5 Years!

In 5 years we have

wedding window pic 630

Had holidays in Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Kent, Durham, Florida, North Wales and Bath
We have favourite words such as Unbelievable, A Bit Much and Grim
You let me call you Lukie …. now and then
We have “disagreed” on the placement of cutlery in a drawer
We bought our first home
We sold our first home
We bought our forever family home
You encouraged me to drive
I ignored you about driving
I learnt to drive
I have probably taken the rubbish out twice in 5 years … you were away with work.
You waited for me for hours in a car park for me after work
You demonstrate extreme patience with me
I test your patience
We laugh at ourselves
We have made new friends together
You have collected several … ok many of my online shopping orders
You learnt to appreciate the wonders of tea
You’re still teaching me to love silence
We have had many deep conversations on long car journeys … nowhere to escape
We ate mash potato for at least 4 weeks while I was newly pregnant and couldn’t eat anything else
We have discovered many many good bands
You have tolerated me warbling to Take That songs
We share the joy of sarcasm
We have quoted Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows to one another a few times
We have grieved together over lost loved ones
We have rejoiced over new births
We have celebrated with friends
We have grown in wisdom … and maybe a few pounds
We have been given such a blessing with Nathanael

Luke I think you must have given the most honest and romantic proposal  ever, you said to me you didn’t know what was going to happen but you knew you wanted to share it all with me.
The best gift I will ever have was five years ago when we jumped into this crazy beautiful covenant of marriage!

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