July 2017

Judah Ten Month Update By

Weight: 18lbs 8oz Length: who knows! Eating: Everything and anything, Judah eats the same meals as the family a particular favourite at the moment is Turkey Koftas. Sleeping: 7.30pm – 6.30am Nappies: Size 3 Pampers. Clothes: some 6-9 month clothes as well as 9-12 months Things Judah likes to do: This month has been so
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The Best Ways to Child Proof Your Home By

With our youngest, Judah, now starting to crawl and lift himself up. It’s time to baby proof the house again. Some of the ‘proofing’ is still up from when Nathanael started moving, i.e the safety gate at the top of the stairs and most of the child locks in the kitchen are still in place.
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