Hi I am Kiri and welcome to wonderfully random. I created this blog after reading numerous blogs and watching YouTube Channels; my blog is as the name suggests my random life so that I take the chance to appreciate the blessings in my life. So often I am so busy doing that I miss how amazing that event was or that time in my life was so my blog makes me stop and think about that.

Luke and I got married in March 2010 one of the best days of my life he is everything that is cliché when you read it my best friend, soul mate, the biggest blessing and he is able to chill out this relentless personality that I have.

We are part of a church in Doncaster and as great as Luke is nothing compares to the Love and Hope that I have found in Jesus Christ. For the rest of my days I want to spend my life serving the One who gave everything to me and that’s not in a traditional ministry setting I firmly believe that you can serve God from any job you are in. After all Jesus went out into the world this blog helps me share my faith as well.

Thanks for stopping by.

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