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I hope your having an amazing week so far. If you have been following me for a few weeks now you will know that I am Blogging through the Bible facilitated by Courtney from Women Living Well and Good Morning Girls. You can read more about the group on her blog, I just want to throw it out there that as a Mum of a 10 month old it has definitely helped me stay accountable to reading my bible daily and not only reading actually engaging with what the Word says. So on with this week’s post.

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Peter 2 really speaks to me about a season that I have journeyed through especially in the early days of my Christian walk. There are a host of bible teachers, scholars, resources, websites, blogs, pamphlets you name it. We as Christians are so fortunate to be flooded with all this resource to help us in our Christian walk.

However, the problem with all this information is to choose wisely those who we let into our heart especially if it may influence our Walk with Christ. A commentary I have states that Second Peter “paints a landscape replete with false teachers, fallen angels, flagrant immorality and flaccid scoffers.”
Doesn’t sound that positive does it? However it sounds accurate. We can all recall I am sure, pastors who have appeared so holy, successful ministries, picture perfect home life and then when least expected a scandal or a teaching that doesn’t quite measure up. We can I am sure recall times where we have spoken of our faith with passion, given examples of how God has radically changed our lives only for scoffers to laugh and demean us, not content to do it in private they are likely to criticise us in a group setting.

We can take encouragement that 2000 years ago our fellow brothers and sisters were struggling with the same issues we face today and we have the same counsel they received then by Peter.

For this reason, I will always remind you about these things, even though you know them and are firmly established in the truth you already have. And I consider it right to keep stirring you up with reminders, as long as I am in the tent of this body. I know that I will soon lay aside this tent of mine, as our Lord Jesus the Messiah has made clear to me. And I will do my best to see that after my exodus, you will be able to remember these things at all times. 2 Peter 1:12-15
Ok I know its a bit of a random passage, but go with me on this one. Peter has just discussed our calling and election, he has talked on faith, goodness, knowledge, self control, godliness, brotherly affection and love. All these qualities seem overwhelming when written down, perhaps our personality is more naturally suited to some more than others.

Peter is telling us in verse 12 we already have these God given abilities for kindness, self control, knowledge, faith and love. We just need to remember them and we do that by being in the Word. We need to constantly remind ourselves, of the greatness of God, of a Saviour who took the beating so I didn’t have to. Sometimes we need strength to continue on, the Bible gives us that, sometimes we need hope or peace, sometimes courage, perhaps wisdom or patience.

From this living word it makes me a better Wife, a better Mum, a better Friend, a better Sister. It makes me a better Me.

By being firmly rooted and established in the Word we are less open to false teachers and doctrine, we become more discerning. I have always loved my Pastor statement on this “Don’t take my word for it, go look for yourself” This is a wise teaching to follow because if we are living our lives by the Sunday Morning Soundbite we are open to false teaching, we are open to an acquaintance persuading us to see it their way, not the way of God. More likely, we are open to living life our way.

I have had days in my household, too many than I would like where life is done My Way, it’s not pretty. I won’t list my flaws but Proverbs 14:1 tells us Every wise woman builds up her home, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands
If I begin my day with Jesus, it is a whole different type of day, the same mishaps may happen, the same stress may occur but through that I have more patience with my son, and more love for my husband.

How interesting that this is similar to the parable Jesus tell us of the wise and foolish builder (Matthew 7:24-27) I want to be the wise woman who builds her house and home on the Rock.

I would encourage for you to get into the Word today, whether that’s for the first time this month or this year, get alone with God and start building.


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