Another Week in Pictures

So welcome to Another Week in Pictures! Luke was off this previous week for our 5 year anniversary and we crammed one heck of a lot in 7 days!

We went to visit our amazing friends in Bath, they have recently had their most gorgeous baby girl and I was eager to have cuddles! They live 4 hours from us and we had planned it to the T however we didn’t plan for a flat battery, fortunately are friend happens to have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering so if you’re going to break down, it’s not what know it’s who you know.
Nathanael was royally spoilt on this week, with being away he had quite a few meals out he must have thought it was his birthday! We also upgraded his bedding from baby boy to toddler boy! Oh it makes my heart cry a little he is growing up so fast! Speaking of fast as the weather is feeling more spring like we have purchased him a trike he loves it!
Our time away was wonderful and Nate had a merry time with his Auntie and Uncle in fact he seemed unimpressed that his merriment was cut short.

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