How To Build a Behind the Sofa Table

The prolonged winter weather is not helping the outdoor projects get started and is bringing to the forefront indoor ones. This is not one of the five 2018 DIY Projects but has been on the cards to do once we had bought new sofas in a couple of years’ time. However, this has been brought forward due to our table lamps getting broken – they were not compatible with toddlers – and our sofa side tables looking rather shabby. So a new approach was discussed between Kiri and I to make a thin table that runs along the back of the sofa to put the new lamps we’d just bought and it proves a place for drinks. This will declutter these areas and raise the height of the lamps which will be nicer for reading and using a laptop on an evening. This project probably should have been done going into the darker months of the year rather than the lighter ones, but this is Britain, we only actually have about one week of summer each year, every other day is grey, damp and dreary, so we are sure to get some use out of them.

This is what I came up with:

This is how I built them; I reviewed a popular pinning website for ideas and drew up my plans for the behind the sofa table which would work best with our shape and size of the sofas – our sofas are quite deep – so I went for a shelf/table combination to ensure they didn’t ‘stick-out’ too far.

Once measured up I bought the required would. The exterior frame I bought new MDF but for the internal supports I used some wood I already had.

These were then fixed together and put in place for User Acceptance Testing – is this what Kiri wanted… pressure on! Once I got the OK, next was the painting, we opted for white (well off white as that’s what I had in), we would like to colour match to the walls but we haven’t painted this room yet, other than the feature wall, so white it was. I painted it using kitchen paint (the only way to go now) and I put a coat of clear varnish on the top shelf to help make it more waterproof.

All that was left to do was to put it in place and add the fixtures. I used furniture pads for the back on the table that lent against the wall to a) not damage the wall, and b) allow for cables and wires to get through.

A great space saver for a living room, it removes clutter and elevates small lamps, so if you are like Kiri and I and don’t like the ‘big light’ on all the time, this is the perfect solution.

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