February 2017

Judah Five Month Update By

Weight: 14 pounds Length: Not a clue! Eating: Not tracking in any way shape or form, just feeding on demand as and when needed. Sleeping: This past month poor Judah has been suffering, at first I was quick to think it was the four month sleep regression but now it is plain old teeth. Judah
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Tool Wishlist By

How life has changed, I went to return something that I bought from a popular DIY and Trade Supplies store, store name speaks of ‘Fixing Screws’. Anyway, I was there at the ordering point and said to the lady that I would like to return this item, she looks at the item and asked the
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In The Shadow of Salvation By

As a Christian, Salvation through Jesus Christ is a pretty important deal. Jesus came and lived a perfect life and died a sacrificial death. However, becoming a Christian and having a relationship with Jesus, there much more to Salvation, than just Salvation itself. Below are 5 benefits of Salvation through a relationship with Jesus. 1) Redemption and Adoption
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