Blogmas Day 24 – Christmas Eve

We have made it, I am in shock we have managed to blog everyday
until Christmas whoop whoop! I hope you have enjoyed Blogmas, I know I
have really enjoyed sharing with you throughout this month.

Eve is going to be so good this year, we have my sister and brother in
law coming over to exchange gifts and have dinner tonight. This I know
will make Nathanael’s Christmas he absolutely loves his Auntie and
Uncle, he gets such a big grin on his faces and starts giggling it
honestly is the cutest thing you have ever seen.

We will also be
going to our church Christmas Eve Service, its the perfect time to
reflect on why we celebrate Christmas that God loved us so much that he
would leave the wonder of Heaven to come to Earth to as a baby to live
and die for our sins.

So why not come and join us from 6pm till 7pm, or a church local to you!





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