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Slimming World Meal Plan Three

This past week has been the first week completely back on Slimming World since Christmas.
Overall I am happy with how I faired over the festive period, I purposefully chose not to have any indulgences until Christmas Eve and then I let myself off the hook on Christmas Day and Boxing day to get straight back on plan for the rest of the week, up until New Years Eve night that is where I consumed a very beige looking meal – think all things Marks & Spencer party food!

Anyway the restraint I showed (if you could call it that) appeared to work as I managed to loose half a pound taking my overall weight loss to a stone since re-joining 6 weeks after the birth of Judah.  I do have an overall target in mind however, I am conscious that with breast feeding, and the zero time I have to exercise (apart from the usual chasing Nathanael around) I might not get there at the moment.

That all being said, I am content to be back to what I was pre pregnancy, with a healthy BMI and not feeling hungry all the time which is what I felt when I breastfed my eldest, of course then my go to options was cake, chocolate and oh yes more cake!

With the new year I thought I would share my main meals by taking photos of them all so you can see how they turned out!

SW Meal Plan 3

Monday – Chicken Chow Mein (Best Loved Extra Easy Recipes Cookbook)
Tuesday – Salmon with Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables and Cous Cous
Wednesday – Cottage Cobbler (I chose to not have the dumplings, and just have veg)
Thursday – Turkey Burgers and Chips
Friday – Keema Curry (Curry Club Cookbook)
Saturday – Taco Bowls
Sunday – Left Overs


Name Decorations

If you have been a long time follower of my blog you may recall this post where I shared all about Nathanael’s name decor that we had commissioned from our wonderful friends Ollie & Abi at White Rose Creations.

Judah sign key rings

If you are not familiar with White Rose Creations they design a range of unique handcrafted gifts from reclaimed Oak Whiskey Barrels as well as bespoke pieces.

To begin with I love the craftsmanship that goes into each piece, I know that they will have taken care to select the best wood for the sign and the time to work away for the best finish on each piece really shows.
With unique names for our children it won’t be likely that Judah or Nathanael will have many items with their name on it and so what a piece to have, especially the story behind it.

judah-sign-edits 630

There are so many items that you can purchase from their shop not only personalised gifts, but home wear and accessories such as the key ring. It is well worth taking a look at White Rose Creations Shop and Facebook page to see if they are at an event near you.



This is not sponsored post just one extremely satisfied customer, name sign was purchased ourselves while the key rings were kindly gifted to us.