April Favourites

1. Easter Break – We had a wonderful long Easter weekend this year and managed to maximise each day without feeling exhausted or having two grumpy children at the end of it! There was an Easter treasure quest type thing at Brodsworth Hall that we went to with friends which was great, you can check out Rachel’s blog here. We also got to see my sister and brother in law who  Nathanael and Judah just love – it does no harm that they come armed with treats too! I successfully managed to cook the best lamb dinner ever, so much so that Nathanael had thirds, and I let him because he can be a bit picky over his protein!

2.  Monin Sugar Free Syrups – With a toddler and baby to get ready I have taken to just making my coffee at home rather than going out to coffee shops so I purchased some flavoured syrups to add to my coffee.  On Slimming World these are only 0.5 syns for 2 tablespoons and there is no way I have 2 tablespoons in my coffee so I class them as syn free.

3. Spring Sunshine – we had a glorious weekend of 20 degree weather this month and we used it to it’s full potential by making a picnic and packing up to go out for the day. We always know we will have a great time at Brodsworth Hall, Nathanael especially loves running around the gardens and occasionally mummy will join in too!

4. Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs podcast – My podcast love continues and this one is so great for where I am at with parenting right now. Imagine sitting down with friends who have been there and seen it all with parenting and raising their children to love God giving you some great advice. What I especially love is that as people write in with questions not only does Karen give advice she always give a resource – book, website etc  to refer to as well as something practical they could be doing – you know how much I love this part as I am a doer!

5. Retro From Scratch Food Diary – This food diary has been essential for me as I continued my weight loss journey and now as I am a Slimming World Target member. The act of writing down everything I have been eating has been revolutionary to how I approach meals of the day and especially snacking. I also love the columns for speed/protein and free food to ensure I am keeping to a third speed food, which can be tricky at times!

6. Post It Super Sticky Notes – A bit of a random one, but you all know how much I adore stationary and these Post It are the best! The whole back is adhesive what a  glorious thing – no more notes dropping everywhere that you were sure pinned somewhere. Gone are the days of the paper curling up – I can’t stand it! I will now no longer stoop to the inferior Post It kind and these are my go to. I bet you didn’t think anyone could be passionate about a Post It!


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