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Week in Review 4.12.17

After a very quite year on the blog I thought I would jump back into my ramblings by sharing a week in review. Perhaps this could be more of a regular thing as I share family highlights, things we have been up to and any plans coming up! I got this idea from one of my favourite You Tubers years ago she would her week and I think its such a great idea to look back on in years to come.

We have currently been loving our Shepherd on the Search, during the advent season our shepherd begins to search for baby Jesus, and so each day ends up somewhere new in our home. Nathanael has loved searching for his shepherd and it has provided a great opportunity to focus our attention of what the Christmas season is all about.

Shepherd on a search

Nathanael loves to walk to school and I am happy to oblige him providing it is dry so Judah doesn’t get too wet and cold. I enjoy the opportunity walking with him brings, our house is about 15 minute walk and we can get into some great conversations rather than in the car where I am concentrating and can’t see him. This week on our walk he declared that he wants to be a teacher. We will see what the future brings and no doubt he will change his mind a thousand times before he has to choose something, I thought I would share it to document the moment.

As Winter closes in around us with dark days and cold nights Luke and I have set to watching a bit more TV than we usually do. We usually don’t watch things in “real time” apart from Strictly and The Apprentice, and usually end up watching a box set or something like that.
I was thrilled to discover Dawson’s Creek complete seasons are on Channel 4 and have taken to watching them. Joey and Pacey forever in my opinion! I am sure Luke would be quite happy to avoid it all but I have been enjoying it.

This past weekend we went to a Christmas Market with the grandparents at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We had a lot of fun looking at all the stalls despite the freezing cold temperatures. Nathanael however clearly did not mind the cold and took off to find the outdoor play area and had a great time on the slides and adventure course.


First Birthday Decor

Judah, our second, has just turned one, and many of you will have seen the photo that we will have posted with him in his cute ‘J’ top next to his one sign.

This sign is my version of the many you can find on the internet with a quick search, We (Kiri) wanted a sign that would be extra special and ‘just for him’. Since he is the second, there are a lot of things that he doesn’t get to have first hand, as most of the time Nathanael is there with him or the day / occasion has to be tailored more toward the toddler end rather than the baby end. As we all know that an unhappy toddler is an unhappy Mummy and a grumpy Daddy.

So this sign would be one of those ‘ just for Judah’ moments where he could enjoy looking at himself in a picture covered ONE SIGN.

This is what I came up with. See below for how it was made.

Firstly it was to find a piece of wood that I have stored in the garage for, just a time as this – I’m not a hoarder but when it comes to DIY you never know when that piece of wood, or bolt or hook might come in handy and as it turns out I had just a piece of wood required for this task.

The piece was cut 46cm wide and 100cm high, this meant that I could have a thick centre column of the 1 to get enough ‘big’ photo’s on it, the vertical column measured 22cm and I kept the same width for the bottom bar and the top diagonal section.

Then it needed a stand so I used the off cuts to make the stand so that it didn’t fall over or needed to be leaned against a wall or otherwise. The piece of wood was already painted white but I gave it a quick sand down and the edges a coat of white spray paint just so it would look neat if there was some white space between the photos – it turns out that we had too many photos — which probably was always going to be the case as when it’s your baby; every photo is the cutest.

Then it came to epic collage making, in all honesty I left Kiri to choose the photos and print them out on glossy paper for me. I opted to use double-sided sticky tape to stick them down. I did buy some foam sticky pads from a cheap discount store but they were useless so Kiri came to rescue for the sticky tape and I came to my senses…. note to self – always listen to wife’s instructions…

In the end Kiri was very happy with it and I actually finished it over a week before his birthday. It was getting close and Kiri was getting nervous, and gave me some “gentle encouragement” to start it.

He had a great birthday and here is the ‘Instagram worthy’ shot of the little fella.

Happy First Birthday Judah – you are a joy! We love you!








Judah 12 Month Update

Well I now have a one year old! You probably know that already as this update has been long overdue. It has been such an incredible year with Judah and discovering his adorable personality. He is sweet and mischievous in equal measures and a constant reminder to praise God for all that he has done for our family.

Judah’s updates will now stop on my blog, there will of course always be mention of him and his brother as I can’t help but talk about how wonderful they are, but no more monthly updates.
Thank you for supporting my little family all they way from my pregnancy update to his final monthly post, I have enjoyed sharing this time with you and I love that I have documented it all.

Judah 1 year

Weight: 19lbs 2oz

Length: still have no idea on this at all.

Eating: Judah has 3 meals a day, the same as the rest of the family. I adore babyled weaning and he has 1 snack in the morning as well.

Sleeping: 7.30pm – 6.30am

Nappies: Size 4 Pampers.

Clothes: 9-12 months

Things Judah likes to do:
Judah’s favourite thing to do at the moment is to give people a high five, whether he is greeting you or he feels impressed with himself – up his little hand will go. It is so cute but perhaps less so when his hands are covered in his dinner.
He continues to love bath time and was thrilled when the bathroom renovations were completed so he could get back to his domain.
Judah’s adventurous nature is stepping up the pace, as are his pouting when you stop him from any impending doom that is sure to follow. Examples of this are shaking the fire guard incessantly, on the look out every time the lounge door opens so he can crawl into the hallway and the out of bounds kitchen, shaking the lampshades and uplighter. I now only have 1 lamp in the living room and that looks like that will go soon!
It is so amusing as Judah has become the typical younger brother, he will be playing with Nathanael and he thinks I haven’t spotted him trying to get attention he will just burst out crying for no reason, looking all sorry for himself – Nathanael hasn’t done anything but Judah just wants a cuddle – so funny!!
He continues to love books and will grab one now and bring it over as well as enjoying toys with his brother such as blocks, bricks and Lego. He has a great little throw on him so now we are inside more we are often rolling a ball backwards and forwards to him.

It is an absolute joy being his Mum, I am so excited for the year ahead for more of his personality to come out and to bring on the toddling stage!