sad I commiserate with cake!
It hasn’t been easy but the reward of feeling good in my skin after having Judah has definitely been worth it.

So what next? I had envisioned that after the year it would take me to get to this target that I would eventually lower my target to a weight similar to when I got married.
Notice I say similar – I don’t think it is realistic to be back down to that specific number but somewhere around that would be nice. I will know when I get there, what I think I will be able to maintain comfortably, while still enjoying a treat or two. I really think this is the best part of Slimming World it is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix diet.

Onto what I had last week for my main meals!

Monday – Chicken Fried Rice (Slimming World Website)
Tuesday – Salmon, Cous Cous and Mediterranean vegetables
Wednesday – Balsamic Pork
Thursday – Chilli with wedges (Slimming World Website)
Friday – Spaghetti Bolognaise (an odd one but I shoved tons of speed veg in)
Saturday – Chicken Tikka Masala (Slimming World Website)
Sunday – Eating Out at Nandos, I removed the skin and had the side salad.

Judah Four Month Update

Judah 4 month

Weight: 12lbs 15oz – Has done so well to double his birth weight before his 4 month birthday!

Length: Not a clue!

Eating: Not tracking in any way shape or form, just feeding on demand as and when needed.

Sleeping: I shared in Judah’s three month update that he has been sleeping through the night extremely well and that has been pretty much the case for this month, however we have had a few 4am or random wake up calls because the poor boy is teething. I thought Nathanael was early to start teething but Judah has taken it to a whole new level! It was around 14 weeks we started to see his teeth through his gums and it seems we have been waiting forever for one to come through!

Nappies: Still using our remaining stash of size 2 then moving up to size 3

Clothes: 3-6 months although we have a few 0-3 months in the rotation still.

Things Judah likes to do:  Judah’s favourite thing to do this past month is to watch his brother and I have never seen anything so adorable.
Judah will readily smile at us especially in the morning but we do have to give him some encouragement however with Nathanael his whole face lights up when he sees him, Nate at the moment doesn’t seem to notice how much his little brother loves him, but he always makes sure to kiss him good night and to give him a “high five” too!
Judah is teething something chronic, he has moved from a few fingers in his mouth to a whole fist which is quite an art! He does have a few teething toys that in the past few weeks he seems to enjoy giving a big old chew to, one we have affectionately named “lion of Judah” – if you follow me on Instagram you will see a photo on there.
Judah isn’t a fan of tummy time I think this is because he will usually have his brother running around the living room at the time, but he does love to be playing on his mat on his back hitting animals and shakers that are on there.
This month Judah has completed all of his injections until a year old which I am really glad to see the end of, not because he was particularly effected by them, perhaps a more sleepier than usual it is the waiting in the doctors full of sick people which is a pain.
Judah is also becoming increasingly interested in watching us eat food, smacking his lips together copying us, so I am extremely hopeful that this will put us in good stead for baby led weaning. I have a Stokke Tripp Trapp on order – what a treat! I always wanted one with Nathanael but with the expense of every other baby item I just couldn’t justify it, so as Judah has all the hand-me-downs a treat to me and him will be the new highchair!


Slimming World Meal Plan Five

Hey all! How has your week been on plan?
This week has been a bit of a struggle but not in the traditional sense of wanting cheat meals, or scoffing chocolate and cake but in trying to get in all my Healthy Extra’s!
With breastfeeding I am currently allowed an additional 4 Healthy Extra’s and I try to keep the focus on A choices. I honestly feel I am consuming a huge block of cheese a week, so have tried to change my go to options for instance having a glass of chocolate almond milk at night or making a homemade latte during the day.
If any of you are breastfeeding and doing Slimming World what do you do to get all your healthy extra’s in? I would love to know!

This week I tried some new recipes, perhaps not the best idea with a teething 3 and a half month old, but we managed it and I have got to say I was really impressed with how the fishcakes turned out, well worth a try!
On to the weight loss  for this week – I lost a pound which is great considering the huge weight loss I had the week previous. I am now only one and a half pounds away from hitting my target I set for while I am breastfeeding, I am so excited!!
Anything after that number will be a bonus and I am so grateful to Slimming World for keeping my eating in check this time around, it is 100% not a diet but I complete lifestyle change.

SW Meal Plan 5

Monday – Vegetable Singapore Noodles (Slimming World Extra Easy All in One Cookbook)
Tuesday – Fishcakes and Salad
Wednesday – Cottage Pie (made with Turkey Mince as I hate beef!)
Thursday – Heck Sausage Pasta
Friday – Hunters Chicken
Saturday – Roast Chicken Dinner
Sunday – Leftovers

Let me know what you have on your menu planner for the week ahead!




Slimming World Meal Plan Four

This week has been a great week on plan, I hope your has been the same!
I started back on plan thirteen weeks ago with the hopes of getting back to a healthy weight after the birth of my son and I have 100% achieved that. I think I am surprised with how easy because I presumed that with breastfeeding I would be hungry all the time like I was with my eldest and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I was also worried that it would limit my supply or cause issues but if anything I don’t stop eating trying to get all my Healthy Extras in!

At the start of last week as I was meal planning I decided I wanted to add some variety to my meals particularly at lunchtime. I often just stick to a salad and jacket potato, but I came across Slimming Eats blog and her Breakfast Hash recipe.
I don’t have a massive appetite at breakfast at the best of times so I chose to make a huge batch of the hash and have it for lunches through the week. I can’t recommend this recipe highly enough, packed full of speed food, extremely tasty and if you omit the oil which I did, it is syn free!

This past week I also concentrated on drinking as much water as possible, with breastfeeding I need to keep hydrated and every day I drank at least 4 litres of water. Overall I think this concentration of adding as much speed to my meals and drinking as much water as possible has lead to a fantastic weight loss of 2 1/2 pounds which helped me to achieve my Club 10 Award!
SW Meal Plan 4

Monday – Chicken Chow Mein (Best Loved Extra Easy Recipes Cookbook)
Tuesday – Pizza Topped Chicken (Slimming World Website)
Wednesday – Greek Lamb Orzo (Slimming World Extra Easy All in One Cookbook)
Thursday – Chicken Pasta
Friday – Chipotle Pulled Chicken Burger (Slimming World Website)
Saturday – Chicken Korma with Vegetable Pakoras (Slimming World Website)
Sunday – Leftovers


SSMT 2017 Verse Two

It’s that time again, more verses to memorise for SSMT which you can link up with here.

I always think the first verses are quite simple to memorise, however as time progresses keeping on top of the previous ones can be challenging.

For me the key to memorisation is to continually speak it out, whiteboards with verses written on and nice graphics are all well and good but they can quickly be erased or looked over in the day to day of life. However if the verse is in my daily thoughts to speak out ,that is harder to remove!

As a SAHM my time is owned by my children, however I have found there are always moments to memorise as I go –  it could be on some down time between playing a game with Nathanael or as I am putting Judah down for a nap that I will say my fortnightly verse and I love the fact that Nate especially is hearing the Word every day.

SSMT-2017- verse2