January 2017

Slimming World Meal Plan Four

This week has been a great week on plan, I hope your has been the same! I started back on plan thirteen weeks ago with the hopes of getting back to a healthy weight after the birth of my son and I have 100% achieved that. I think I am surprised with how easy because
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SSMT 2017 Verse Two

It’s that time again, more verses to memorise for SSMT which you can link up with here. I always think the first verses are quite simple to memorise, however as time progresses keeping on top of the previous ones can be challenging. For me the key to memorisation is to continually speak it out, whiteboards
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Slimming World Meal Plan Three

This past week has been the first week completely back on Slimming World since Christmas. Overall I am happy with how I faired over the festive period, I purposefully chose not to have any indulgences until Christmas Eve and then I let myself off the hook on Christmas Day and Boxing day to get straight
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